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02-18-2005, 04:02 AM
<DIV>I was horrified to see the patch notes today</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>"Tanks now better with increased mitigation"</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Perhaps those tanks wouldn't need better mitigation skill, if SOE hadn't over nerfed agility in the first place. I love how it's always their concerns. Boohoo... bards solo better than I do because of their agility NERF NERF.......... Boohoo you nerfed too hard can I have mitigation. I thought tanks were supposed to be tough? <img src="/smilies/69934afc394145350659cd7add244ca9.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /> Guess not.</DIV><p>Message Edited by KineticMuse on <span class=date_text>02-17-2005</span> <span class=time_text>03:02 PM</span>

02-18-2005, 08:14 PM
<DIV>yeah... as far as I can tell is the only thing that actually ended up being changed was troubadors ability to solo and troubadors ability to contribute to a group.  whee.</DIV>

02-18-2005, 08:45 PM
<DIV>dirges got a bite of the agility nerf too I think strength was nerfed also. I don't have that confirmed though.</DIV>

02-18-2005, 09:09 PM
<DIV>yeah, it would have hit any class with a stat buffing focus.... probably hammered shamans, druids, dirges as well.  Not sure who else buffs stats.... but it would have hurt them all.  Guess Templars and Guardians needed to be boosted in effectiveness.</DIV><p>Message Edited by AzureDawn on <span class=date_text>02-18-2005</span> <span class=time_text>08:10 AM</span>

02-18-2005, 10:39 PM
<DIV>I dont see  the nerf that much.  I cant tank like a Guardian, never have.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>The part I hated was that tank could out-tank AND out damage us.  That was wrong, and if I was a Rogue instead I would be REALLY [Removed for Content].  At least I get my group buffs, all they have is damage.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Sure i miss my Ubah bard speed, my CC abilities, Levitation, Invis that works at speed....all the things we did that made us unique.   Sometimes I think SOE made EQ2 along communist lines - all classes are equal.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>They did do some things right tho, You can now group with 4 players and have a good party.  Quests mean a lot and a good many are soloable.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>People whine a lot about the patch but I havent seen it affect my gameplay that much.  I made the same amount of gold last night that I usually do on my Vendor.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV>

02-18-2005, 11:18 PM
<DIV> <HR> </DIV> <DIV>The part I hated was that tank could out-tank AND out damage us.</DIV> <DIV> <HR> </DIV> <P>Tanks do even MORE damage relative to troubadors <U>after</U> the patch, since the strength nerf greatly reduced our contribution to a groups DPS.</P>

02-19-2005, 10:17 AM
Heh that's the point but we no majority, we a minority.Time will come, time will tell. Till then we one of the most gimpest classes right now and prolly pretty low on the to-do list :smileysad: