View Full Version : troub nerf

03-23-2005, 03:33 AM
<DIV>First off, no I dont particularly like a lot of the nerfs they put in.  Every patch does this to all of us, and many aren't happy, I know that I wasn't.  Does this make us an undesireable class?  Honestly I think not.  I never had a problem finding groups, and I really don't think we will.  My idea is to just sit back and wait a bit.. try and relax a bit, know that we are all frustrated... but we just have to adjust and I think we will all be better players, having had to make it as far even though they continually "nerf" the class.  The entire party benefits from our buffs, not just us.  Dirges have their purpose, we have ours.  Neither is more desireable IMHO.</DIV> <DIV>I will admit when I logged in and saw the inability to stack spells that I'd already taken the time and resourses to upgrade to the highest possible, I was not the happiest.  I was appalled to see that songs I upgraded significantly, did not show it under the descrtiption... I feel kind of ripped off.  <DIV>Many of the songs in their upgraded form, do not merit ithe cost to upgrade them at this current time.  It's sad and unfortunate.</DIV>However, I'll get over it, I have since the last nerfs.</DIV> <DIV>We can cry and whine all the time, but until we sit here and explain some of these problems... really sit down, like others on this board have, then it will continue not to be addressed.</DIV> <DIV>I can assure you, come raid time, our class is very desired.  I am one of 3 troubs in my guild, and am consistently in the Main Tank group... we have other beneficial abilities that Dirges don't.  As well as the opposite, as I know other guilds only have a dirge as their main bard.  Both of our classes are beneficial.. we all have our place when it comes to groups.</DIV> <DIV>Hopefully they will fix these problems, I'm confident it will be better in a few days.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV>