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01-12-2005, 10:04 AM
<DIV>This is my first time to the boards although i have been registered for like 2 weeks lol...Anyways why I am here is becuase I am a level 19 shaman atm got the mystic quest done at 18 in fact got it done the second i hit 18...well not the exact second but it was the first thing i did...ANYWAYS im rambling lol...I've heard some problems and have been looking over the performance around the boards (BTW very proffesional mr. gnome and mr. banditman) and have been noticing you guys having alot of problems and i see strong arguments from both sides about the wards...I have noticed a few things wrong with wards...BUT I have never seen a special attack go through my single target ward and never seen an AE go through my group ward...Wierd...Coincidence tho? maybe...I notice tho whenever i have ward up and i am soloing green/blue ^^'s i tend to notice they miss their special attacks more thna usual but they will hit for an average of 50's-60's then jump to 98+ so i'm taking it it's their wild swings and other crap like that and my ward absorbs it all...maybe its just a certain level and above mobs special attacks that go through or maybe its just random...Though I do find it interesting...But also have seen one occasion when an AE melee attack went through ward so maybe its just AE melee attacks...dunno yet but hopefully as i level up i will give some answers if anyone concurs to what i have said here please post with some basic info the situation and maybe a screen shot...I will do the same if you wish me to...But pretty much all I halfto say...OH yeah 1 more thing...HELLO MY FELLOW EQ2 PLAYERS!!!! If anyone has ANY questions at all or wish to go further into this conversation please post here let me know exactly whats going on and maybe i can help...long time eq player and going to be a long time EQ2 player!</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Fetuk Letuk 19th Shaman of Permafrost server!</DIV>