View Full Version : Another suggestion for the new Trade Skill system

02-12-2005, 05:21 AM
<DIV>I must say that at first I, along with many others, had a knee jerk reaction to the sudden change in the trade skill system.  It seemed too much too quickly.  But after thinking it over I can see that this new system to create a lot of good for crafters and adventurers alike.  In this new system anyone can make any subcomponent as long as they have the skill (work up Geocraft, etc) and the resources.  This is a boon for crafters because they will no longer have to hunt down other crafters to find items or create alts to make their components.  This is also a boon for adventurers since many more crafters will have the ability to put out finished products on the market to buy.  However I do believe a few tweaks could be made.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>I do feel that the new prices for fuels is a bit high.  In the past prices were too low, as we could literally make items for pennies on the dollar, but these new costs are to much for many crafters to handle.  One suggestion I would make would be to have the new fuel tier system only effect products that are listed as 'finished' in our recipe books.  Any item that would be listed as a refine or subcomponent would use the base tier fuel instead of the tier the item is.  That way we can still make subcomponents for ourselves, either to gain experience or for products, and still sell for reasonable prices.  As a weaponsmith I would be able to stock more subcomponents to keep on hand to make weapons quickly when a customer wants to buy one.  With the higher costs I can't afford to have that much money sunk into holding stock that might sit in my vault for weeks at a time.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Many people are saying that this change destroys the interdependancy that was in the system.  I have to agree and disagree with this.  The interdependancy idea is a very good one, if people would follow it.  The problem is many people, myself included, would make alts to craft components they needed because it wasn't always possible to find people to make the things you needed, or for a reasonable price.  How ever I do believe that with this change people will not stop selling subcomponents to each other.  If I can find someone selling at a reasonable price, I'd gladly buy some parts I need rather than hunt down the resources, make any tempers or washes needed, then craft the subcomponent.  If people are pricing to high, then I will use my time to make the items cheaper.  If base fuel was used for all subcomponents then the costs of making them would drop dramatically, allowing people to craft them to sell in bulk.  Currently a Tier 3 carbonite edge, or other such metal component, costs 2s43c to make assuming all tempers were made also at cost.  If the base fuel was used for all combines, then the price would drop to 18c.  Much easier for crafters to handle and buy/sell in bulk.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Well, I've put in my 3c. (1c more because I rambled for so long).  If you have any ideas that would help this new system please post them.  The devs need to hear more suggestions rather than the constant rumbling of 'change it back'.</DIV>