View Full Version : DoT Stacking!

01-28-2005, 10:06 PM
Okay.....I have to admit I never really noticed which ones stacked before. I turn all that stuff off.But I can tell the difference now. Evadne is a level 28 Defiler,(go figure), with Full Vitality. Yesterday I killed a few yellow Orc Grunts, level 31. It was a chore. Takes two debuffs and constant HO's to kill them. But, they didn't kill me. Not much xp worth noting. But they didnt really hit me all that much. Today, I get hit. But, the HO part of the equation isn't as necessary as the debuffing. Make sure I keep the debuffs up, rotate the dots in and out of the HO--rather than just using them to complete it and the mob dies faster. I have less health than before, but more power and it is a few seconds, less than a minute before I can take on the next one. But, it seems more detailed. I don't just spam the HO for HO nukes. I like it. Now, that being said, dangme, I do a whole lotta damage with those stacked dots. I chose Tierbolds Pestilent Miasma as one of my + Training abilities. So, I have more dots. Ashael chose the slow, and when he gets back from the card signing in CA I will have him see how he does against the mobs now.I love the Defiler. But, I am terrified that you have made me more powerful. It is like a drug, and when it goes away I won't want to lose it. I take more damage, but I do more too. I Test Server quality gear. Not the best money can buy on a live server. So, I have to say, great they stack....but...I think I am too tough. Arrow up Defiler.~Eva