View Full Version : Brawlers and the new Skills window

06-23-2005, 05:31 PM
Since the Skills window is being tampered with on test, is there a possibility to have either Crushing/Piercing/Slashing linked, so that when you skill up Crushing the two others "skill up" as well in the Skills window? Or just remove Piercing and Slashing entirely. Though I think the former would be the better option. Every other day the question is asked on either the Monk or Bruiser forum, Why aren't my Piercing/Slashing going up after swinging wildly at x mob for y hours?". And the answer is always the same, it's because Brawlers piercing weapons and slashing weapons uses Crushing to determine to-hit. This was changed a few LU back, though I still don't understand why, since the old system was just fine where you had to skill up each skill separately, but I digress. I'd still like to either of the above options happen.