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02-19-2005, 12:31 AM
<DIV>So i'm interested to see which spells are worth upgrading to Adept 3 and Master 1.  If anyone has higher versions of these spells please post the stats so we can see which are worth the cost:</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> <P><U>Agonizing Silence: Adept 1</U></P> <P>Decrease power of target by 35 - 42</P> <P>Decrease power of target by 27 - 34 every 5.3 seconds</P> <P>Stifle target</P> <P><U>Clarity: Apprentice 2</U></P> <P>Increase max power of target by 218</P> <P>Increase power of target by 38 every 6 seconds</P> <P><U>Despair: Adept 1</U></P> <P>Decreases Attack Speed of target by 10%</P> <P>Decreases AC vs Mental and Divine by 1150 - 1568</P> <P>Inflicts 79 - 96 damage on target</P> <P>Decreases health of target by 62 - 76 every 4.8 seconds</P> <P>Decreases AC vs Magic by 1150 - 1568</P> <P><U>Devouring Thoughts: Apprentice 2</U></P> <P>Decrease power of target by 32</P> <P>Decrease power of target by 44 every 4.8 seconds</P> <P>Increase power of target encounter by 44</P> <P>Increase power of target encounter by 41 every 4.8 seconds</P> <P><U>Eerie Focus: Adept 1</U></P> <P>Decrease power of target by 21 - 26</P> <P>Decrease power of target by 15 - 19 every 4.6 seconds</P> <P>Stuns target</P> <P><U>Fatal Hesitation: Adept 1</U></P> <P>Decrease DPS of target by 10%</P> <P>Roots target</P> <P><U>Gloom: Adept 1</U></P> <P>Decreases AC vs Magic, Mental, and Divine by 125 - 317</P> <P>Decreases health of target by 28 - 34 every 4.8 seconds</P> <P><U>Haruspex: Apprentice 4</U></P> <P>Inflict 182 - 222 damage on target encounter</P> <P><U>Instigation: Adept 1</U></P> <P>Wards group members against 40 points of damage</P> <P>Increases Max Power of group members by 229</P> <P>Increases AC of group members vs Magic, Mental and Divine by 805 - 1017</P> <P><U>Mind's Eye: Apprentice 2</U></P> <P>Increase power of group members by 35</P> <P>Increase power of group members by 33 every 4.5 seconds</P> <P><U>Ravaged Psyche: Adept 1</U></P> <P>Decreases AC of target vs all magical damage by 1172 - 1542</P> <P><U>Seizure: Adept 1</U></P> <P>Inflicts 189 - 231 damage on target</P> <P>Interrupts target</P> <P>Casts Muddled Thinking on termination - decrease power of target by 39 - 48</P> <P><U>Signet of Realization: Adept 1</U></P> <P>Increase AGI of group members by 23</P> <P>Increase INT of group members by 46</P> <P>Increase AC vs mental by 590 - 828</P> <P>When group members struck has a 10% change to</P> <P>-Decrease power of attacker by 79 - 97</P> <P>-Increase power of caster by 69 - 84</P> <P><U>Torment: Adept 1</U></P> <P>Inflicts 97 damage on target</P> <P>Decrease health of target by 77 every 4 seconds</P> <P>Decrease power of target by 13</P> <P>Decrease power of target by 8 every 4 seconds</P> <P>Increase power of caster by 9</P> <P>Increase power of caster by 7 every 4 seconds</P> <P><U>Tyrannical Mind: Adept 1</U></P> <P>Inflicts 471 - 576 damage on target</P> <P>Summons 1 thoughstone</P> <P>Sorry for the double spacing, dumb forum lost it first time and i'm not typing it a third time.</P> <P> </P><FONT size=2> <P> </P></FONT></DIV>

02-19-2005, 02:28 AM
<DIV>I only have the one Master 1, but it's finally turned blue at level 38, so these are its final stats.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Despotic Mind - Master 1</DIV> <DIV>Deals 491-610 damage</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>From the amount that Despotic Mind boosted my damage, I'd guess that a Master 1 Tyrannical Mind would likely end up doing around 750-800 damage when you're level 50.  That's just a guess, though.</DIV>

02-19-2005, 02:43 AM
<DIV>I'll post exact numbers once I check my book but here from my memory</DIV> <DIV>For lvl 48 coercer</DIV> <DIV>Tyrranical Mind Adept 3 505-618 damage</DIV> <DIV>Muddled Thinking Master 1 210-234 damage</DIV> <DIV>Toment Adept 3 upon impact 104 damage</DIV> <DIV>Despair Adept 3 upon impact 96-103 damage</DIV> <DIV>Gloom Adept 3 upon impact 40-50 damage</DIV> <DIV>Haruspex Adept 1 195-233 AE DD</DIV> <DIV>Discomforting Gaze Adept 1 90-128 AE DD (lol?)</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Clarity Adept 1 +242 to power pool +40 power per tic</DIV><p>Message Edited by Tanatus on <span class=date_text>02-18-2005</span> <span class=time_text>04:45 PM</span>

02-20-2005, 03:53 AM
<DIV>As promissed here is a list what I have for lvl 48.6 Coercer (for all derivative calculation been used average value (max-min)/2 )</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Tyrranical Mind Adept 3</DIV> <DIV>Power cost 144 cast 2s recovery 0.5s recast 9.0s base damage 505-618 (<STRONG>4 DPM </STRONG>efficiency/ <STRONG>51</STRONG>DPS if chain casted) yellow con</DIV> <DIV>Despotic Mind Adept 3 </DIV> <DIV>Power cost 111 cast 2s recovery 0.5s recast 2.0s base damage 400-489 (<STRONG>4DPM</STRONG> efficiency/ 40DPS if chain casted) </DIV> <DIV>Seizure Adept 1</DIV> <DIV>Power cost 98 cast 2s recovery 0.5s recast 2.0s base damage 185-226 (2.1DPM efficiency/ <STRONG>51</STRONG>DPS if chain casted) yellow con</DIV> <DIV>Muddled Thinking Master 1</DIV> <DIV>Power cost 76 cast 2s recast 2.0s base damage 190-233 (2.8DPM efficiency/ 52DPS if chain casted)</DIV> <DIV>Ego Blast Adep 1</DIV> <DIV>Power cost 177 cast 3s recast 12.0s base damage 248-303 (1.6DPM efficiency/ 18DPS if chain casted)</DIV> <DIV>Despair Adept 3</DIV> <DIV>Power cost <STRONG>109</STRONG> cast 2.0s recast 10s duration 24s damage upon impact 84-103 afterwards 62-76 every <STRONG>4.8s </STRONG>slow target 10% lower resist vs Arcane <STRONG>and</STRONG> Magic by 1150-1568 so <STRONG><EM>total damage of spell </EM></STRONG>394-483 (<STRONG>4DPM</STRONG> efficiency/ 18DPS)</DIV> <DIV>Torment Adept 3</DIV> <DIV>Power cost 99 cast 4.0s recast 7s duration 24s damage upon impact 104 afterwards 77 every 4s drain laughtable amount grant to coercer 10 power upon impact and 7 power every 4 second afterwards so<STRONG><EM> total spell damage </EM></STRONG>566 (<STRONG>5.6DPM</STRONG>/ 22DPS)</DIV> <DIV>Belkor Mind Gorge Adept 2</DIV> <DIV>Power cost 196 cast 2.0s recast 45s duration 24second 51-63 damage upon impact and drain 38 power, afterwards 40-49 every <STRONG>4.8s </STRONG>and drain 45 power while casters gain upon impact 52 and 43 afterwards total spell damage <STRONG>251-308 </STRONG>phisical and <STRONG>293</STRONG> damage to power pool of mob, total power gain for party 267 (over 45s). So total power <STRONG>gain </STRONG>for coercer 73</DIV> <DIV>Haruspex Adept 1</DIV> <DIV>Power cost 91 <STRONG>10.0</STRONG> feet radius 45s recast deal 190-233 per target (<STRONG><EM>2.5DPM per target</EM></STRONG>)</DIV> <DIV>Discomforting gaze Adept 1</DIV> <DIV>Power cost 172 <STRONG>7.0</STRONG> feet radius 12s recast deal 104-128 per target (<STRONG><EM>0.66DPM</EM></STRONG> per target)</DIV> <DIV>Ravage Psyche Adept 1</DIV> <DIV>Broadband lower resist 1151-1515</DIV> <DIV>Devouring Toughts Master 1</DIV> <DIV>Power cost 206 24s duration 45s recast drain 51 power upon impact and 48 every 4.8 second afterwards - grant 68 power upon impact and 45 power every 4.8s after ward - total power gain for party (45s) is 293, total power gain coercer 87, total damage to monster power pool <STRONG>291</STRONG></DIV> <DIV>P.S. I will supply none combat and lower lvl spells some other times</DIV> <DIV>P.S.S. Here is some <STRONG><EM><U>unexpected</U></EM></STRONG> conclusions</DIV> <DIV>By far margine our most efficent spell Torment (with power return its clocks over 6DPM)</DIV> <DIV>Our Dots arent more mana efficient compare to Nukes (BIG supprise) but far less DPS</DIV> <DIV>Combination of Despair and Ravage Psyche lower Arcane and Magic resistance for 2200-3000 combined (!!!)</DIV> <DIV>Our class training trait Belkor Mind Gorge (adept 2) Rival or Better then <STRONG>Master 1</STRONG>! Devouring toughts at lvl 48 of caster</DIV> <DIV>DPS of our lower damage nukes same like DPS our heavy nuke</DIV> <DIV>Our best possible theoretical DPS w/o HO (all dots stacked and we are chain nuking) do not exceed mark 140-150 in reality unless we have chance use Haruspex as soon as it pop most realitic number would be around 90-110 (as it stand now at least 3 time lower then warlocks/wizards)</DIV> <DIV>Strategically best maintain all the time only Despair and Ravage Psy and do chain nuking in rest of the time in pathern like Ravage Psy (duration 1min 12s) - Despair - Tyr Mind - Seizure X2 - Tyr Mind - Seizure X2 - Despair and of course heavy relay on HO. Arcane Fury as it stands now add 300-450DD per circle and Arcane Storm around 200-280 per target</DIV>