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The (once) frozen continent. I've heard some things, but references to this place are scarce so far in EQ2. The map wasn't very detailed, but Allakhazam provided a bit more. Anyway.....Thurgadin: I understand it's the home of Coldain. What was it like and what were their general disposition?Ry'Gorr Keep: Who were a the Ry'gorrs?Eastern/Western Wastes: Weren't these filled with dragons & ice giants? Were those frost giants related to the Kromise in Everfrost/Permafrost?Tower of Frozen Shadow: I heard this was the home of Mayong Mistmoore's ex-fiance'. Wasn't it like a wedding rehearsal party frozen in time? (a Nektropos like zone)Wakening Land: Tunare's forest within the ice continent? Makes me wonder if it expanded after Velious melted.......Kael Drakkal: Home of Kromzek, the storm giants? They were not mentioned in the Giant Lore & Legend book in EQ2 (only Hill, Fire, and Frost), so what were they like?The Great Divide: I've heard that this canyon is the huge mark of Veeshan. Was it inhabited?Skyshrine: Was this the city of the dragons? (until Kerafyrm dropped by....)Dragon Necropolis: I've heard a race of rat-like creatures rummaged through this place, yet were not Ratonga.Temple of Veeshan: Well, it didn't say much on Allakhazam. I would've thought it would be on Veeshan's Peak, but apparently that's on a different continent.Sleeper's Tomb: Ah, the infamous tomb. Care to indulge me on what this place was like? <img src="/smilies/3b63d1616c5dfcf29f8a7a031aaa7cad.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" />

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Thurgadin: Home of the Coldain. The Coldain are dwarves that were stranded on Velious long ago (before the expansion release). They are enemies of the ice giants of Velious, the Kromrif. It was a series of tunnels with the entrance located behind a waterfall. As you go deeper, you come to the Keep of dwarven city, and go deeper you come to many monsters that inhabit the lower parts of the caves.Ry'Gorr Keep: The Ry'Gorrs were orcs that inhabited Velious.Eastern/Western Wastes: The Eastern and Western Wastes were seperated by a mountain chain. The Eastern Wastes contained giants, the entrance to Sleeper's Tomb, and an entrance to Kael Drakkal.The Western Wastes were inhabited by dragons. The Temple of Veeshan was located in this zone, as well and the Necropolis. It is secluded as you have to travel through Sirens Grotto, which is a nasty little zone filled with various aquatic life and sirens.Tower of Frozen Shadow: Can't help you here, was never there in EQ1.Wakening Land: A jungle-like forest, very large zone. The Plane of Growth was located in the center of it, and the Kromrif keep was located off of this zone. Skyshrine (the home of the drakes) also had a zonein in this zone.Kael Drakkal: The home of the ice giants (frost giants? I can't remember). They were a major power on the continent of Velious. They were unlike the other ice giants, and were mortal enemies with the dragons.The Great Divide: Thurgadin was located in this zone. It was not a mark of Veeshan. It was inhabited by a few giants, and random wildlife.Skyshrine: This was the city of the drakes, and the home of Yelinak, one of the older dragons of Norrath.Dragon Necropolis: A great dragon, Zlandicar, went mad and was sent here to die. He's an undead dragon (I'm pretty sure, I can't remember, it's been like a year). It was home to two different factions of ratmen, one good, one evil (undead).Sleeper's Tomb: A very cool zone.. HUGE passageways, with huge prismatic golems guarding the entryways. To get to the sleeper you had to go through a series of secret walls. The end of the zone had four warders.. if you killed these mobs, the sleeper (under a dome in the middle of the four) awoke and rampaged after you.

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<DIV><A href="http://allakhazam.com/lore/Scars_of_Velious.html" target=_blank>http://allakhazam.com/lore/Scars_of_Velious.html</A> That story has some info on Velious. There were three main factions on Velious; dragons, coldain, and giants. The giants hated both coldain and dragons.. you had to kill both to gain faction with them to be safe in their city. The dragons hated giants, as well as the Coldain. Killing giants gave you good faction with both dragons and coldain.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Thurgadin was a city carved into the ice, with buildings that looked like stone. The halls and buildings were small, being a dwarf city and all. The Coldain themselves were ..um.. dwarf.. like. They enjoyed drinking (by the number of bars I remember, anyway). They were friendly to everyone who came to Velious, letting them into the city and all.</DIV> <DIV><BR>The Ry'Gorr were snow orcs. Their fort was in the East wastes.<BR><BR>The ice giants were the same who lived in Kael, they were not the same type found in permafrost, though im sure they were related in some way.<BR><BR>The Tower of Frozen Shadow was interesting indeed.. One of my favorite zones actually. There were banners with Mayong on them all through the zone.. just, his face had been torn off all of them. There was a wedding party on one of the upper floors, undead bride, groom, and other guests. There was also a library, and a maze, as well as several other floors.<BR><BR>I believe Tunare was keeping the land from Freezing over. The Wakening lands held the portal to the plane of Growth. If Velious is thawed out, I would guess it would be much like the Wakening Land was. <BR><BR>Kael was an excellent place. It was a huge city built into the mountians. These were giants who escaped the curse of the Gods (the same one which ogres shared). They were very intellegent. There were three factions of them. <BR><BR>The Great Divide was how you got to Thurgadin. There was a group of giants living in a fort there. As well as wurms, bears of a sort, and Tizmak (..they were like.. cow people).<BR><BR>Yes, Skyshine was a city of dragons (small drakes, to big dragon).<BR><BR>Dragon Necropolis.. No, they were the chitari (spelling..?), Ratonga are not related to them it seems.<BR></DIV> <DIV>Veeshan's Peak was on Kunark. The temple was just that, a temple with a lot of dragons in it.<BR><BR>Sleeper's Tomb, there were several warders who guarded the sleeper. When you defeated them all, he awoke and went on his killing spree. </DIV>

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<DIV>Temple of Veeshan housed different factioned dragons and drakes.  This is where you got your quest armor if you were on a certain faction.  This was highly camped by numerous guilds to try and get the quest armor pieces.  This was one of my favorite zones.   </DIV>

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<P>Also the temple of veeshan was where kerafyrms father dozeker the cursed wandered.</P> <P> </P>

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<DIV>Where was it revealed that Dozekar was Kerafyrm's Father? It sounds familiar, and I know I heard just how he got cursed, but I don't remember the details.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Anyway, yes. The expansion was called Scars of Velious because Veeshan herself litterally clawed the continent to claim it as her own with her Dragons. The Great Divide was formed with her largest talon, and the two canyons in Western Waste by her smaller talons.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>The Giant legend and lore book doesn't mention the Kromdul or the Krombal either, the Forest and Mountain giants that inhabited Kunark, but no time for semantics.</DIV>

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<BR> <BLOCKQUOTE> <HR> Quasar wrote:<BR>Kael Drakkal: Home of Kromzek, the storm giants? They were not mentioned in the Giant Lore & Legend book in EQ2 (only Hill, Fire, and Frost), so what were they like? <HR> </BLOCKQUOTE> <DIV>Home of the Kromzek and the Kromrif.  They were the frost giants and the storm giants (I forget which was which).  They were uncursed giants and were not on friendly terms with the dwarves or dragons :smileyhappy:</DIV>

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<P>Kael Drakkel is the city of giants.  These giants are the Kromzek and Kromrif.  When the Rathe cursed all giants, these giants of Kael were protected from it because of the magic contained within velium which was in the land surrounding Kael.  King Tormax led these giants.  The Kromrif battled the Coldain while the Kromzek battled dragonkind.</P> <P>The Great Divide is the area outside of Thurgadin, and also connects to the Eastern Wastes.  It was populated by younger wurms, some Kromrif (maintained a fort near the Eastern Wastes), the Tizmak (cowmen-type people), and the Coldain outside of Thurgadin.  Velketor's Labyrinth was also located in this zone.</P> <P>Thurgadin was the home of the Coldain dwarves.  They moved there after Frostone was overrun.  It lies hidden behind a waterfall in the Great Divide.  Thurgadin is kind of built with a giant passage in a circle with shops on the sides.  At the back of the circle a passage leads further in to Icewell Keep.</P> <P>Icewell Keep was inside Thurgadin, and was where the Dain resided.  Icewell was built as a fortress inside the mountain.  Also underneath Icewell there are many creatures like terrors that reside.</P> <P>Velketor's Labyrinth was home to Velketor the Sorceror.  He was a giant that did not get along with those of Kael.  Velketor was a series of passageways and a castle filled with golems, spiders, and gargoyles.  There was also a village of kobolds that resided before the castle.</P> <P>The Eastern Wastes connects to the Iceclad Ocean, the Great Divide, and Kael Drakkel.  You also enter the Sleeper's Tomb from here.  A giant ice bridge connected the Wastes to Iceclad.  In the middle of the zone there was Rygorr Keep.  Rygorrs were a band of snow orcs with their leader Chief Rygorr.  The Rygorr fortress was built on top of the entrance to the Crystal Caverns.  There were also outposts of Coldain throughout the zone along with giants extending from Kael to their fort near Rygorr.</P> <P>The Crystal Caverns is a series of tunnels and a giant pit that was overrun by Rygorr orcs and other creatures such as spiders and terrors.  In the middle of the zone is the city of Frostone, which was still comprised of a few dwarves who did not leave for Thurgadin.  Also residing in the caverns is a group of geonids.</P> <P>The Sleeper's Tomb (Kerafyrm's Lair) was where four powerful dragons kept watch over Kerafyrm and kept him in his eternal sleep.  When the four warders were killed, Kerafyrm would awaken and would rampage through many zones, including Skyshrine to kill Yelinak.  The Tomb was mainly populated by gargoyles and golems.</P> <P>The Wakening Lands was between Skyshrine and Kael, and wasa forested zone untouched by the snows of Velious.  This was because the entrance to the Plane of Growth was located on an island here, which was guarded by goatmen.  Giants and geonids populated the zone.</P> <P>The Plane of Growth was a giant forest containing goatmen, treants, and fairies.  Tunare could be found at the top of a giant tree.</P> <P>Skyshrine was the city of dragonkind.  Inside the city dwelled dragons, wurms, drakes, wyverns, and golems.  The city was ruled by Lord Yelinak, leader of dragonkind.  He is also one of the oldest dragons.  The city was vast, and the upper areas were protected by a maze.</P> <P>The Iceclad Ocean was connected to the Eastern Wastes by a giant ice bridge.  Some giants populated the zone near the Wastes side.  This is also where people landed if they ventured to Velious.  They would land in areas populated by bands of gnomes.  On one of the islands also resided the Tower of Frozen Shadow.</P> <P>The Tower of Frozen Shadow was a tower of seven levels.  To get to the top you had to find the key for each level.  There was a different setting and different mobs on each floor.  At the top is where Tserrina Syl`Tor is found, an ex of Mayong Mistmoore.  The 5th floor is a wedding ceremony.</P> <P>Cobalt Scar was connected to Siren's Grotto and also had an entrance into Skyshrine.  Drakes and wyverns populated the area along with Othmirs (ottermen).  There was also a seadragon that resided here named Kelorek`Dar.</P> <P>The Siren's Grotto was a place inhabited by.... sirens.  It was the connection between Cobalt Scar and the Western Wastes.  The zone was also populated by seahorses and golems.</P> <P>The Western Wastes was populated by dragonkind.  Many larger dragons roamed the Wastes.  Also there are two giant claw marks found in this zone, from which Veeshan clawed her claim to the land.  The Temple of Veeshan and Dragon Necropolis are entered through this zone.  The Temple of Veeshan is protected by a red dragon named Sontalak, and unless you have good Claws of Veeshan faction he will put up a fight.</P> <P>The Dragon Necropolis was the tombs of dragons.  The zone was populated by an intelligent race of rats known as the Chetari.  it is believed they became intelligent from eating on dead dragons.  The Chetari are not believed to be related to the Ratonga.  Also deep in the zone Zlandicar dwelled.  Zlandicar was a black dragon and was a cannibal, feasting on other dragons.</P> <P>The Temple of Veeshan was populated by all dragonkind.  The place was divided into three sections, the Western temple which could be roamed freely if you had the faction, the Halls of Testing where Dozekar the Cursed was found, and the Northern temple where many of the more powerful dragons were found, including Vulak`Aerr.</P> <P>Also found in the Temple was a tiny little castle, which was the entrance to the Plane of Mischief (There is also an entrance to it in the Great Divide now).  The Plane of Growth was a castle surrounded by a forest and contained many odd things.  Bristlebane resided inside.</P>

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<DIV>Kael was also where the Avatar of War resided.  Who was mentioned in the EQ2 book of lore.  Who spoke to the Ogre that took over the show.</DIV>

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Curashorn, The lore that Dozekar the cursed is the father of kerafyrm was said by some drakeling in skyshrine but i remember he was the commander of the entire army of skyshrine.He was also a wizard by the spells he used when you fought him, or he could have been a mage i forgot. Anyways he gives you a quest to kill some giants in kael drakkel and when you return he gives you the key to yelinaks room if i remember correctly, but then when you hail him he talks in  paragraphs about dozekar the cursed once a dragon who obeyed the claws of veeshan, but somehow fell in love with another dragon of another element whos name was never mentioned and her element.But from what i know dozekar was definately some sort of thunder dragon because he breathed out electricity but then he also did some flurry breath so i can't really say what his element was, either ice or thunder.