View Full Version : Mentoring and Revive

02-28-2005, 06:38 PM
Last night My wife and I (Naylaa 30 Inquis/31 Guardian) were in T.S. with a group fighting the giants on the road in the valley past tower 4. I had died and was waiting for a revive. I got the idea to drop mentor to grey out the mobs to get the recovery going faster but upon doing that my Guardian stood up as if revived only I was not because I had the revive screen still on front of me. I was then being attacked by a giant again and the only way to leave game was to exit. The bug reminded me of the black screen on the Grif. in that the only thing you can do is exit.

02-28-2005, 07:43 PM
<DIV>Heh dang, ya thats a bug.  Probably has to do with the fact you get full hp/mana back when you drop mentor.</DIV>