View Full Version : Spell resistance and landing cap

12-16-2004, 09:55 PM
<DIV>Oki folks I'd like to share my impression on this...</DIV> <DIV>Currently I am playing lvl 31 coercer with most spells at adept 1 lvl (aka mainstream if you will)</DIV> <DIV>From what I have seen</DIV> <DIV>Mesmerization adept 1 up to +5 lvl spells lands easy and relaible, +6-7 lvl stick more often then not but resist a lot and sometime ware off before duration expire, +8 - take around 5-7 casts before it lands brakes on its own fast</DIV> <DIV>Melancholy adept 1 - well spells have to much resistance itself I'd say relaible lands only on yellow cons (+3 lvl), +3-5 lvls visible lvl of resistance (2:1 land:resist), +5-7 - very high resistance (1:4 land:resist), +8 lvl ... dont lands</DIV> <DIV>Gloom adept 1 well good spell up to +6 lvls practically lands 5:1 land:resist +6-8lvl its more like 1:1 land:resist</DIV> <DIV>Anguish adept 1 - near lure spell up to +8 lvls land to resist ratio 5:1 and better</DIV> <DIV>Stupefy adept 1 - almost lure </DIV> <DIV>Unnerving stare adept 1 up to +7 lvl almost lure +8 lvls 1:1 land:resist</DIV> <DIV>Withering silence Apprentice 2 up to +8 lvl practically lure spell</DIV> <DIV> </DIV>