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  1. "requires defiler" Message Bug
  2. WIS and healing amount
  3. is the mystic a shaman?
  4. wards
  5. Melee Mystic [Removed for Content]?
  6. Starting to Hate My Dog...
  7. Adornment Stack with Tribal Rage?
  8. +Ministration vs +Healing
  9. Plateau levelling in T6 as a mystic -- any suggestions?
  10. Wisdom line- usefulness of Ritual?
  11. Solo Mystic PvP video
  12. Druid rings
  13. wards and dmg
  14. Mystic pet aggro wipes group in LAbs
  15. Dark Fury Halberd of Anuk
  16. mystic run speed
  17. Aa/Relic Glacial question
  18. Which priest for best melee DPS?
  19. Shadowy Attendant after GU34
  20. So tell me...
  21. How best to use 'Oberon' and 'Torpor'
  22. Item bonus + Adorments
  23. Wards Stacking?
  24. Mystic's class hat
  25. Bestestestest Shaman?
  26. 2boxing a mystic?
  27. Raid Alliance on the Everfrost Server Looking For Mystics
  28. Mystic, Inquisitor or Warden... better Battle Priest?
  29. Shaman PvP AAs
  30. AA pts
  31. STR Line vs. Ancestry Line
  32. Is it my imagination or are we Mystics popular once again?
  33. Some help with Mystic
  34. Work towards Melee Crit chance or get CA's first?
  35. MT group healing while melee specced
  36. Dueling Brigands.
  37. Weapon Mastery parry is not parry
  38. Making a Melee Mystic Alt--AA Critique?
  39. a little confused about runic mark.....
  40. Immunization
  41. RoK, whats in store?
  42. Oberon Barrier - refresh rate?
  43. Best shaman for grouping 1-70; no raiding
  44. Mystic Solo
  45. Maximizing Melee DPS ( Advice needed)
  46. PvP Mystic wards bugged??
  47. Which Ardorment
  48. Best Equipment Wish List
  49. Buff stacking with other healers?
  50. Mystic , pet-melee class AAs?
  51. Recruiting a Mystic
  52. +wis = +ward?
  53. More Useful In A Raid Mystic or Defiler
  54. melees x1 vs nuke x2 =/
  55. Ideal adornments for Mystics
  56. GU 36 AA changes and my commentary in the feedback thread
  57. Legendary or fabled spear
  58. Are there any of these types of helmets?
  59. no Mystic love...
  60. How to outparse a shaman?
  61. PvP test server wards broken
  62. Mystics, Races, and Lore
  63. A whole bunch of unrelated questions
  64. The Combat Arts
  65. When to use "TORPOR"...
  66. New Immuniities AA
  67. GU36's achievements changes for Shaman = better nukes?
  68. Immunities (AA) for better or for worse? Answer me these questions three.
  69. Scourge Dispell List (Work in Progress, Help Wanted) UPDATED: 6.29.07
  70. Betraying to Mystic for Melee fun?
  71. Balance question
  72. Can Mystics appear on the OTHER parse?
  73. Mystic Spell Progression and Related
  74. Amount of ward on Strength 4 AA (Aura of Warding)
  75. Useful UI's for a Mystic
  76. Post GU 36 AA critique
  77. Heal crit and Ward, misled?
  78. GU effecting the AA distribution of a soloing mystic
  79. Transformations
  80. EoF AA Tree - Cures
  81. Water Spirit broke again?
  82. Looking for a 70 Mystic
  83. Realistic Time Frame for CA AAs
  84. What is our Ward defined as for Type?
  85. improving casting speeds?
  86. Importance of INT for a melee mystic
  87. On test GU37
  88. What is up with this EoF rez line ?!
  89. I had this CRAZY idea!
  90. Raid Bias?
  91. Raid Bias?
  92. Raid Bias?
  93. Old Timer Returns... Help!
  94. mystic or defiler?
  95. Our Debuffs are useless! ...
  96. Is Dogdog now a Godgod?
  97. Melee Mystic Questions
  98. Patch notes inconsistancies...
  99. Best choice for a melee/healer?
  100. Help with a tough choice
  101. Help with Blackscale Maul Issue
  102. Best Tradeskill for a Mystic?
  103. Need a show of hands...
  104. Melee Mystic - what next after AGI/Combat/Aug?
  105. Whats Torpor?
  106. Managing encounter
  107. Mystic Weapons Question
  108. Someone please explain...
  109. Mystic vs other healers
  110. Mystics & Ruins of Kunark...
  111. Ancestry - a thought
  112. just came back questions
  113. Spell Rares for Adept 3's
  114. Master 2 choices ... and general advice about wards
  115. Mystic Tier 7 Fabled Armor
  116. AA line for raiding
  117. mystic pvp questions
  118. Can someone give us an ETA please?
  119. Spell Consolidation
  120. DPS find
  121. Skill Debuffs
  122. Stealing Aggro!!
  123. Is Mystic CA AA damage based off of STR or INT?
  124. Mystics Debuff's - Any good in PVP ?
  125. Tribal Spiritist's Hat vs Helm of Primeval
  126. Weapon Mastery glitch?
  127. Returning to EQ...Mystic will be my main...but, when to be guilded.
  128. Ancient Balm
  129. Prophetic Guard/Aegis line
  130. Duo with Zerker (2 box)
  131. Ancestry and Proc rates and "Hostile Spells" and "Forest Spirit"
  132. Sinking vs. Swimming
  133. Rise of Kunark Spell Ideas
  134. Mystic and Conj Duo?
  135. Power depletion
  136. Communication on LU37
  137. Communication on LU37
  138. A non-melee mystic
  139. UI Mod to Display Ward Damage Remaining
  140. Newb Mytic questions
  141. General Healing - Enough to do it alone?
  142. Weapon choice and adornment
  143. what advantages do mystics have over defiler on raids?
  144. Can we get an update concerning the missing LU37 Mystic patch.
  145. What's the point of Summon: Food and Water?
  146. Torpor
  147. A couple of questions.
  148. NON Melee Priest?
  149. Once again, an AA question
  150. Question about Enhance: Ursine Elder
  151. Mystic/Defiler...Beastlord discusion
  152. Worth bothering to come back?
  153. Anyone feel like being a crash test dummy for dogdog?
  154. Dogdog changes on test, anybody verified?
  155. What cloak do you wear?
  156. PvP Low Level Mystic Build
  157. Mystic vs Defiler
  158. Scourge
  159. Newly betrayed mystic with some questions
  161. Ancestry and Doggie Proc rate
  162. Attack Speed Debuffs - Question
  163. So After the CA AA Line...
  164. T7 Solo-ability...
  165. Which Diety For PvP?
  166. Melee Spec - Do i need to buy new spell upgrades?
  167. Wards drawing Mystic into combat...
  168. debuffs are hostile spells
  169. I've been gone for over a year and I have some questions
  170. What's with the irrational hate?
  171. heal + adornment bug
  172. Raid AA spec's...
  173. Mystic solo vs Warden solo
  174. Now that the NDA is lifted... Mystic Woes! (Updated info inside)
  175. Wanted: RoK Heroic Armour Pics
  176. Raid DPS
  177. RoK quest rewards... No chain healer items?
  178. What stats do you look for
  179. Mystic AA question
  180. Development feedback...
  181. None
  182. Mystic Pet heal macro problems
  183. What is your T8 weapon of choice
  184. Is Battle Cleric a good replacement for a pally that wants a bit more DPS?
  185. Looking for a new weapon...
  186. warning about tenacious cap
  187. Getting the changes
  188. Spell Damage Combat Arts bonuses
  189. Passive buff ward not factoring in heal bonuses?
  190. Subtle fix for the patheticness that is the Rezz AA tree
  191. I need lvling AA spec please
  192. Loss of two debuff spell in the 70-80 level
  193. T8 Mystic Ability Upgrades
  194. New to the game...Differences between a Defiler and Mystic?
  195. Class Armor
  196. Thoughtful proc'ing and other thoughts.
  197. This felt really bad reading...
  198. Emergency Wards Borked?
  199. RoK Shaman Legendary Gear
  200. Less Effective
  201. New to Mystic, AA question..
  202. Questions about Wards and Crits
  203. Oberon not working?
  204. Advise for a Newb?
  205. Mystic Marco questions...
  206. Melee mystic combat arts...
  207. Ward Aggro
  208. Inquisitor Duo
  209. Mystic Set Gear. Thoughts and Feelings.
  210. Ancestral Sentry
  211. Buffing the Mystic Dog
  212. Is it true that Mystics are the most effective class at soloing T7/T8 Heroic MOBs?
  213. Please reconstruct some of the mystic AA lines.
  214. Returning Mystic seeks advice!
  215. Weapon of Choice
  216. Mystic Solo Build
  217. Mystics vs Inquisitors- the bests soloer??
  218. Mystic/Defiler Subclass Gear - Mist Covered Set
  219. Double attack?
  220. Do Mystics get invisibility?
  221. Whimsical fun spell idea.
  222. question about killing heroic mobs
  223. Epidemic Adept III > Plauge Master I ?
  224. Mistic Issues with Crit and Oberon
  225. Shadowy Attendent...
  226. Diety Question
  227. Mystic Vs warden
  228. PvP Mystics(Please Look)
  229. Wards
  230. Just Betrayed!
  231. Looking for some advice...Is shaman/mystic the class for me?
  232. My subjugation is lagging behind.
  233. healing suggestions?
  234. Melee Alternatives Double Attack?
  235. Training wall challenge
  236. How fast are you running?
  237. Damage speced Mystic
  238. What makes playing a Mystic fun for you?
  239. This forum is as boring as ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz!
  240. What Melee Weapons should I hunt for and how should they be adorned?
  241. Strength, CA damage, Autoattack & the Melee Mystic
  242. Mystic epic is a 1h crush club...
  243. How do they group?
  244. AA question
  245. 1H spears for a level 80 Mystic?
  246. PVP question re: brigs
  247. Mana leak
  248. Mystic Epic Weapon info...
  249. Priestly help
  250. My solo Mystic video