View Full Version : v1694T and Attuning Items (dont stick)

02-16-2005, 03:33 PM
<DIV><FONT size=2>New attune option on many worn items would not stick after zoning.  Would have to re-attune each zone.</FONT></DIV> <DIV><FONT size=2>This needs more investigation, as some would, others didnt.  Just mentioning that there is a (confusing)</FONT></DIV> <DIV><FONT size=2>/bug here.</FONT></DIV>

02-16-2005, 08:27 PM
<DIV>This was an issue on live servers too. When this happens you have to remove the item from your inventory and then attune it before equiping it. I'm not sure under what circumstances this happens. </DIV>

02-16-2005, 10:04 PM
Of course, if this is repeatable at all, it completely negates the point of having the items be attunable in the first place. Done with the item? Use a zoning bug to deattune, and then sell it. Voila!Haven't experienced the bug myself, but definitely something that needs to be fixed.

02-16-2005, 10:06 PM
If you attune the items (I used the /attune_Equip all command) and then camp, the attunement(is this a word?) stays.Shazz