View Full Version : What weapons are we using ( upgrade ideas)

01-13-2005, 09:09 PM
<DIV>Currebtly I am a 26 mystic on runneye and i am using a Skullcrusher.   While I like it, it is begining to con less then I like (blue0 any suggestions for a new weapon?</DIV>

01-13-2005, 09:18 PM
I'm using a Wand of spellfire... very lucky drop in TS off green gnolls a while back.... It's finally conning yellow so procs a lot for 60-90 dmg and 1 handed so can use an orb <img src="/smilies/3b63d1616c5dfcf29f8a7a031aaa7cad.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" />

01-15-2005, 02:52 AM
<DIV>Bone inlaid buckler and pristine forged carbonite short spear is my combo at 28, but I dont do a whole lot of meele.</DIV>

01-17-2005, 05:30 PM
<DIV>Has anyone found a spear to use that's anywhere near as good as the 1HBs?  Or even better than the one you get at 20th?</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>*sigh* I wanna poke things, but I have <EM>never </EM>seen a good spear.</DIV>

01-17-2005, 08:48 PM
<DIV>Not sure, so far steel spear is best weapon what I have found (at level 22). There is some quest 1hb weapons with great hammer skill but mods haven't been better than on steel spear so sticking it for now. </DIV>