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  1. The Sul'Dal
  2. [Moved] Lucan's Rise to Darkness.. the Truth is revealed
  3. Possible tie in to Gates of Discord with Rise of Kunark?
  4. Emperor Vekin
  5. Ewer of Sul'Dae what is it?
  6. EoF Lore/Storylines
  7. Name of a Sarnak
  8. shadow man and the void lore is there any?
  9. Innoruuk and Arasais
  10. Shadowed Men: Impact of particular hosts
  11. whats that?
  12. Why would Teir Dal collaborate with Combine Empire?
  13. OMG a beastmaster!!!
  14. Would Bristlebane be neutral or good?
  15. the Combine Empire part of my new bio - with links to sources
  16. The birth of the Arasai.
  17. Ill order the lore please with a side of adventure
  18. Traditional Sarnak classes?
  19. Can you tell us more?
  20. Maybe the Queen of Neriak was right
  21. Wuoshi
  22. Listing of Gods
  23. The Pantheon
  24. Queen's Colony
  25. EQ2 Racial Heights and Weights
  26. EQ2 Time to Real World Time and Back
  27. Arasai Lore (Help?)
  28. Keeper of Secrets NPC in Nek forest references 'the nine'...info plz?
  29. Experiencing Lore for a New Player
  30. Deitys of Norrath
  31. Aros`Thalinor
  32. Something up with Luclin?
  33. Just a thought...
  34. A Tour of Norrath, Vol II: Faydwer and Odus
  35. About the Isle of Refuge
  36. The Otyugh
  37. Silent Fist Leadership
  38. Kerra... the tribes
  39. Ratonga : We need more Info!
  40. Board Lore Quests
  41. The Heralds of the Nine Have Arisen. So Now What?
  42. Music from the Shard of Fear is here...do we have any lore for it yet?
  43. Racial Cities
  44. Trying to clarify some lore before i go insane >.>
  45. City of Mist
  46. Mind of a Diety
  47. Thoughts about the Behemoth (potential partial spoiler)
  48. Iksar Deserters
  49. Everfrost and Lavastorm Lands of the Elements
  50. Playing through the whole Norrath Timeline
  51. Request for a Swords of Destiny raid text/transcription
  52. Nights of the Dead Lore
  53. Solusek's Eye
  54. Mayong Mistmoore
  55. Before the Isle of refuge huh???
  56. Frogloks of Kunark?
  57. Venril Sathir and Mayong Mistmoore
  58. The First Rallosian War and the Curse of the Rathe
  59. Thexians and Teir'Dal - confused
  60. Easier to find info about Lore etc.
  61. Mayong Mistmoore - My gathered lore tidbits
  62. Tomes Of The Land
  63. Which race has the most fanatical followers and why ?
  64. Shards of Godplanes - What Happened?
  65. Request - Dark Elf creation story
  66. So... what happened to Antonia and Lucan?
  67. What of Miragul?
  68. Quick recap, please
  69. Worship of both the Marr twins
  70. The Rending affected not only Norrath, but the Planes themselves.
  71. The Monks in Elddar Grove
  72. I question the wisdom of us entering the godly planes once more. (( RP ))
  73. Yelinak?...... King Thormak? Where or where have those two gone?
  74. What deity does my Ratonga worship?
  75. Dominus? What happened to "Emperor"?
  76. Dervish Family Names
  77. Sarnak Surnames
  78. Rise of Kunark Lore?
  79. There is allot of Lore in this game, however
  80. Tymm of the Brotherhood?
  81. Bertoxxulus
  82. Lore of the Djinn and Djinn Magic
  83. Knights of Truth/Order of Marr
  84. Sebilis
  85. Rylana...
  86. Shadowman storyline with RoK
  87. Karana's return and the Knights of Thunder
  88. the shissar?
  89. Cusashorn's Guide to Kunark: The Frogloks are back!
  90. I am so behind and need some help!
  91. Question about dieties (Arasai particularly)
  92. A Tour of Norrath, Vol III: Kunark
  93. What's going on with Venril Sathir?
  94. A Compilation of Fae & Arasai Lore [Warning: Long Read]
  95. Does this make sense?
  96. The Ring
  97. Temples in Skyfire Mountains
  98. Mistmoore's hand in Kunark?
  99. Combine Empire in Kunark??
  100. Frogloks of Kunark
  101. Lore for Race/Class
  102. logical historically that an Iksar 'starts' in Gorowin?
  103. EQ2-Lore.com is here!
  104. Jaled Dar's Aura.
  105. Myrist
  106. Sarnak Deity
  107. EQOA and todays lore
  108. So, Askr the Lost has been a busy boy
  109. Overheard from listening crystals...
  110. Chelsith
  111. Dragons in Kunark
  112. Sarnak or Di'Zok?
  113. Lack of technology?
  114. Lamenting the Loss of Prexxus and Kedge?
  115. Shadowed Men Storyline in RoK:: CONTINUED
  116. A Conversation Overheard
  117. Of Fiddy Bobick and the Doomsday Stone
  118. Tribes of the iksar
  119. Dialogue from Pre-RoK Quest on FP Docks?
  120. My Characters want race lore with Dieties.
  121. Firona Vie
  122. [Moved] Need hints for Hotbar Roleplaying.
  123. The Unclaimed Eye - A Gorowyn Sarnak Creation Story
  124. why the dragon die?
  125. GOOD Arasai? ATTN: Sapphirius(and anyone else)
  126. Is Firiona Vie still alive?
  127. Lore Courses
  128. Question about the timeline split
  129. Kaesora, where'd it go?
  130. Moradhim
  131. EOF End Game lore
  132. The Gwalnax Brigade
  133. The Steel Warriors
  134. What happened to Faronia Vie (sp)
  135. Who is Khalan Dar...
  136. History of Sporconid
  137. EQ2-Lore.com --- What Would you like to see??
  138. Any story about the Di'zok family in Chardok?
  139. Lucan is still alive - what was the fate of his sidekick? (Brother Jentry)
  140. Continuity
  141. Random tidbit - kobold 'Lady'?
  142. Troll/Ogre Shadowknight Factions.
  143. Trakanon
  144. Venril's Fight (Spoiler's of fight dialog!)
  145. Elven Lore - societal practices
  146. The Fall of the Paladin
  147. The undead of Lower Guk
  148. Frostfell Elves
  149. Fens: the crater
  150. The Gear/Star Monument in East Freeport?
  151. So, what exactly are drakota?
  152. Dreadnaught (Bruiser) Icons and Lore
  153. Taria Truomen- Who is this NPC in South Qeynos?
  154. Theory on the and droag
  155. Racial Discrimination?
  156. A Tail of when Love is greater than knowledge or power
  157. Dark Elf Lore Question:
  158. Kurn's Tower - Dragon Spirit
  159. It can be rebuilt... and I ain't talkin' about no Stein of Moggok (though this DOES hold liquid).
  160. A Passionate Prayer To the Queen of Love
  161. The new Sarnak Overking (possible spoiler warning)
  162. What is this weapon?
  163. 2nd Moon
  164. Question About the Breathing Pools
  165. Some Lore questions.
  166. Why do the iksar speak Di'Zok?
  167. Arasai questions.
  168. I remember a story about Cabilis
  169. New interview with Vhalen 1/15/08
  170. "A Fate of Norrath" spoilers
  171. Fallen Gate vs. Neriak
  172. What are we refugees from?
  173. I miss Innothule swamp
  174. Garanel Rucksif
  175. EQ1 Beastmaster - erased?
  176. Maybe I don't understand the Rending and Shattering or lifespan of characters.
  177. Something diffrent going on.
  178. Grieg Veneficus
  179. Some lore questions
  180. Epic Lore
  181. Is EQ:OA now offical canon lore?
  182. Bertoxxulous the Plaguebringer, King of Rats
  183. Mistmyr
  184. Master Wu, Quellious, the Demi-Plane of Serenity, and the Monk Epic thus far...
  185. Any word on lore quests?
  186. Suggestion on history the Rending and the Rallosian Army
  187. Mighty Vhalen, your brethren need your help
  188. chel'dok and the di'zok?
  189. Haeth'Un?
  190. The Librarian/Book collector in me has a request regarding the epics.
  191. Mayong Mistmoore and the Bloodmoon Gem
  192. 4-armed race
  193. History on the Brig epic quest???
  194. Heart of the Hound
  195. Sathir, Sarnak, and Kunark
  196. Orthiss and Kirkata: a Di'Zok Love Story
  197. I think I am missing something
  198. Pantheon of Gods
  199. Epic Quests and Pre-existing lore
  200. Of Wurms and Wyverns
  201. Ratonga wedding traditions
  202. Researchers of Castle Varis
  203. Arasai and Ratongas wanna know! :)
  204. My Two Mains
  205. Opal Darkbriar on the run... again.
  206. Legends of Norrath lore
  207. Kyr'Tok confuses me...
  208. new Neriak lore?
  209. The Dragon Spirit in the Field of Bone
  210. Vhalen confirmed for Allakhazam EQ2 Dev Chat 2/28
  211. The Everling Saga
  212. Politics in Kunark
  213. Lorebook(s)?
  214. The broken hourglass in the Shard of Fear.
  215. The Ballad of Kaltuk Ironstein
  216. Can...
  217. Of Stone Watchers
  218. Wizard Epic Lore Help please
  219. Can any language translators help me out please?
  220. Trakanon is defeated..now what?
  221. Everlings in Freeport
  222. Hybrids
  223. Where is the Lore?
  224. Escape from Guk: Part 2!
  225. So who is Qua'ddathul?
  226. Firiona Vie after Epics
  227. The Followers of the Triumvirate
  228. Rillisians
  229. The Court of D'Lere
  230. Protectors Realm. What the #$#^ are they protecting?
  231. Lore of the Shadowknight
  232. Diety question
  233. Who is the Overfiend?
  234. What is E'ci the Wintry Guardian for?
  235. Escape from Guk: Part 3!
  236. The Shard of Hate will be found soon! I can feel it.
  237. Possible Nightblood origin.
  238. Ultor Szanvon, Bertoxxulous, and the Void
  239. Other possible void hosts?
  240. Worshippers of Tarew, Povar, and E'ci spotted in Everfrost.
  241. The Unkempt
  242. Morden Rasp
  243. Halfling Lore
  244. Return of the Domini
  245. I guess even the Evil Eyes have thier myths, legends, and gods.
  246. the Barbarians after the Rending
  247. Norrathian Astronomy
  248. Are the Nayad and the Shadowed Men linked?
  249. Lore behind Shard of Hate?
  250. Tablet of the Temple