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  1. First Lieutenant <...> AS
  2. nm i had a brain fart
  3. Tayil N’Velex
  4. What year is it?
  5. GU 54 Lore...
  6. soulfire and qeynos claymore combined an ingame screenie
  7. Frostfell 2009 - *Spoiler*
  8. 'Heritage Titles' from 3year Vet Rewards...
  9. 3rd person observation
  10. Req: Post your epic / mythical questline dialogs (troub done)
  11. Been gone for a bit, and I see some new things...
  12. Queen Cristanos
  13. Anashti Sul
  14. Burynai Miner’s Parchment
  15. When Luclin is buried in Norrath
  16. Chaos, Death, Mayhem, Destruction and BLOOD in Freeport !!!
  17. A confused lore junkies request... *A request for TSO spoilers*
  18. Odus: being sucked into the Void?
  19. EQRPG/EQ1/EQ2 Lore Site (Tagged)
  20. Rock in Firemyst Gully
  21. Velium
  22. Stars in the sky
  23. Is there a "Tome of Destiny" book in-game?
  24. Hero of Everling village and the vile warlock Gherzahs???
  25. Hey, can someone tell me about..
  26. Iksar, created by Innoruuk
  27. Everquest female fashion, what is this dress?
  28. Fippy Darkpaw in the Peacock Club
  29. Any news of Veeshan?
  30. Making Lore in eq2 an integral part of the game.
  31. From the beginning?
  32. The Diaku and Solusek's Servants
  33. What Lore has been solved, and what is left?
  34. Spire portals: lore or mechanics?
  35. Vhalen back for Erudin Library?
  36. _a_o_ ___t__o__ and __c__ ___e__
  37. Woohoo! Another lore mystery!!!
  38. Why Everquest should return to Roleplaying
  39. The Sentinel
  40. Stay tuned...
  41. I've been itching to post this for you guys SPOILER!!
  42. Where did this come from?!
  43. Translated pages
  44. Two things that made me go Hmmmmmm.
  45. Esteemed Scholars, Research notes quest guide.... COMPLETE!
  46. SF Lore
  47. Assistant Researcher's Notes, Vol. 3, The High Council of Erudin
  48. Sentry Selena
  49. So whats the deal with dragons?
  50. QUick question
  51. Floating...
  52. Seeress Ealaynya Ithis's Prophecies: Book One
  53. i wonder...
  54. Tallon Zek invading The Vigilant
  55. Humans in Gorowyn lore wise?
  56. dartain left ultera before the spires?
  57. Vah Shir?
  58. In Search of Lucan
  59. Sea Levels... Shouldn't they much lower?
  60. Sentinel's Fate Lore
  61. Now that Odus is out, can we get some info on Talysra's Paw Island and the rest of the Ebb islands?
  62. Lore check on Waansu
  63. Three questions
  64. Runes on the SCD...any idea what (if anything) they mean?
  65. The Void: Conclusions?
  66. Sarnak lore please
  67. "Oh... I found something!" quest no longer active?
  68. who're the two guys on the SF box? With the sword.
  69. Whatever happened to the Warrens?
  70. Prince Talvus Thex
  71. Player Impact on Lore: More So Soulfire
  72. Basic Sentinels Fate lore?
  73. Sara Greenheart
  74. Ssraeshza Observer's Staff
  75. Sherra wanting Toxx's power...
  76. Verig Ro?
  77. The Coldain in New Halas
  78. Deciple of the Faceless and Klaaktuus?
  79. Name that place? the Planet of __________?
  80. Origin of Magic
  81. Terris Thule
  82. Existing Deity "Status" in the Everquest2 Universe
  83. Fae Royalty?
  84. (humor) Zek who?
  85. Rhoen Theer's Slain Gods...who are they?
  86. 3 sages in palace
  87. A strange little spot near New Halas
  88. Humans and Barbarians
  89. The Serilis Family
  90. UFLM - Unidentified Floating Land Masses
  91. The dock out near the EF Spires?
  92. Warlocks..?
  93. Fae are Finnish
  94. New Lore Incoming w/ GU#56
  95. Death of the Blords..?
  96. Vasty Depp : Labs. Anyone know who the Dragon is?
  97. Lore & History books : a problem
  98. EQ1 - Original Intro Movie
  99. Quick Paineel question
  100. The Statue of Erollisi Marr and the City of New Halas.
  101. Wall Text from the Library of Erudin
  102. the Empowered Bone Bladed Claymore
  103. Head figures in city politics
  104. Looking for information
  105. Guk, Erudin, and Paineel
  106. Past lore designers
  107. Can someone point me to...
  108. Kaladim
  109. Who is Kurista?
  110. Second Greater Faydark Druid Ring
  111. The Coldain Dwarves: Why are they blue?
  112. Putting My Library in Order
  113. Red Server Conspiracy Theories Required - Bring Your Own Tinfoil Hat!
  114. The Rest of Odus
  115. Sarnak Lore and Picking a Good God for play and a main god for roleplay
  116. Old expansions
  117. Troll and Ogre lore and a few other questions.
  118. Smugglers Den
  119. Visk
  120. The Sultan of Maj'Dul
  121. Order of Marr crusade
  122. Cristanos Thex - Is she the Original? Naythox Thex? Was he the Original?
  123. She Returns (Spoilers)
  124. Books or sites dedicated to EQ Lore?
  125. Timorous Deep's Lone Mountain
  126. Is there a good dragon?
  127. A (hopeful) Step forward
  128. Is there a quest timeline?
  129. A new project
  130. What Makes Them Tick?
  131. DEVS: The Spelling of Skorpikis
  132. That slimy fish entails ... lore quest (?) in frostfang sea
  133. Luclin-pieces
  134. Rise of Kunark Lore
  135. Those new journey everywhere bells... the Kelethin one bugs me.
  136. Things from the past
  137. Looking for lore on West Freeport
  138. Khaalista, Bhaast, and Belamorte?
  139. Not Amused
  140. Things to remember about Everquest!
  141. Double Topic, please delete.
  142. Amygdalans in the Overrealm
  143. are we forgetting someone?
  144. 2 druid rings in Greater Faydark
  145. Wood elf life expectancy?
  146. anything from fan faire lore panel '10
  147. Warsliks woods and forest giants?
  148. Ghostdragon
  149. The Idol of Mor'Tael :: New Book
  150. With 4 Rune Theer Down...
  151. Now Neutral Class Lore?
  152. Am I crazy for still loving the Desert of Flames xpac?
  153. When was Kerafrym put to sleep?
  154. Zarrakon & a wife?!
  155. The Ewer of Sul'Dae and Neriak
  156. Looking for... Vigilant: Complete Storyline & Background
  157. Climates
  158. Ghazi question/pondering
  159. Questions on the last major Plague
  160. Info on Lesser known Pantheon?
  161. Neutral Ratongas? Where?
  162. The Cities of Riliss and Jinisk
  163. Shissar ruins?
  164. Haunted Mansion
  165. Enoxus + Aetok + Chelsith Stone ?
  166. Norrathian solar system / galaxy?
  167. So where exactly "IS" Sundred Frontiers and Stonebrunt Highlands?
  168. Syllokk, Eternal Soul of the Iksar
  169. Throne of Thex
  170. Master Yael
  171. The Thullosian Ogres
  172. Dartain/Alkabor
  173. Nights of the Dead lore?
  174. Runes on the Qeynos Guard shield
  175. Regarding Neutral Class Betrayal
  176. Whither Kyle Bayle?
  177. Al'Kabor/Dartain The Duality
  178. Monks Lore in West Freeport
  179. With the server merges coming, the Lore channel is going to get axed.
  180. Emperors Fyst and D'Vinn
  181. Timeline Collaboration
  182. Nights of the Dead World Events implications
  183. A brief biography of the Lady Vox
  184. Kedge Keep?
  185. EQ1 and EQ2 continuities divergence point
  186. Nagafen
  187. Are we avatars now?
  188. Horn of Roehn?
  189. Lore connections from eq1- eq2
  190. Concerning the 'Dal
  191. Drolvarg
  192. (Spoiler Warning) A Desperate Situation and Criggle Cloudpuff...
  193. Thumore/Thule
  194. Quick question for book/lore experts
  195. I miss the old chat
  196. Freeblood?!?
  197. Velious and the Vampires!
  198. The new vampire lore is a joke
  199. Any explanation for how a researcher got in my head...
  200. [a wish] For a better integration of lore in-game
  201. so whos the Boss of the Void army ?
  202. Sa'ib Waseem - Enoxus and Aeteok
  203. Heritage Armor Lore?
  204. The Mayong Origin Problem
  205. Obelisk of Lost Soul Anchors?
  206. where did this come from?!
  207. Conspiricy Theory
  208. Interesting items...
  209. NPC Chat Reference Website
  210. So what's the story with Zraxth's Unseen Arcanum?
  211. Freebloods?
  212. Lore for DoV?
  213. Treasure Maps - Ahoy, Matey!
  214. Erollisi Day -- who is Selena?
  215. They need to stop stringing us along.
  216. Velious Lore: Lodizal and Nipik
  217. If the gods suddenly all disappeared...
  218. Velious Lore: Thurgadin
  219. Prelude Books
  220. Borgrum's Watch
  221. Quenos 1000 year anniversary
  222. Question regarding Lore of ancestral scroll titles
  223. Screenshots of the Tower of Frozen Shadows in EQ1
  224. Tower of Rot?
  225. Out of the loop! help please!
  226. I think the Norrathian Cartographers are onto something here.
  227. Spoilers for DOV Signature Quest line
  228. Novels
  229. What is Velium, anyway?
  230. The Droag.
  231. At the summet of the Hold of Rime: The Spire....
  232. Where are all the demons?
  233. Ratonga History (As current)
  234. Cardinal Lords?
  235. And now, a cheery thought...
  236. How shall the world be saved?
  237. Who is in the other half of Velious?
  238. My New Pet Peeve
  239. Velious instances = Wasted potential
  240. Riders of Ik...?
  241. Does Zek give you his blessings if you are Undead?
  242. General DoV questions and links
  243. Curious about oceans and seas of Norrath
  244. Lore Info
  245. Tserrina Syltor? Why'd Mayong toot it and boot it?
  246. Sooo...I'm a FreeBlood...
  247. An Intercepted Status Report
  248. Isle in the Buried Sea
  249. Freeport Revamp - Will we see Aataltaal?