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  1. Lore Feature: The Flight of the Mudskipper
  2. The Year?
  3. Obelisk of Blight hints at Kunark!?
  4. EQ Lore encyclopedia?
  5. Legends of Norrath Lore, and a bunch of little odd Philosophical questions from a Newbie.
  6. Troll Beauty?
  7. Rile,Mighty Leader of Crusaders of Greenmist.....
  8. Burynai in Mok Rent and words from skeletons...
  9. Bristlebane
  10. A Note Discovered...(A Vhalen Farewell)
  11. Varsoon?
  12. I need some basic Sarnak knowledge.
  13. Thank you so much Vhalen.
  14. Iksar Eggs
  15. Syllok
  16. Lore Channel
  17. Chirannis?
  18. Kurn's Tower
  19. Is there any kind of "God of The Wild" or "God of The Hunt" or something like that?
  20. Vhalen's final gift to us. The Shissar knew of thier fates....
  21. What's that creature?
  22. The Dreadnaught
  23. What became of the firepots of Neriak, Timorous Deep, etc?
  24. Where do the Drakken come into play?
  25. How do we compare to the adventurers of 500 years ago?
  26. The Erollisi day poem - connected to next expansion
  27. Rememberances - Prime
  28. About the Ratonga "Accent".
  30. Whats this Taelosia i hear about?
  31. The Chelsith Stone (yet again)
  32. Room with an answer.
  33. Befallen
  34. What Color is Jumjum?
  35. Are there any Summertime Norrathian Holidays
  36. New Dieties to Come?
  37. Questions on Tarinax
  38. Inconsistencies?
  39. If the Shadowmen seek Oblivion, why not just destroy themselves?
  40. Who is/was Ullkorruuk?
  41. Return of Rodcet Nife and the void invades as part of world event in update 45
  42. Where do these fall in the Lore?
  43. Ro System Model (Tower of the Moon)
  44. Is this new?
  45. High Elf Meets Dark Elf
  46. Race for Bruiser Lore
  47. The Thex's
  48. Is there any future for the Ornate Dagger?
  49. Lore updates from this week's Zam Dev Chat
  50. Seeress' Dialogue
  51. EQII Lore: The Worst Cook in Grobb - Part 1
  52. Drafling
  53. Opal on the Loose!
  54. The ghost of Vhalen
  55. Silly question about that special halfling plant...
  56. The Conversation with Mayong Mistmoore
  57. The Ancient Astronaut Theory of the Akhevans **Editting/Adding Still**
  58. EQII Lore: The Worst Cook in Grobb - Part 2
  59. Tomes of Vhalen and Interview with Antonia
  60. Shadowmen, rouge faction?
  61. Question...
  62. Chelsith/moon connection?
  63. Vah'Shir Book Collection Thingy from Forsaken City
  64. Why in the Gods' green Norrath would the next expansion be based upon the void?
  65. A Web of Connections: EQ2
  66. Mega Iksar?
  67. Expansion Pack #5
  68. What ever happened to Firiona Vie?
  69. Prime Coincidence?
  70. Quest I put together awhile back :) (Pre-Kunark)
  71. disregard
  72. Which devs....
  73. EQII Lore: A Storm of Sorrow – Part 1
  74. Legends of Norrath and the void
  75. Rodcet Nife Visits Qeynos
  76. Grant me ye knolage
  77. Interesting Lore
  78. Personalities and Hobbies of the Leaders of Norrath
  79. New Keeper of Secrets dialogue?
  80. Testing your knowledge! History of...
  81. The NEW Steel Warriors in Windstalker Village
  82. Void Beast Pet
  83. The Seeress, the Temple of Solusek Ro, and the Shadowed Men (the Dialogue)
  84. Just a Random Question about the Ro System...
  85. The Rust Monster
  86. EQII Lore: A Storm of Sorrow – Part 2
  87. Anyone know Elizerain's Prophecy?
  88. Talking fire in the thieves guild?
  89. Byzola
  90. In Character photographs and videos?
  91. Norrathian English?
  92. Known Languages of Norrath
  93. Can someone explain this in the Rathe mountains???
  94. Possible Connection to Innothule Swamp in Obelisk
  95. The Ethernauts
  96. EQII Lore: Remembering Rodcet Nife
  97. Live Food?
  98. about Dartain for necro epic (darn im slow)
  99. Broken lore links
  100. Ankexfen Artifacts
  101. The boats in BBM/NEK etc
  102. Emperor Vekin's current residency
  103. Najena to be seen in SoO???
  104. Fallen Gate - Bouhla, Blythe, Bahzule, and Baelhyme?
  105. A question about Mayong
  106. The lore around VP
  107. Origin of the Kerra?
  108. The 8 Virtues of Marr
  109. Luclinite Mountain in kunark...anything?
  110. The Case of the Suspicious Sarnak Super Soldiers
  111. Three NPC's in Everfrost
  112. Conjuror Epic, Phrotis
  113. Koada'dal and Teir'dal ceremonies?
  114. Searching for some faction info, please
  115. could the new expansion lead us into the Realm of Discord ?
  116. Feir'Dal
  117. Need a little lore help...
  118. Another noobish question.
  119. OoLS Tombs
  120. I am not sure where this question belongs....
  121. EQII Lore: Asharae – Part I
  122. Black Orbs
  123. Nexona's gender
  124. Troubador Mythical -- The Story (questline text)
  125. Live events for lore like eq1 had???
  126. Order of Marr
  127. Offical information on "Fallen" teir'dal?
  128. Official Lifespan of Elves and Half-Elves?
  129. What exactly happened to Kelethin?
  130. VP Dragons
  131. Fan Faire Lore Panel Session
  132. some screenies that have me curios
  133. EQ2 Lore: Asharae - Part II
  134. Racial information?
  135. Chelsith Stone missing piece?
  136. Idol of Everling (again)
  137. RoV: Chamber of Immortality (PictureQuest?)
  138. The Grathok: A first look at the Void's newest monstrosity.
  139. Mystic Epic dialogue
  140. A comparison between lore and a real world novel
  141. A Possible Cause of The Rending
  142. when did the moon get fixed?
  143. Gate in the depths of Stormhold
  144. What's eating you Aaryonar? Huh... sounds like the Void...
  145. Daughter of the Void.
  146. High Hold Keep
  147. Race/Class which combo's make sense?
  148. Another symbol from the Chelsith stone...
  149. Overlord/Queen grant access to raid zones
  150. Dark elf question?
  151. An interesting mention of Odus.
  152. Freethinker Sphinx
  153. The Drolvarg???
  154. Wizard Spires
  155. Known Languages of Norrath (version 2)
  156. About the Ankexfen and the Goblins...?
  157. Gorwish Sarnak history/lore questions
  158. The Throm Race
  159. Divine Propoganda?
  160. The State of Undeath
  161. About the Ethernere and Ethernauts
  162. EQ2 Lore: Of New Friends and Troublesome Enemies - Part I
  163. Gnomish lore?
  164. Faydwer and the 2nd Rallosian War
  165. Lore Behind The Title
  166. Anashti Sul and Mayong Mistmore
  167. Has anyone thought of this yet?
  168. Return of Rodcet Nife and Anashti Sul...
  169. Prexus, why so elusive?
  170. Erollisi/Roekillik in CL
  171. What's the story behind Havras "Hack" Scutter and Urtt?
  172. Cazic Thule and the need to Reform?
  173. The Curse of Guk
  174. Tome of Destiny
  175. Court system?
  176. Of New Friends and Troublesome Enemies - Part II
  177. Stumbling into clues....
  178. Please Delete This Post
  179. new Light on the 9?
  180. More portals?
  181. Morden Rasp - deity?
  182. The Seeress' final prophecies...
  183. EQ2 Lore: Of New Friends and Troublesome Enemies - Part III!
  184. Arasai names first and last
  185. Did the Combine Empire Rise in Response to the Void Invasion?
  186. World Tree Sick?
  187. moppet lore
  188. Question on epic lore (Charm's way)
  189. veskar
  190. Athenaeum Update
  191. Possible Descendants of the Ethernaughts
  192. Cross-referencing prophecies?
  193. Complete list of Ethernaut Stories
  194. [Moved] the Queen MUST be made aware!
  195. Just some musings on racial taboos
  196. an intrigueing theory
  197. Dar Clan lore?? WHERE
  198. The Murderer of the Seeress (MASSIVE SPOILERS!)
  199. On the Plains of Karana - Part I
  200. Question on Lore "On the Plains of Karana Part 1"
  201. Avatar of Fright?
  202. Conflicting Stories
  203. Possable Guess on Roadyle's role
  204. On the Plains of Karana - Part II
  205. Corruption in the Peacock Club?
  206. Does Ethernaut Bayle = Vallius Bayle?
  207. Found in OoLS (IMG Heavy)
  208. Sizes of Drinal and Luclin
  209. Halas, will it be rebuilt?
  210. lore website link
  211. The eclipse of the red sun
  212. Sgt Slate and murder mystery?
  213. Jal'Raeth
  214. Saryrn's symbol?
  215. On the Plains of Karana - Part III
  216. Befallen is coming... so, what about Stormhold?
  217. Tserrina and Anashti Sul, possibly the same person?
  218. Amulet of Benediction
  219. More TSO, live event & Sinking Sands questions
  220. I wants to knows more about us Ratonga!
  221. The Godking and the Ethernauts
  222. LoN Re-Releasing Ethernaut Stories with Art
  223. A'Nstasi's Experimentation Chamber?
  224. On Gorowyn society
  225. Mistmoore: Mistmyr Manor Lore
  226. New Zone lore : Miragul's
  227. An Ethernaut Interview
  228. Help with a puzzle/riddle on my board. "A Bards Tale"
  229. A thought on Rivervale
  230. Just for Fun - Favorite Ethernaut
  231. Asharae info from LON
  232. Interesting New Official Lore from EQ1
  233. Cities
  234. Checking the lore
  235. Thexians
  236. By the Wings of Dragons - Part I
  237. Quick question about EQPlayers Lore
  238. Void attacking terens?!?!?
  239. Which globe do you think is accurate in EQ2? (Image Heavy)
  240. Norse Runes in EQ2
  241. Naming guides?
  242. Haunted Mansion (SPOILERS FOR THE NOTD EVENT!)
  243. By the Wings of Dragons - Part II
  244. Have Nightbloods and Shadowed Men been tossed to the scrapper?
  245. Cusashorn's One Day Exploration Report: The Moors of Ykesha
  246. Lore Creeping into The Athenaeum
  247. The Valorous Tragedy of the Frogloks of Guk.
  248. Pre-Evolved Erudites?
  249. eqoa...eq1...eq2
  250. EQ2 Lore: By the Wings of Dragons - Part III