View Full Version : Dreadfull Awe+ Beguile + Return to Nek Castle = !

03-22-2005, 09:20 PM
<DIV>All right SOE simce linked succefully 2 events - partial fix for AE mez and introduction new high lvl single group instance that share same space slot with Nek Castle</DIV> <DIV>Zone heavy populated by groups that consist 2-3 double up + 1-2 single up. Aka idealy fit for coercer. Each encounter have at least 1 single arrow up (ideal pet) - not a single time I have seen any encounter broken into no-loot mode. With decent DPS group AE mez last long enouth to take out at least 1 mob from encounter. With 1 second cast timer Dreadfull Awe becoming primary CC tool for handly pack encounters that consist from 2-3 double ups + 1-2 single up mobs. So far the only one zone perfectly suit for this spell but once again I can see some use of this tactic for encounters like Meeting of Mind raiding instance or even Heroic Angler. 2 coercer on the raid with good timing and good coordination can perma lock swarm Dreadfull Awe (capped by lvl 57 mob) + Psychic Wail  give you 18+6 second of mob control. Toss here fact that PW dont brake mez and even coordination now simple </DIV>