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01-08-2005, 01:19 AM
Since this is a tester feedback forum, and everyone is currently live testing the patch, I figured this would be an appropriate place to vent a bit.Right up front, I'm sure people will disagree and make some good points about why the following is false. I'm typing this in anger right now so I expect that.First, how about those patch notes? Do the developers have some secret agenda against releasing full information? I understand how it is fun to let players discover things on their own, but at least drop a hint in the notes somewhere that all ability timers have been readjusted, and those 12 different abilities everyone used is now reduced to 4. This patch enable me to kill 2 of my 4 hotkey bars. Rockin'.Second, is it such a big deal to actually put statistics on items? I'm directly referring to food and drink right now. Sure, now I get to see high, superior, etc. That's a little vague. Like it or not mmorpgs are based largely on statistics. They are precision games played mostly by analytical players. If I wanted a game where I just ran around and did stuff with no regard to the details, I'd go play Diable, Ratchet and Clank, whatever.Third, Moorgard. You are (were) a champion of getting information to the masses through Mobhunter. Not to call you out, but your strings are showing. At least find someone like Loral to start Mobhunter2 that you can leak the actual information for patches, what's coming up, etc. I know we all need a job but you're wh0ring yourself hardcore. How about next time we get some "class differentiation" we get some detailed notes on the purpose of the abilities in advance? All the people I've talked to had a completely different idea of what these skills were suppose to be. That can't be all their fault.Fourth, class balance stuff needs its own place in the notes, and it should be written in very specific detail so people know what to expect. This patch's round of class balancing stinks of The Vision, where massive changes to classes so "they work as intended" are shuffled into the middle of a bunch of item stat adjustments. Why do this? You only manage to hide things from people while they are patching. As soon as they log in, they realize what happened, and their first thought is not only am I nowhere near as effective, but Sony doesn't even have the courage to tell me outright that I was playing an overpowered class. Like it or not MMORPGs are guided through their lifespan more by the players than the developers. The players certainly don't know it all, but if the entire base does a double-take on a patch that is a bad sign. Not a "EQ2 is dying!" sign, but it certainly won't help win the war with WoW.In conlusion this patch is not the patch the few players have been reviewing on Test. Much was never included there. Internal testing can never cover a MMORPG because even 100 internal testers can't have a full grasp of the ramifications of every tweak that 100,000 players will discover. I am not advocating taking it back, but there is so much wrong with this patch, that now SOE is forced to patch their patch. For the state of the game I hope it is fixed, because this game just reverted back to the beta 2 months prior to release as far as game mechanics are concerned.That is not a compliment.

01-08-2005, 01:44 AM
<BR> <BLOCKQUOTE> <HR> Obegee wrote:<BR> you're wh0ring yourself hardcore. <HR> </BLOCKQUOTE><BR> <DIV>ahh serxy!</DIV>