View Full Version : More society task payout issues

02-14-2005, 05:29 AM
Just ran my first ever society task (Tier 2). Took a long time, and required me to run around a lot harvesting ingredients that just didn't seem to pop enough.The task was Thyme Grilled CichlidIngredients:3 brown coal * 24c1 golden cichlid1 raw thyme 1 liquid * 6c1 packet of spice * 4c=82c each* 10 items for task= 820c cost, not including opportunity cost of resource collection (If I use wholesaler tasks as an opportunity cost baseline, I missed out on at least one full task worth 12s in this interval)Task payout: 6s.Loss: 2s 20c, and an hour and a half of time spend harvesting and craftingInn that time I could easily have run a wholesaler task which has no associated costs and made 12s pure profit.With a 20% profit margin on 820c the payout should have been 9s 84c. Even though this is the designed figure, it seems quite low considering that it's only 2s 20c profit off of at least an hours effort.I would strongly urge that task payout be changed to a flat amount above material costs rather than a percentage over material costs. Additionally, they ought to take into account that materials may be purchased instead of harvested, and hence give enough profit to make the task worthwhile even if some resources were bought.