View Full Version : History of the Koada'dal

12-05-2004, 01:02 PM
Just finished the second part of the quest and here is some info. The high elves sent troops to help qeynos in the great battle of defiance against the rallisian army (srry spelling) Some of them helped rebuild the city and while there the word of the tranquil came to them. Apperently they were visited directly(by the avatar dunno don't say just what i just wrote) They considered the direct visit something only for the first children of tunare. They were asked to seek refuge in qeynos and not felwithe and the last line says "is this a test of our faith." so i think they were peaved that they were asked to stay in felwithe next part has me going into the ruins of vasoon and since i don't have acess it'll be a while.