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  1. The Zygomyds
  2. Elves
  3. Monks, Silent fist clan, and there god Quellious. Lore please??
  4. Two Factions?
  5. FBSS
  6. More Ruins / Memorials
  7. Idol of Zan Fi
  8. Question about Eq/eqlive/ eq2
  9. Who is Drannen?
  10. Weapons of War
  11. What did the Gods do while in Exile?
  12. First murderer in Norrath
  13. New Sensei?
  14. New Comer to History & Lore
  15. Is calling a Kerran a "cat" insulting?
  16. A Tidbit of Fae Lore
  17. Alphabet soup....
  18. Echoes of Feydwer site has been updated with a ton of lore, which I'm going to reveal here. (images)
  19. Something I noticed in the tables in PoF
  20. Fyst Revived?
  21. Venekor
  22. Tarinax and the Gnome
  23. Deciphering The Obelisk
  24. Lucan D'lere
  25. Ro's prophet.
  26. Norrath's Mysteries
  27. Erudites helping Doomwing Legion - Lore please.
  28. EQLive expansion
  29. The afterlife…
  30. overview of the gods
  31. Hmm. The ultimate paradox... were the gods themselves duplicated with the time split?
  32. Is Lucan actually Lucan?
  33. EoF Revelations
  34. Fae Facts?
  35. EQ Vamps
  36. Neriak
  37. Where is Halas?
  38. Adieu and farewell
  39. Map Old vs. New
  40. Looking for help from *lore Gurus* on one deity
  41. Is there a good EQ2 Wiki out there?
  42. any info about the Dragon Gorenaire
  43. Drakkin Race
  44. Who runs the Far Sea Trading Company?
  45. Ancient Prophecy and Tirazzah
  46. Lore behind some of the major names.
  47. The 2nd Rallosian War
  48. I love roleplay!
  49. poll: whats your favorite piece of EQ2 lore?
  50. Brell Serilis Worship
  51. Lore book ... reward or punishment ? What is the goal ? Design flaw ?
  52. What city/temple is this?
  53. Where can I find Mayong Mistmoorem lore?
  54. Where can I find lore for Luclin?
  55. Knights of Truth/Valor
  56. The Keeper of Secrets
  57. Newb to lore but very interseted
  58. Brell: God of the Crafters
  59. Who or What or Where is Nyth?
  60. Stormhold
  61. History and lore compared to EQ1?
  62. Kaay Lah, Timber falls high queen ? Where is she gone ? img inside
  63. The Isle of Ro - Passage To and From
  64. Lore expressions of rank/level
  65. More info on deities of lesser noteriety...
  66. Halasian's and there Gods!!
  67. The Kerra
  68. Of Erollisi
  69. Books of Lore
  70. First official lore up!
  71. Sizing up the Bixies
  72. Nektulos Forest - Reagent for Mathra ... Behemot related ?
  73. An official list of the Gods in EQ2?
  74. What's the name of that Restraunt in Neriak.
  75. Trivia Information: Lucan's original "real" name
  76. A few lore questions
  77. Zannas K'Val's Chest in Fallen Gate
  78. Monks and Gods
  79. Thexian Excavators outside of Fallen Gate.
  80. Apologies for the linked pictures earlier
  81. Gunthak Pirates
  82. The many satellites of Nor...The Shattered Lands.
  83. The Temple of Cazic-Thule
  84. Chel'drak's Origins and... Luclin?
  85. A few questions!
  86. Maj'Dul
  87. the ratonga.
  88. Monster Summoning...forever lost conjuror art?
  89. Speculating...
  90. Mayong Mistmore
  91. Clearing up thread
  92. double post delete
  93. Major Concern over gods returning
  94. Lore on an item...
  95. The illucidic Council?
  96. About Dark Elves...
  97. Syllokk vs Cazic Thule
  98. Info on Quellious
  99. Comment on the Sword of Truth.
  100. A question of atlas lore...
  101. Stormhold Message
  102. Queen & Overlord: Gods!
  103. The Underfoot
  104. The Shattered Lands - still to find
  105. Erudites and Cazic-Thule
  106. I heard a statue of the Queen say...
  107. War of the Fay
  108. The Greatest Threat Unto Norrath.
  109. Sporali Defender's Blade
  110. Is Brokenskull rock still around?
  111. What gods did the Orcs worship?
  112. Bayle Family Tree
  113. another ulterian (or however it's spelt) spire
  114. Proof that EQLive and EQII are connected?...
  115. What would you call a group of fae?
  116. Oceangreen=Qeynos, ???=Freeport
  117. Nem Ankh
  118. An Obscure Question
  119. Of Gods, Dragons, and Mortals
  120. Very Confused bout Obelisk, Shadowmen, the void, Vul, Everling, Varsoon and friends
  121. Torvonnilous
  122. Neriak - Narthex'hiz
  123. Lore interview with Vhalen
  124. Curious about this...
  125. Where is Erudin?
  126. Downloading eq2 fonts
  127. A list of things to come from Echoes of Faydwer
  128. The Prophetess of Growth speaks:
  129. For Vhalen or one of them Lore Devs!!
  130. Battle of the Fay, Battle of Nektulos
  131. How can we be so .. stupid?
  132. I need little background information about the difference between the Far and a Fairy.
  133. Does Faydwer Hint at the Next Expansion?
  134. The War of the Fay: The journals of a Dark Elf soldier.
  135. What happened to Rodcet Nife?
  136. L & L Books..
  137. Lore of the Gods
  138. Chap.2 The Whispers of the Spires
  139. Mayung in EoF?
  140. Kantus in Maj'Dul
  141. Anyone likes to Play TicTacToe?
  142. Rumblings
  143. EoF release
  144. Ratonga and Gods
  145. More titles
  146. History of Mithaniel Marr
  147. Dark Elf Society and Naming Conventions
  148. shadowmen, dragons
  149. On the, ahem, reproduction of fae
  150. Kneel! Kneel before the might of Suteng!
  151. The Chessboard?
  152. All raise yer milk for the past glory of Kaladim!
  153. EoF Lore Chapter 3 is out
  154. The Cursed "Ninth" Returns
  155. Temples of the Shadowedmen
  156. Chapterhouse of the Fist
  157. D`vinn?
  158. Who created the Fae? Lore
  159. Request: Lore Wrapup?
  160. So what's new with Mayong Mistmoore?
  161. Faydarks Champions
  162. how do you find out what to sacrifice
  163. Tunare shared by both WoW and EQII
  164. What's Up With New Tunaria?
  165. Who Are the Avatars?
  166. Assassins of the Arm
  167. So wanna know what our good buddy Mayong's been up to?
  168. question about the fae
  169. One of Zeb's 13 prophecies intrigue me...
  170. Half-Elf Lore
  171. Loping Plains - Village of Somborn
  172. EQ Elvish
  173. Darn u Tunare
  174. Tel'riia'mil'an'ane'ie
  175. History of Kerra/Vah Shir and the Erudites
  176. Robe of the Oracle HQ Lore - *Spoilers*
  177. Lore Mobs
  178. What is wrong with this...
  179. Fae Drakes
  180. Plane of Time Events- What happened inside of it?
  181. Brings a tear to your eye. (Translation. Not really. The tear I mean.)
  182. New Tunaria
  183. Gods, Evil and Future
  184. Woushi and Kerafyrm (sp?)
  185. layman
  186. Voidspawn Fanlore
  187. Clockworks of Klak'Anon
  188. Vampires - Valdoon gives us the facts
  189. Clan Crushbone Heirarchy
  190. Zetovorash
  191. 3 o' clock, 6 o' clock
  192. Hounds? Odus?
  193. Lore: Suggestion for the devs
  194. priests of Solusek Ro
  195. how did holly windwalker die?
  196. Sargent Slate
  197. Of Castle Mistmoore and Catacombs
  198. Oobnopterbevny Biddilets
  199. Norrathian Liches
  200. Heritage Quest Titles
  201. Something doesn't add up
  202. Okay, so how big is current day Antonica and the other overland zones?
  203. New Book in NFP?
  204. Question about the war of the fay
  205. Servants Of Mistmoore In New Tunaria
  206. I wonder who this could be?
  207. The Ebon Mask Followers
  208. Who are the Everlings?
  209. Am I missing somthing...
  210. Zliten talks about New Tunaria!
  211. The Ethics of Necromancy
  212. The stone of the Shissar
  213. The Eight Stone Icons
  214. Riasha?
  215. Learning Elvish and the Different Types (EQ, Tolkien, DnD etc)
  216. How to pronounce Xegony..?
  217. Will Befallen and Neriak be put in thier original locations?
  218. The Might of the Major Players
  219. Roleplaying a "good" Ratonga...
  220. Complete official lore site
  221. Famous Freeportian Ship?
  222. Ratonga + Roekilik = Ratilik?
  223. mayong dead
  224. The Avatars... or ARE they?!
  225. Brell Before Veeshan?
  226. Ships and Shipwrecks of Norrath
  227. The Plaguebringer's Whisper
  228. The Truth about EQ2 Vampires
  229. What ever happened to the Erudite cultural tradition of wearing "robes"
  230. NorrathianYear?
  231. Faction Titles: Complete List for Qeynos, Freeport, Kelethin, Neriak, Gorowyn, & New Halas
  232. Here's to you Mr. Griffon tower stander guy.
  233. Here's to you, Mr. Cloak of Flames Heritage Quest Quester
  234. Where did our race "stereotypes" come from?
  235. The Spiral of Bristlebane
  236. The Tribunal
  237. Why Ratongas Have Safefall
  238. Bored on a raid
  239. Of Gods and Norrathians
  240. Happy New Dawn Day
  241. My attempt at selecting a race.
  242. Alignments of the remaining major gods not yet in game
  243. Tc's Project Lore Screens
  244. "The Day that Qeynos Died." - A sad, "what if"scenario sung to Don McClain's American Pie tune
  245. woushi dead now the fun part
  246. Do Fae have children?
  247. Rocktoberfest!
  248. Lore help plz
  249. Anything on the Pumpkin Headed Horseman?
  250. The Power of Lucan