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06-15-2005, 12:07 PM
<DIV>Frizznik (der für Tradeskills verantwortliche Designer) hat einen Beitrag verfasst, in dem er eine Liste von Sachen aufzählt, welche er ändern will. Ich fand das Ganze sehr ansprechend (auch wenn es ein paar Sachen drin hat, die nicht ganz ausgereift sind). Hier sein Beitrag:</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <BLOCKQUOTE dir=ltr> <DIV> <HR> </DIV> <DIV>Frizznik wrote:</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV> <DIV>Here is what I got from the Vegas Fan Faire, the questions asked in quotes.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <UL> <LI>"We want to be able to utilize furniture, I want to be able to sit on a chair or lay in a bed." <UL> <LI>Yeah, me too.  This is a pretty big deal and involved a lot of art and coder time though.  I passed it along for review.</LI></UL></LI> <LI>"What are society levels for?" <UL> <LI>Not a whole lot right now.  This is a major blip on my radar that I want to get something in for.</LI></UL></LI> <LI>"Weaponsmiths want to be able to make something that can compare with dropped weapons, can you add imbues to boss dropped components like Rubicite?" <UL> <LI>I will discuss this with the items team and make sure that no imbalances are reached, but this seems reasonable to me.</LI></UL></LI> <LI>"Add designators to duplicate recipes, it is annoying to mouse over to figure out which recipe uses each skill." <UL> <LI>I changed this today.  All secondary tradeskills (Apothecary, Weaving, Timbercraft, and Geomancy) will now carry a designator in the recipe name, such as: "Neolith Temper: Apothecary".  This should make it much more visually easy to deal with.</LI></UL></LI> <LI>"Please look at culinary and fix recipes that require a component that can only be made at a higher level than your current level." <UL> <LI>Sorry about this, I want to get this fixed as soon as possible.  Does anyone have a list of the current items like this so I can fix it quickly?</LI></UL></LI> <LI>"Add tinting." <UL> <LI>This is another major system that would require code.  I like tinting a lot, hopefully it can be added as a feature in the future that incorporates tradeskills (and limits the colors you can use... not pinks and neon greens).</LI></UL></LI> <LI>"Change WORTs to be the same product, quality doesn't really matter... only the amount produced." <UL> <LI>Agreed, I changed this today.  You will now only produce pristine versions of WORTs.  Quality level will determine how many you get.  This should clean up a lot of inventory confusion.</LI></UL></LI> <LI>"Forge keeps killing me, help." <UL> <LI>I looked at the data today for failed events, and some of the health hits were too unforgiving.  I have halved them across the board.  You should no longer die in two unlucky hits at a forge.</LI></UL></LI> <LI>"Where are acorns, for my golden acorn recipe?" <UL> <LI>These didn't appear to be harvestable, so I added them to the level 10 harvest tables since this is a level 9 recipe.  They are a little uncommon, but they produce multiple quantities at different quality levels.</LI></UL></LI> <LI>"Are stats used in harvesting, my guy has low INT and never harvests anything." <UL> <LI>Not that I am aware of.  It should only look at your skill.  I am sending a request to code to check into this.</LI></UL></LI> <LI>"What are harvesting tools on vendors for?" <UL> <LI>Initially these were supposed to be required for harvesting but missed live release by one patch.  Instead I went back today and put mods on them.  They will now increase the appropriate skill by a small amount if equipped.  How much will be displayed on the item.</LI></UL></LI> <LI>"Thylakoid wash gave me a pelt when I got my innovation event, shouldn't it give me the same rare that alchemy would?" <UL> <LI>Yes it should, the rare that you get from Favor of Innovation is based on the recipe you are using, not your class.  I checked the data and I can see no indication that a pelt would be given, has anyone else had this problem?</LI></UL></LI> <LI>"Yew Bow is not so hot, can you review it and make sure it is in line with it's rareness?" <UL> <LI>I think this is a product of not being able to imbue it.  I will check with the item guys to make sure that the stats, and the ability to imbue this item is acceptable.</LI></UL></LI> <LI>"Do harvest nodes share a table, I can clear all the rocks in an area and then there will be only bushes as far as the eye can see?" <UL> <LI>I didn't set them up initially, but if this is how they are set up I will get them changed.  You should never be "locked" out of harvesting due to your node not spawning.  Additionally it was mentioned that nodes should appear in places that make sense.  Rocks near mountains, trees near forests.  I agree with this also... I will move to get this changed soon if possible.</LI></UL></LI> <LI>"Can I buy a merchant that sells fuel, I have pristine tradeskill devices, but they are worthless cause I have to leave my house to go buy fuel." <UL> <LI>Seems like a good idea to me.  I will see about getting Gnomish Fuel Vending Machines added.</LI></UL></LI></UL> <P>Those were the questions that I could scribble down.  I also announced what I have been working on lately.  It is a series of quests that will allow you to progress as a tradeskiller.  The first level quests will be tied to reading Dreak's Note.  It will offer a longer tutorial on how to find a tradeskill society, how to join it, and how to get into tradeskilling.  It will show you the difference between the different classes and help you make a more informed decision about which profession you wish to take.</P> <P>If you have seen the tradeskill island in Everfrost, this is a preview of things to come.  I wanted to move tradeskillers out of the damp dark tradeskill dungeon and out into the world for some excitement.  The giver of these quests and merchants will be available here.  There will be tradeskill areas set up in Nektulos, Steppes, Enchanted Lands, and Everfrost.  I tried to get to the places that they will be with a level 3 adventurer and didn't have so much trouble as long as I was careful, so adventure level shouldn't be an issue, especially if you can get friends to help you out. </P> <P>The quests after the extended tutorial will first teach you how to do batch refines.  This means if you have 20 Metal Clusters, 20 Tempers, and 20 Fuels then you can produce 20 Metal Bars at once.</P> <P>The next set of quests will teach you how to create items more quickly, they will upgrade your recipes so that they only require half of the progress that was previously needed.</P> <P>The final set of quests will net you different pieces of tradeskill clothing that will give you an increase in technique that your profession uses. </P> <P>This is a lot of quests, and a lot of work but I am working as quickly as possible to get these additions in.  I will post more information on the above issues as they are resolved.</P> <P>(Any so-called pictures that surface of me at Fan Faire are fabrications.  Do not believe them, or send them to my boss.)</P> <HR> </DIV></BLOCKQUOTE> <P><A href="http://eqiiforums.station.sony.com/eq2/board/message?board.id=general_tradeskill&message.id=62990&view=by_date_ascending&page=1" target=_blank>Original link mit Diskussion </A></P>