View Full Version : The rumbler cave

02-23-2005, 11:26 PM
The other day, a few of us discovered that while in the solo instance of "pirates hidden stash" in thundering steppes, a /who reports you as being in "rumblers cave - heroic". I sent in a /bug about it and catagorized it as cosmetic. I was soloing so didn't have a chance to see if the heroic instance, which requires 3+ people, reports the same. I suspect it will also, but maybe report the solo instance of rumbler caves.Anyhow, what strikes me as odd is that for a few days I cannot for the life of me find the rumblers cave, even before noticing the /who problem with pirates stash. I have spent a few hours for the past few days running up and down the dry river bed in TS with no luck. So it got me to thinking there might be a problem related to the two? I haven't found anyone else that has seen it in a few days while asking around in chat. Has anyone else seen the rumblers cave in the past few days?