View Full Version : Geography of Adepts droping - lvls, missing areas?

12-22-2004, 09:55 PM
<DIV>Oki intially everything was very simple</DIV> <DIV>10-19 adepts were droping in Commons, FG, Antonica, BB - practically I have seen every single spell Adept yes was variations some books where droping in Antonica only (like daunting gaze, stupefy, binding light ect) some in Commons only (gloom, cerberal spasm ect)</DIV> <DIV>20-30 adepts .... now picture become more complecated .... a lot.</DIV> <DIV>low 20 mostly droped in TS</DIV> <DIV>few upper 20s droped only in Nektulos (Melancholy drop in Nek like a durt)</DIV> <DIV>most upper 20s and lvl 30 drops in RoV</DIV> <DIV>Now where the hell drops lvl 21-26 spells? I never seen any adept of those? I never seen Recklessness adept, Simple Minds Adept or Muddled Thinking Adept please dont tell me books arent in game - they are. Books are not random drop - each kinda linked to certain area. Yes some book are common some are rare but lvl 21-26 books simply absent all of em. Which lead me to idea that we all missing some conceptual area. My guess whould be we missing knowledge about some area where lvl 23-28 mob spawn. Or books somethat misplaced - look lvl 23-28 mobs in Nektulos drop lvl 28+ books lvl 23-28 in TS drop pretty much same (gaints in TS simply overfarmed and most mobs in Nek are killed because of AQ so books not here)</DIV> <DIV>Low 31 up to lvl 35 - very simple - those books drop like a durt in upper Runeye/EL - I seen every single of em droped from Anguish up to Exhoration</DIV> <DIV>Low 40s to mid 40 (starting from ~lvl 43) - Those again apperently drop like a durt in Rivervale - havent seen all but got Seizure and Agonizing Silence here - rest I guess just question of time and degree of farming RV</DIV> <DIV>Now ... where the hell books for lvls 36 up to 42?. I havent seen SINGLE book from this area for sell ever. I have to admit I havent done much lower part of Runeye and dont have access to Runeye 2 and since I am heavily doing RE for a quests may be I have a chance. But most ppl I have seen chicken up do deep RE - once folks hit lvl 35 - they go RV and farm rats .... borring as hell</DIV> <DIV>Guys anyone have any idea where our missing adepts hidden?</DIV> <DIV>I havent done Nekropolos (26-31 area as I heared) but have key to it, I havent done Claudron (raiding zone I am about half way), I havent done Lower Depth of Fallen Gate (have key - probably mid 20s area?), I dont done much of Zeks</DIV>