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06-03-2005, 06:41 PM
<DIV>Ok, this is a post about some test server updates...scroll thru the gray stuff to the big yellow stuff haha.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> <HR> <HR> </DIV> <DIV> <HR> </DIV> <P><FONT color=#cccccc><FONT color=#999999><STRONG>*** Headlines ***<BR><BR></STRONG>- Track your collection quests easily in the quest journal!<BR>- Cleaner, smoother fonts added to the user interface!<BR>- Many new waypoints have been added to overland zone maps!</FONT><BR><BR><BR></FONT><FONT color=#999999><B>*** Collection Quests ***</B><BR><BR>- There is now a Collections tab in the quest journal listing all of your collection quests.<BR>- Collection quests no longer count toward your maximum quest total of 50 in the quest journal.<BR>- In order to add an item to your collection, you will now examine the item, then drag and drop it into your journal.<BR><BR><BR><B>*** New Fonts ***</B><BR><BR>- The user interface now includes different fonts that improve the look and clarity of many visual elements.<BR>- If you wish to disable the new fonts, use the "/r_font_ft 0" command.<BR>- To enable the new fonts, use the "/r_font_ft 1" command.</FONT><FONT color=#cccccc><BR><BR></FONT><BR><FONT color=#999999><B>*** New Map Waypoints ***</B><BR><BR>- Many additional waypoint locations have been added to the maps for the following zones:<BR> - Antonica<BR> - The Commonlands<BR> - Nektulos Forest<BR> - The Thundering Steppes<BR> - The Feerrott<BR> - The Enchanted Lands<BR> - Zek, the Orcish Wastes<BR><BR></FONT><BR><FONT color=#999999><B>*** Frogloks ***</B><BR><BR>- The froglok teacher in Kugup will now sell a house item version of the "History of the Frogloks" to adventurers returning to this village.<BR></FONT><BR><BR><FONT color=#999999><B>*** Zones and Population ***</B><BR><BR>- Only one group is allowed in The Cleansing of the Cove at one time.<BR></FONT><BR><BR><FONT color=#999999><B>*** Quests ***</B><BR><BR>- All the medallions for the "Locked Medallion Closet" quest can be found in Nektropos Castle; follow the clues in your quest journal to locate them.<BR>- The Purse of Offering in Fallen Gate will now offer one of four different quests instead of just "Memorial of Hatred."<BR>- "Trinkets of the Dead" in Nektropos Castle has been updated.<BR>- The "Hundred-Fold Blade" quest in Nektulos Forest will now update properly.<BR></FONT><BR><BR><FONT size=4><FONT color=#ffff00><B>*** Spells and Combat Arts ***</B><BR><BR>- Charm spells will now correctly show their chance to charm when examined.<BR><BR></FONT></FONT><BR><FONT color=#999999><B>*** Tradeskills ***</B><BR><BR>- The recipe for Fossil Temper will now only accept the following as a raw ingredient: tin cluster, lead cluster, or rough malachite.<BR>- The recipes for A Halasian Rug, An Embellished Rug, and A Coalition Ornate Rug now require a sewing table instead of a woodworking table.<BR>- The Elixir of Contamination now has 4, 5, 6, and 7 charges at murky, clouded, worked, and translucent quality levels.<BR>- Essence of Fury has been removed from the level 48+ Alchemist tradeskill society task list, as this combat art no longer exists.<BR>- The following Carpenter recipes should now be craftable:<BR> - Level 13: a faydark wooden stool<BR> - Level 14: A large bench<BR> - Level 15: A medium bench<BR> - Level 22: An antonican ornate end table<BR> - Level 23: A short militia shelf<BR> - Level 24: A broken large bench<BR> - Level 34: An ornate end table<BR> - Level 35: An ornate bedside table<BR> - Level 37: A wooden end table<BR> - Level 36: A skull post<BR> - Level 38: A long ornate shelf<BR><BR><BR><B>*** Housing ***</B><BR><BR>- Thexian torch bowl wall lamps can now be placed on the wall instead of the floor.<BR>- Antonican Lamp Stoops will now appear when placed in your home.<BR>- Floor Lanterns will now appear when placed in your home.<BR>- Ornate Horizontal Flaming Torches will now appear when placed in your home.<BR>- Lucanic Braziers will now appear when placed in your home.<BR>- Large Cazic Wall Lamps will now appear when placed in your home.<BR>- Simple Oil Lamps will now appear when placed in your home.<BR>- Citizen's Oil Lamps will now appear when placed in your home.<BR>- Iron Forge Chandeliers will now appear when placed in your home.<BR>- Bixie Ceiling Lamps will now appear when placed in your home.<BR><BR><BR><B>*** Controls, Commands, and User Interface ***</B><BR><BR>- There is now a "Repair All" button on the Mender window that will allow you to repair all of your equipment at once.<BR>- You can no longer invite people who are ignoring you to your to your group, raid, or guild. Similarly, you cannot invite people whom you are ignoring.<BR>- You can no longer scribe, equip, attune, or destroy items in your bank unless you are talking to a banker.<BR>- Certain quests should no longer generate events containing [NO NAME] in the guild event log.<BR>- Several situations that could make the tradeskill window unusable were fixed.<BR>- You will no longer receive house access changed messages from players on your ignore list.<BR><BR><BR><B>*** Art ***</B><BR><BR>- Frogloks no longer run in place while on a flying carpet.<BR>- Many combat art animations should now look better if they are used while the character is moving.<BR><BR><BR><B>*** UI Files Updated ***</B><BR><BR>eq2ui_newcharscene.xml<BR>eq2ui_mainhud_replydialog.xml<BR>eq2ui_gamedata.xml<BR>eq2ui_journals_quest.xml</FONT></P><FONT color=#999999> <P></P></FONT> <HR> <P></P> <HR> <P></P> <HR> <P><FONT color=#cc3300>So, I was wondering outta curousity, since it will be showing it correctly soon, how often do charm spells work for all the Coercers out there that have Beguile? Estimate by % plz if possible. Thanks in advance.</FONT></P> <P><BR></P> <P></P>

06-03-2005, 09:26 PM
<DIV>Of the four times I've cast it so far, it's landed on the target successfully.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Of course, in the one fight where I practiced re-charming, when the partner mob was finally down, and charm broke, I noticed that my damage spells against the former charmee were being partly warded (by my own group buff that was still on the mob).  *sigh*</DIV> <DIV> </DIV>

06-04-2005, 12:51 AM
It's just a fluff thing because charm lands for the full duration almost every time I cast it. <div></div>

06-04-2005, 06:00 AM
Currently I believe it says 0%. So it's a typo fix. That's been around a few months now. Which is about how long it takes for a fix. Nerfs are usally the next day though.

06-04-2005, 09:09 AM
<DIV>perhaps app1 beguile has an 80% chance to work and master 1 has a 99% chance rising as u upgrade? also it said charm spells in plural so perhaps the other psuedo charms out there like that bard one....has a lower chance to work than ours?</DIV>

06-07-2005, 03:51 PM
<P>Wouldn't it be funny if when fixing the stated charm % in our spell description SoE at the same time reduced the ability for charm to stick to match those %s they are about to put in?  Oh you're right, why would SoE nerf the "best" class in the game.</P> <P>Nyco Tine-50 Coercer, Permafrost. Retired</P>