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01-07-2005, 09:00 AM
<DIV> <DIV>Have to buy a bone each time we want to use an eye ? I REALLY hope its a new patch bug . We have work so hard for these eyes .....</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV></DIV>

01-07-2005, 09:17 AM
This is a really bad change, I do agree.

01-17-2005, 03:59 AM
Just ONE of their 100s of undocumented nerfs that went in.

01-19-2005, 06:26 PM
it was docmented! read the frekin patch notes

01-20-2005, 02:41 AM
<BR> <BLOCKQUOTE> <HR> Cantar wrote:<BR>it was docmented! read the frekin patch notes<BR> <HR> </BLOCKQUOTE><BR> <P>Do you have a link to those patch notes?</P> <P> </P> <P> </P>

01-21-2005, 01:03 AM
<DIV>edit: hmmm msg went thru empty, lets try again shall we?</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV><A href="http://eqiiforums.station.sony.com/eq2/board?board.id=tup" target=_blank>http://eqiiforums.station.sony.com/eq2/board?board.id=tup</A></DIV><p>Message Edited by Miral on <span class=date_text>01-20-2005</span> <span class=time_text>12:04 PM</span>

01-25-2005, 04:24 AM
<blockquote><hr>Cantar wrote:it was docmented! read the frekin patch notes<hr></blockquote>point out to me WHERE in the patchnotes the eye change was listed, because it frankly is NOT there. So YOU read the freakin patch notes.

01-25-2005, 09:20 AM
<DIV>The change went to live first, test is just catching up I guess. Its not a bug.</DIV>

01-25-2005, 07:11 PM
<BR> <BLOCKQUOTE> <HR> OlicKalberg wrote:<BR> <DIV> <DIV>Have to buy a bone each time we want to use an eye ? I REALLY hope its a new patch bug . We have work so hard for these eyes .....</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV></DIV><BR> <HR> </BLOCKQUOTE><BR> <P>Agree 100% - this 'idea' completely sucks.</P> <P>So, after spending half my life getting an 'eye', I have to buy/find a bone every time I want to use what I already earned.  Is that all? - no.</P> <P>If I zone, I have to use another bone because I return to my normal self.  Is that all? - no.</P> <P>If I relog, because I have a memory leak, I have to use another bone because I return to my normal self.  Is that all - no.</P> <P>If I want to use the Griffon, I have to return to my normal self because the Griffon refuses to take me in any other form.  Guess what? - yes, I have to find/buy another bone.</P> <P>I really wonder about the direction of this game sometimes.  Sink, sink, sink - money/time/whatever extracts from people's enjoyment of this game.  Sort it out for Christ's sake  <img src="/smilies/9d71f0541cff0a302a0309c5079e8dee.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /></P> <P>  </P>

01-26-2005, 12:34 AM
<DIV>My God you are making a big deal about those eyes.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>You need to look at it from a different perspective intead of your own.  For example.  Mr Ogre decides he wants to be unique and does the Freeport-Qeynos betrayal.  He spends what can be countless amount of hours to finally achieve his goal as an ogre in qeynos.  For those that have done the betrayal quest will agree that it is not trivial in the least.  So Mr. Ogre moves into qeynos and discovers that there are several "Ogres" running around that seem to be able to shapeshift at will !  Imagine how Mr. Ogre would feel.  This is just one example. </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>How you look in the game represents your character.  Everything from shifting into wolf form as a druid to Bear form as a shaman are unique abilities.  In some cases the individual picked the class just so they could stand out in a crowd.  A tool that allows you to switch to many classes ( if you have many eyes ) should be at a premium.  Personally they should have nerfed the eyes all together right outa the game.  The only reason they are still there is so they dont tick off the entire eye hunting population by taking them away completly.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>My feelings are this, you want to be several classes, be an enchanter ( can EQ2 enchanters still shapeshift? ) or if you want to look like an ogre .. choose an ogre to start with.  The point is, don't sweat it.  If this is the worst thing they nerf this year, I still think its a good one.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>BTW .. I am Mr. Ogre that did the betrayal.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV>

01-26-2005, 03:27 AM
<DIV>I am finding myself in agreement. If you want to be an ogre, play an ogre. </DIV> <DIV>The eye quest gave you xp and a little effect you can goof around with once in a while.</DIV>

01-26-2005, 02:48 PM
<DIV>'BTW .. I am Mr. Ogre that did the betrayal.'</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Surprise, surprise...</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Put each 'shapeshift' on a timer, not dictated by the fact you want to take the griffon/zone/relog - that is just crass..</DIV>

01-26-2005, 06:34 PM
<DIV>Well .. It's not gonna happen kids.  The Devs have made their decision and they usually dont switch back.  So, if you like your illusions, I suggest your start searching the country side like a pack of dogs digging up your bones ! </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> I'm just kidding.  Lighten up !</DIV>

01-27-2005, 12:41 AM
I have no problem with the adjustment I just buy Cracked Troll bones for a silver or two BUT the griffin's shouldn't refuse to allow you to ride in illusion form. Hell they let SK's ride with thier horses (this is probably a bug). This goes for all illusions having to drop wraith form just to ride the griffin is a pain in the butt.<p>Message Edited by Akairs on <span class=date_text>01-26-2005</span> <span class=time_text>02:41 PM</span>

01-27-2005, 01:17 AM
<DIV>I agree, this is totaly unfair to have to go thru such a pain to get the eyes then all of a sudden because they become rather popular the Devs decide to make you pay a deep PRICE to use it as much as you want. If I knew the eyes were gonna get nerfed this bad I would have never done it to begin with. Clicky items with unlimited charges is no doubt something to be proud of, now they are just something in the game that will sit there because the only time ill use it now is if I so happen to get lucky and pick up a bone. No a good move , but thats the devs call I guess not ours.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV>

01-27-2005, 01:59 AM
What are illusionists and coercers for? What's an aspect of their class? Illusions. If you have to pay a lot for bones, that's too bad and it's your server. Every class wasn't meant to be an enchanter and your class all in one.There are also quests that will give you illusions that don't need the bones, such as the Guise of the Deciever heritage quest.

01-27-2005, 02:05 AM
<DIV>Thats your opinion. They made the quest for the eyes, I got interested in it and took my time to do it because I wanted to have the "Illusion effect" cast ability as a guardian and now that "coolness" of the idea is gone, nuff said. Im not paying for bones to activate something I worked hard for to get that was free clicky to begin with. Thats fair? ok</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV><p>Message Edited by ZoriouzBlaze on <span class=date_text>01-26-2005</span> <span class=time_text>03:06 PM</span>

01-27-2005, 07:53 PM
can't agree with ya on the cost. It is your server Cracked bones on Befallen go for 1s or less and If I gotta carry a few in my bag so be it. It wouldn't be that bad if you didn't have to remove the illusion every time you wantd to get someplace on a griffin. but if you just wanted to look like a ogre all the time then you should have played an ogre. They were not Nrefed they were adjusted to meet the original idea of the designers. They didn't mean for players to be able to illusion whenever they want for no cost. The eyes were broken when you did the quest and now they are fixed.

01-27-2005, 09:12 PM
<DIV>The one thing I've read in this thread that just screams for some attention is...</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <BLOCKQUOTE dir=ltr> <DIV> <HR> </DIV> <DIV>The change went to live first, test is just catching up I guess. Its not a bug.</DIV> <DIV> <HR> </DIV></BLOCKQUOTE> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>If true, then what is the point of even having Test?</DIV> <DIV> </DIV>

01-28-2005, 11:11 PM
They could have had the classes that had illusions have things like Orcs, Gnolls, Goblins, etc. and still had some distinction. They could have just left the eyes be race only ones or something.Point is, there are a LOT of things they could have done, instead of making something that was fun for people, totally useless with one swing of the nerf bat. Might as well have just taken the eyes out.If people are having fun with an item, what reason is there to remove that fun? None. You fix the other stuff instead of removing the fun. This was an all out slap in the face to people that were having fun with an item. Like, we can't have that.<p>Message Edited by Naggybait on <span class=date_text>01-28-2005</span> <span class=time_text>01:12 PM</span>

01-29-2005, 01:37 AM
<DIV>This change is old news.  But did they put the fix in they promised when the eye bone thing went live several weeks ago?  ie can you zone now when in illusion form and not have it drop the illusion.  This is something the devs said would be in the next patch and would make this change way more paletable..</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV>

01-31-2005, 01:11 AM
<DIV>Apart from the zoning/griffon BS. I see nothing wrong with requiring an expendable reagant to use these. Anyone that played EQ1 should be more than familiar with expendable Reagants. How many Guild Leaders / Officers brought stacks of them to raids to hand out. </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>So i really doubt the expendable part will go away.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Now most servers have cracked bones for around 1s (unless youre on one of those jacked up economy servers). </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>So whats going to happen if they decide to say ok you dont need a bone anymore, but you still need a reagant that will be used when you cast. So now you have to buy Transmutation Gems from NPCs that cost 6s a pop. </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Its not really that bad (the reagant part i mean, not the dropping illusion stuff) and it could be worse. But its never going to be free, and it shouldnt be. </DIV>

02-01-2005, 03:41 PM
Yes I have to say that my full collection of eyes I have is not really useful now except if there's like a guild meeting for example and so on.BUT I have to say that it is a pretty goot change since if the eyes could be used all the time it would kinda ruin the use for illusions for Illusionists and Coercers.So I do think it was a pretty good change even though I'd have to sell the eyes that needs more rare bones.

02-01-2005, 07:45 PM
<DIV>its a good change in my opinion,you could just look how ever u wanted before,as long as you had the eye,now u need 2 work for it.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV>

02-01-2005, 08:21 PM
"Anyone that played EQ1 should be more than familiar with expendable Reagants. How many Guild Leaders / Officers brought stacks of them to raids to hand out."Yes but the difference in eq1 is npc vendors SOLD the reagents at a set price..... on Antonia Bayle Gnome BOne Fragments go from 35sp to 3 gp so dont tell me about reagent costs.... reason i quested the petrified gnome eye is for dungeons being that im a Barbarian, its a tight sometimes in them dungeons.SoE could have given them a minmimum user equip lvl if they wanted to prevent rampant usage , when you cant even zone with the illusion etc....

02-01-2005, 11:14 PM
<DIV>well this gives the low levels some extra cash for equip upgrades,and there are other small races u can find for tight places,the orc isnt big ither and the gnoll 1 should be avl soon,and tho are quite easy 2 farm ur self if u prefer that,i think this is a good change.</DIV>