View Full Version : Quest to Translate the Obelisk of Lost Souls texts

03-20-2005, 05:26 PM
as many of you know, the obelisk is surounded by engravings on all sides, i have isolated this to one engraving, just repeated, in a kind of cartooche, the borded sections are all the same as the next. I have taken several screenshots of this text, and have so far failed to match it up to the fonts provided within the game instead the next step is to try and de-cypher the font to letters we know so we can then de-code it into english The basic steps of this is to follow this: Identify all the letters and asign them a letter of the alphabet next put these into notepad or something, and start to translate. This is the First line i have come up with using this method, though i am currently unable to really translate it. the "?" is a place where i am unsure of a letter AFBC DE FGG HIE DAFJKKFHGC EJ LCMNOCP OF OF OJFP?OA .o.. .. off ... ..o...o.f. .. ....... .o .o ..o.... .a.. .. all ... ..a...a.l. .. ....... .a .a ..a.... st.. .. too ... .st...t.o. .. ....... .t .t ..t...s .s.. .. see ... ..s...s.e. .. ....... .s .s ..s.... the lower parts are possible ideas for translations PS i would post a screenie, but i have no webspace, so if someone wants to post a clear pic of the section of text, feel free to post If someone can roughly get something that makes sense of that first line i should be able to translate the remainder of the tablet <div></div>

03-21-2005, 12:37 AM
You can upload screenshots to your EQ2Players page for your character (click the admin button) <div></div>