View Full Version : Divine Nobility bugged post 2/9/05 patch

02-10-2005, 09:21 AM
<DIV>Along with the change to the Divine Nobilty HO, a bug was introduced.  When the HO is triggered and, as a templar, I complete my portion of the HO first with Combat Healing then the fighter type finishes it with the sword ability, it works fine.  However, if the fighter completes his portion first then I finish it with Combat Healing so that I receive the benefit, the effects of Combat Healing do not take effect.  i.e.  I am not healed by Combat Healing and I do not receive the Combat Healing Reprise buff.  Again, this is only if the Templar finishes the HO.  If the fighter type finishes it, Combat Healing does it's normal effect.</DIV>