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07-29-2005, 10:04 PM
<DIV> <P>Ok..  I look at it this way.</P> <P>I am a football team [ or whatever team you prefer].  I start the season on an equal playing field.  Some of my players are better than some of my other players.  Some have to take some weeks off due to injury, some play their hearts out.  We progress thru the season, and make the championship.  Our finest players hit the dirt and grind it out till they win.  Woot!  We won the championship!  We are all invited to the championship dinner, and receive our trophies.</P> <P>Do only the elite players get the ring?  No way!  The entire team helped get to the championship, regardless of if they were on the bench, or on the field.</P> <P>This silly story is to play an example of many guilds progressing to 30.  Many memebers are part time players, or crafters, or just enjoy playing all the classes with alts.  Regardless, they dont "give" directly to the guild points.  They however may be helping those that do.  By grouping, making spells/weapons/armor, by assisting in back questing with alts and just overall morale.  I mean, we do play this game for fun.  I would have to guess to say there is one person in every guild that is more "soft core", but you would never give them up because they are just too much fun to chat with, regardless of if they give "points", they are irreplaceable.</P> <P>So, large guilds have the advantage.  They have more people, more ablitity to raid, more capablity to do things.  They have more friends, more money, more groups.  They are on more often, so you can accomplish more things, getting heritages done more easily, and getting points faster.  Thats what large groups do, they give you more opportunity because you have more people to do things with.</P> <P>Smaller guilds are not as capable of doing the above things.  Why?  Because they are small.  Not because Sony hates them, or they dont deserve more.  But because they lack the resources.  Plain and simple.</P> <P>So, what do we do?  Do we punish the large guilds for having the ability to do things 24 hours a day?  Do we tell them that even tho you can accomplish so much more, you are handcuffed because once upon a time, SOE felt the little guilds were being given the shaft because they didnt have the resources that large guilds have.  /boggle  More people=more groups=more stuff done=more points=more levels=more loot [the list goes on]</P> <P>The entire patron thing has become so stretched from where it was, I am not sure if it will ever return into anything it was before.  So, lets stop trying to "fix" it, and just make it simple.  </P> <P>1-Each heritage is worth "x" points whereas x =  the level of the quest x 100.  (lvl 25 doing DWBs= 2500 points.) ( lvl 50 doing DWBs=2500)</P> <P>2-Writs are worth "x" points whereas x = the level range of the writ x 10 (20-25 writ = 250 points) (45-50 writ = 500 points)</P> <P>3- Each guild level is caculated by the number of people in the guild divided by level up to a 1/1 ratio of members to guild level with the ratio starting at guild level 10.  Until guild level 10, the ratio is 1/1 regardless of size.   So, 20/20 = 1. 100/20= 5.  500/20=25.  So it takes a guild of 500 25% more experience to reach one level than a guild of 100 at level 20. (However, they have 500 players putting into guild experience points vs.  100, so it works out fairly)  Again,  20/25 =1 100/25 = 4.  And 500/25= 20.   Or, 10/6 = 1, 20/6 =1, 500/6=1.</P> <P>4- The exact "amount" of points needed to level would be determined by how fast SOE wants guilds to progress.  Just like it takes more experience to level from 45 to 46 than it did to level from 5-6.  This is a forumula that SOE has always kept to themselves, to stretch out the time we play so they can create more content.  (anyone remember hell levels?)</P> <P>This formula is simple, to the point.  No questions.  No problems.  Bigger is better, but harder to level,  Smaller is not as good, but you will get your full potential from each point.  </P> <P>Bigger guilds have more resources, more men on the team, more players to sub when a reciever gets injured.  They however shouldnt be given the same playing field as a guild that has less men on their team.  AA vs AAA.  They dont play together for a reason.  More resources....</P> <P>Read this a few times, it makes sense if you think about it.</P></DIV><p>Message Edited by Silverpaws on <span class=date_text>07-29-2005</span> <span class=time_text>01:08 PM</span>