View Full Version : Time to re-evauluate Pristines?

02-19-2005, 03:41 AM
<DIV>I heard skuttlebutt a while ago that one of the patches back in January reduced the chances of making a pristine.  I believe this was about the same time it was made that the outcome of the crafting process was decided when you first hit begin.  I could understand the need to decrease the number of pristines entering the market as having a huge number entering and none leaving, it would make most of the adventurers over powered.  But now with the new attunement requirement for almost all gear, there is almost an equal amount of equipment leave as is entering.  Since this is the case, could you please look into possibly putting the crafting chances back to what they were before the decrease in pristine chance?  To many adventurers, pristine is the standard that they've been trained to look for.  They won't understand that it's hard to make one now and would blame the crafters for being 'greedy' if we pass along all the costs for the 'losses' (non pristine combines that no one but vendors will buy) in raising our prices.  Some crafts can sell non-pristines, as a weaponsmith I can sell a few weapons at just below pristine to people who don't have the skill to use the pristine weapons of the next level up but want better weapons. But for crafts like sages no one wants to buy an App III spell when they can find an App IV.  Honestly I wouldn't want to buy one either.  Also, would it be possible to look into the function of the crafting events?  As it stands now the only reason to respond to one is to keep from getting damaged.  Many times if I respond correctly I will get no bonus, or even a failure tick.  This doesn't seem right as I was doing what is supposed to be done.  Also if one ignores these events all together and just spams the buffs, it won't really effect the outcome of the piece other than possibly getting damage to the crafter along the way.  Thanks for listening to this rambling post, just jotting down a few thoughts before rushing off to work.</DIV>