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05-26-2005, 04:02 PM
<DIV>Well, it seems we still get no lovin in 9b either :  Can I buy a 10 11 12 or 13?  Please SoE I'll send you money to fix us!! </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>...Account expires in a few more days. </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> <P>*** Headlines ***<BR><BR>- The quest to rescue the frogloks has begun!<BR>- Test your skills against friends and foes by challenging them to a duel!<BR>- Explore a new instanced adventure area in the Feerrott!<BR><BR><BR>*** The Return of the Frogloks ***<BR><BR>- New information has surfaced that indicates the noble frogloks are being held captive in the Feerrott!<BR>- Frogloks in West Freeport and Castleview Hamlet can direct adventurers on the quest to help release this honorable race from the bonds of tyranny.<BR>- Complete the quest for yourself and create your own froglok character! This quest is well-suited for solo players around level 20 and higher.<BR>- Defeat the powerful evil force binding the froglok spirit and you'll make frogloks available for everyone on your server! This epic battle will require a full raid force of powerful adventurers.<BR><BR><BR>*** Dueling ***<BR><BR>- Now you can challenge enemies or allies to a duel! <BR>- Targeting another player and typing /duel sends them an invitation to battle.<BR>- You can fight in any location, whether it be in a city, inside a house, outdoors, or in the deepest dungeon.<BR>- To give up before the death blow is landed, type /duel_surrender to end the duel.<BR>- If two players are battling and one zones, camps, or goes linkdead, that player surrenders the duel.<BR>- The outcome of the duel is broadcast to everyone in the zone, whether it be death or surrender.<BR>- Be warned: Dying in a duel results in the same penalties as death to an NPC. You will drop a shard, incur XP debt, and take damage to your equipment. Nobody said duels were without risk.<BR>- You can neither offer nor accept a duel if:<BR>- You are in the same group as the potential opponent.<BR>- Either of you is considering another duel challenge.<BR>- Either of you is currently dueling someone else.<BR>- Either of you is locked to an encounter.<BR>- Either of you is on the hate list of an NPC.<BR>- Either of you is currently dead.<BR>- Either of you is on the other's ignore list.<BR>- Either of you is on a griffin.<BR>- Dueling tests not only the abilities of your class, but how well you play it. Let the battle begin!<BR><BR><BR>*** The Feerrott - The Cleansing of the Cove ***<BR><BR>- It appears lizardmen are searching near the Trembling Lagoon for lost treasure. The scaled ones have disturbed the bones of those sleeping for ages, and new, darker dangers now lurk in the lagoon!<BR>- Seek out Tarin Varinblade or Mashara Tiogran in the Feerrott to learn how you can help! <BR>- The Cleansing of the Cove is best suited for soloers and small groups in their upper 30s.<BR>- When your quest is complete, you can go back inside the Cleansing of the Cove and experience the adventure whenever you like!<BR><BR><BR>*** Zones and Population ***<BR><BR>- Lord Androus will now appear every 10 minutes in Stormhold, and his loot has been adjusted accordingly.<BR>- Guard Captain Hess will now appear every 20-30 minutes in Stormhold, and his loot has been adjusted accordingly.<BR>- "Ice shivers" have been renamed "icy shivers" to allow completion of the solo writ calling for their extermination.<BR>- Gnomish tinkerers have fixed the Clock of Ak'Anon, which had been prone to odd behavior.<BR><BR><BR>*** Quests ***<BR><BR>- Sir Tatters will now offer his final quest if the player is on the eighth stage of the Last Straw quest or has completed it. <BR>- Athwyn Shaedon has moved a bit further up on the shore, and should be talking to those who speak Ayr'Dal.<BR>- All mention of collecting "beatles" should now specify "beetles" instead. Those still interested in obtaining beatles should check for record collector shows in their area.<BR>- Jailers in Varsoon should now always drop keys needed for the quest "The Cove of Decay - Prison Break."<BR>- "History of the Trials," given by Bruhn K'Viir in Nektulos Forest, can again be completed.<BR><BR><BR>*** Items ***<BR><BR>- The Feyiron crossbow bolt icon has been fixed. <BR>- Frostfin Hide Leggings, Northforged Vanguard Greaves, Thick Brigandine Leggings, and Thick Embroidered Pantaloons can now be equipped in the legs slot. <BR>- Thestats on the Acquisitor Vest, Signet, Breeches, Gloves, Helm, Hoop, and Tags have been improved, and the growth levels are now more appropriate.<BR><BR><BR>*** Spells and Combat Arts ***<BR><BR>Brawler changes: <BR>- Indomitable Will now provides greater benefits when upgraded.<BR><BR>Crusader changes: <BR>- Knight's Stanceno longer gives a skill boost to Tower Shield since it isn't a knowledge Paladins possess.<BR>- Offering of Armament no longer allows the Crusader to cancel the negative effects while the target retains the positive effects. The spell description has been clarified.<BR><BR>Inquisitor changes: <BR>- Forced Submission, Forced Acquiescence, and Forced Compliance will provide greater benefits when upgraded.<BR><BR>Paladin changes: <BR>- Aegis of Hope no longer gives a skill boost to Tower Shield since it isn't a knowledge Paladins possess.<BR><BR>Scout changes:<BR>- Upgraded versions of Sneak should allow the use of other abilities that require the Scout to be in stealth mode.<BR><BR>Templar changes:<BR>- Reproach debuffs additional magic/mental/divine resistance as the spell is upgraded.<BR><BR>Warden changes: <BR>- Primal Instinct and Primeval Instinct will provide greater benefits when upgraded.<BR><BR>Warlock changes: <BR>- Paralyzing Fear should indicate its effects more clearly. The secondary effect and the fear component no longer use the same icon.<BR><BR>Wizard changes: <BR>- Ring of Cold should now correctly snare the target.<BR><BR><BR>*** Tradeskills ***<BR><BR>- The recipe for Arcane Concerto (Adept III) will now properly return adept versions of the spell at all quality levels.<BR>- The Carpenter reaction art Muse has changed from +20 durability -20 power to +20 durability -6% success.<BR>- Crafted lamps and chandeliers should now emit light.<BR>- Wall Chair is now called Wall Chain.<BR>- Merchant Juvena and Merchant Elbow now sell fuel.<BR>- Carpenter Essentials recipe books now contain recipes to create racial furniture that used to be available at NPC merchants:<BR>- Faydark Wooden Stool (Craftsman Essentials 13)<BR>- Large Bench (Craftsman Essentials 14) <BR>- Medium Bench (Craftsman Essentials 15)<BR>- Small Weathered Keg (Craftsman Essentials 16) <BR>- Baubbleshire Table (Carpenter Essentials 20)<BR>- Halasian Boiling Pot (Carpenter Essentials 20)<BR>- Antonican Ornate End Table (Carpenter Essentials 22)<BR>- Short Militia Shelf (Carpenter Essentials 23)<BR>- Broken Large Bench (Carpenter Essentials 24)<BR>- Ornate End Table (Carpenter Essentials 34)<BR>- Ornate Bedside Table (Carpenter Essentials 35)<BR>- Skull Post (Carpenter Essentials 36)<BR>- Wooden End Table (Carpenter Essentials 37)<BR>- Long Ornate Shelf (Carpenter Essentials 3<img src="/smilies/b2eb59423fbf5fa39342041237025880.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /><BR><BR><BR>*** Controls, Commands, and User Interface ***<BR><BR>- The Finish button should again work properly in character creation.<BR>- The Balanced profile now enables interactive water and splash particles by default. <BR><BR><BR>*** Art ***<BR><BR>- When dryads freeze in their death pose, they now turn to solid wood.<BR><BR><BR>*** UI Files Updated ***<BR><BR>eq2ui_ButtonStyles.xml<BR>eq2ui_inventory.xml</P> <P> </P></DIV>

Orki who Pos
05-26-2005, 05:18 PM
<P>The expansion is in september, so dont expect the big combat rewamp update till august atleast.</P> <P> </P> <P>It's a big marketing scoop to be able to say:</P> <P><FONT size=4> "Buy the expansion, and experience the all new combat system with brand new spells"</FONT></P> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>On the bright side.. it's not THAT far into the future... could be worse...</DIV>

05-26-2005, 06:13 PM
<P>all these class changes are very minor where as the Coercer/Illusionist need LOTS of major work all acrossed their entire ability list really.</P> <P>I'm glad they are not slowly feeding us tid bits....I'd rather play a bad or good class at any time than a mediocre one for months.</P> <P>Thats just me tho, I know lots dissagree, all I can say to those folks is keep waiting, I'm sure its on its way.</P>

05-27-2005, 07:52 PM
<BR> <BLOCKQUOTE> <HR> Krelfearius wrote:<BR> <P>all these class changes are very minor where as the Coercer/Illusionist need LOTS of major work all acrossed their entire ability list really.</P> <P>I'm glad they are not slowly feeding us tid bits....I'd rather play a bad or good class at any time than a mediocre one for months.</P> <P>Thats just me tho, I know lots dissagree, all I can say to those folks is keep waiting, I'm sure its on its way.</P> <BR> <HR> </BLOCKQUOTE> <P><BR>Krelf, you are in luck my friend......you ARE playing a bad class.</P> <P>Can I have some of whatever it is you smoking?   must be some good sheit.</P>

05-28-2005, 08:56 AM
<P>its called "reality" goes for about $stop.complaining PER ONCE on the street.....</P> <P>I dunno how many times I gotta say it, but Tan has even admitted its a lost fight, he said give up, he was practically the leader of the Coercers need fix cause IMO....and like he said, he and...forget other guys name, Orki I think, have been talkin about the poor dps and other crappy aspects since...I dunno when....months....and Coercer is still the least made/played class.</P> <P>This alone should help get it through everyones disatisfied heads, even tho I don't like some of the things about Coercer, and plenty others have problems with it too, complaints here change nothing, SOE makes the rules and changes them as they please.</P> <P>You have ZERO power in this situation. NONE. 0000000.00000 <----Exactly that much!</P> <P>Sony will change the class when they change it, until then complaining will get you nowhere, if your so fed up,  re-roll a 1337 warlock and AOE entire groups of mobs higher level than yourself with little to no assisstance.....congrats, enjoy.</P> <P>I am gonna wait and continue to play Coercer, the only difference between myself and you guys, is I will remain cool headed till changes come and you will rant and rave and bicker and whine and complain until they come, then when they get here all you will say is "its about time."</P> <P>You don't gotta be "smoking" something to realize the truthe, its that simple. Sorry to be completely blunt and honest, but I'm tired atm and in no mood to hear why my attitude on the current state of the class is so abstract compared to complaining about it.</P> <P>I applaud the OP for displaying the patch changes, but we all prolly saw this when we logged in....and most Coercers were probably looking for changes, so I doubt this was really news to any of us when we read it.</P> <P>I'm too tired to go on, bottom line is u have no choice here, keep waiting, nuff said.</P>

05-31-2005, 11:34 PM
<DIV><FONT size=1>fool that you are.............</FONT></DIV>

06-02-2005, 12:22 AM
<P>Well I hate to say it, but I gave up too, after months.  Still log in to feed and pet baby dragon, and still check out the updates.  Seeing lots of stuff for other classes, but none for us.</P> <P>So (and I know i'm gonna get hate mail)  I'm playing WoW.  Such a relief.</P>

06-02-2005, 01:24 AM
nah mackety, no hate mail, atleast ur not gonna sit here and plague the forums with whining and complaining...I applaud u for having the gusto to just take up another game and wait like someone with a pair.