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03-22-2005, 04:22 PM
<div></div>I just have to say i agree with all you fellow Troubadours, i am not gonna replie on those flamers, Im a lvl 50 troub on RE, i loved my class and been playing it from the day EQ2 came out, Dps ? i never been dps, tanks out damaged me, Mana song ? so small regen that u can use something else with the Conc i dont use attack speed buff, imo its so low u even dont notice it All  I ( and many other Troubs ) had was the great buffs, but not anymore, how many times  people in group said " mate I love your buffs " What NoW? no sta agi str, a worthles mana regen, proc?? i never seen much procs so i dont use it,  Dps ? i aint dps what good is a troubadour now? i dont play alts, i focus on one char and go with that, but now it aint fun, if i knew this was a bug i wouldnt use trainings and choose what we all choosed, AND NO i dont want a /respec again i dont know yet , and some noobs will flame im sure off that, but i pay and play to have fun, if i dont got that i will cancel my account i aint whining this is my opinion and all got opinions, i know moorgard said they will look at it, but look and work on a thing is a big difference <div></div>

03-22-2005, 05:08 PM
Will see what happens I guess <div></div>

03-22-2005, 05:09 PM
I agree with you 100%. When I grouped I always got, "Man I love how much my Stats/HPs go up with a Troubador in group". In fact my buffs were as Followed Rax Energizing Harmony(1) Rax Vivacious Dicante(1) Vhalens Stirring Tune(1) Haste(2) Pow regen was so pitiful that the only timed I ever have it up is after the group is almost completely drained. I just cancelled Vhalens and put up Pow Regen. Just tonight I re-rolled and going Assassin. I figure at least I have run speed (pathfinding), great DPS, and Evac. Troubador is just not an option for me in their current state. <div></div>

03-23-2005, 04:13 AM
What s this about a power regen proc? is this what in the patch notes was reffered to as " the bards might even write a song about this" ? If so i didn't notice any new songs in my Knowledge (lvl33). And also was the sta,str,agi buffs not stacking intended? i petitioned and they basicly said "figure it out urself" <div></div>