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12-28-2005, 06:51 PM
Hi all, I thought maybe the best way to find out how good a spell is would be to simply go to the users. Last night I got my first ever Master I drop, Delusion.  Saddly I am not a mystic so I have no use for this spell other than to sell it. I noticed it is a level 21 spell and on Lucan D'lere some guy was selling it for 45gold. I am level 29 and have only 10 gold to my  name so I just can not see how a level 21 is supposed to afford a 45 gold spell.  So anyways before I went to bed I set the spell to 40 gold, and of course this morning there are no takers! I am thinking the price is a bit high, but I do not even know how usefull the spell is.  I am not asking for what price you guys think it is worth cause I am sure that varies greatly depending on server.  I am more curious on how important this spell is to a mystic?  Is this a spell you use regualarly or is it just some fluffy spell that is rarely used. Thanks all for the help, Aex <div></div>

12-28-2005, 07:23 PM
I wouldn't have paid 45 gold for it, even on a twink.

12-28-2005, 07:58 PM
So are you saying you didnt use the spell? Aex <div></div>

12-28-2005, 09:40 PM
At the time I leveled up, yes, I used it.In the current environment, no, I would not use it.  Mobs simply die too quickly for a debuff to matter.

01-02-2006, 05:10 PM
<DIV>I bet someone will buy it for 10-15g. Just because it's a master.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>But for a twink, it's nearly useless. You outlevel it in no time and as has been mentioned. Mobs die too fast for debuffs. Just fire a nuke instead.</DIV>

01-03-2006, 03:36 AM
Well it is also a stamina debuff... so in essence if led with it is a nuke anyway making it useful. I wouldnt expect to get rich off any master this low level tho.

01-09-2006, 12:33 PM
<div></div><div>Generally, I decide how to price my Master I spells by looking at the over-all price for the rare of that Tier (to make Adept III spells). Depending on how useful I think the spell is, I then scoot the price up or down a couple gold. If it is a useful spell someone would probably be willing to buy a rare and make it adept III, ergo a Master I is desirable. If it's not-so-useful someone may not feel a need. (Case in point, a water breathing spell at Master I. <font color="#ff0000"><strong>Why??</strong></font>). So for a Master I waterbreathing spell, I'm not gonna be pricing at the same cost of a rare. A Master Taunt, I'll price about equal to or more than what the rares are going for because these are very important to tanks. Rescue Master I...well, okay, I price that considerably higher since that is useful to even a Level 60 tank. Don't sell yourself short on that beauty, but I digress.</div><div> </div><div>Guilded folks and Scholar-crafters will likely not be making more investment financially past the rare (either a guildie will make their spell for free/cost or they can make it themselves). I price my Masters so they will be attractive to someone who will have to buy the rare and then turn around and pay a crafter's fee to get the adept 3 made. Why pay 25g for an Adept III when you can buy my Master I for 20g?</div><div> </div><div>I don't like to overprice my Master I's. I think folks go way overboard for what is often only a modest improvement over an Adept III version of the spell. I want Master I spells to be affordable. For example, I generally price my Tier 3 master spells about 20g, as I stated above, which competes quite nicely with the Tier 3 rares on Guk server.  Your server's economy may vary, affecting how you interpret my numbers. Could I price my Master spells higher? Probably. But I'm dealing in volume! Oh sure I could price that puppy 40g+ and wait a week or two (or three) for someone to buy it. Maybe. But it's taking up room in my inventory! Think of how many spells I could be selling in that time at a more reasonable price! I'd rather sell 4 of them in one week for 80g profit than 1 of them every 3 weeks at 40g, in much longer time frame. When you play the lottery do you want the lump sum now or the annuity stretched out over 300 years. You decide for yourself.</div><div> </div><div>Some people are just silly. I have seen someone on my server trying to sell Rescue Adept 1 at 1 Plat. No one is going to buy that when they can buy the rare for about 20(ish) Gold , and get it made into Adept III.  Then again my value's system is a little screwy, anyway. I think charging 7Platinum for even a Tier 6 spell is assinine. I'd rather give the spell to a friend/guildie of the appropriate class and trust that IF they should come across a master drop that I need, they'll repay the kindness.  And if it is a guildie it is an investment in the success of the entire Raid.</div><div> </div><div>Just my opinion.</div><div> </div><div> </div><div> </div>

01-14-2006, 09:53 PM
<div></div><p>T3 masters can go for anywhere between 20g and 1pp on lavastorm, depending on the usefulness of a spell. I personally bought that master for my mystic for 30 or 40g i forget. Keep it on the market for a week at 40 if you want, it will probably sell. Bling items like a low lvl master you usually have to wait a bit for them to sell.</p><p>As to its usefulness, I found it very usefull <img src="/smilies/69934afc394145350659cd7add244ca9.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" />  I like to twink out all my toons and I also like to exp off of named in dungeons alot for even more twinkage. So the debuffs do help on those harder mobs. I also found that once you get into killing yellow 3up heroics, like in RoV, your debuffs become much more useful and help the rest of the group save on mana so you can kill alot faster.</p>