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  1. What do we know about slows?
  2. Keening Haze Adept 3?
  3. mystic slows vs others
  4. Mystic Items
  5. DOT's ctting early?
  6. wards at 50?
  7. Quests for the new Mystic (aside from AQ)?
  8. Now I have another question! :D
  9. Fun spells?
  10. Training heal level 10 and Ritual healing dont share the same recast timer anymore?
  11. Test results: Touch of the Grey (Apprentice I) vs Touch of the Grey (Master I)
  12. Mystic Graphics issues.
  13. Level 40+ Apprentice 2 spells
  14. Level 30 quest armour?
  15. Haero's Aura Awareness
  16. Any good mystic sites??
  17. Mittens?!?
  18. Agi nerf, how does this effect wards?
  19. Level 30 Training Spells looking for others thoughts out there.
  20. Human Funspell? I want to get bear buff and still look cool..
  21. Patch switched my armor
  22. App IV vs. Adept I
  23. Which adeptIII lvl 30-39 spell?
  24. Good Mystic weps plz
  25. What does mystic have to offer
  26. Master I only! Results of Buffs/Wards/Heals/Dmg spells. Post pictures!
  27. Are there any plans to fix ward...
  28. The Five-Second Rule...
  29. mystics are gods~
  30. aggro bug?
  31. aggro bug?
  32. Are there any plans to give Shamans a wolfie pet?
  33. Wards and Slows
  34. Wards and there use
  35. Question from Templar grouping with a Mystic
  36. Indirect 'nerfing' of wards
  37. Omannus' vs Keening
  38. Buffing the Group
  39. EQ2 Shaman Forums
  40. UpGrades
  41. My Illusionist does more for a group than my mystic.
  42. Spiritual replenishment vs Keening haze - what to upgrade?
  43. We should be able to pick which morph.
  44. lvl 50 spell Oberon bugged or just useless?
  45. Stats for Mystic Heal spells
  46. What would fix wards?
  47. What would fix wards?
  48. Observations from Ancient Watcher fight - The state of a shaman on epic encounters.
  49. Ward Spam
  50. The state of a shaman on _real_ epic encounters.
  51. Idea how to improve wards
  52. Idea how to improve wards
  53. Pox replaces Miasma? Huh?
  54. Which buffs should I use? I can't decide which is best
  55. Slowing versus Weakening
  56. Debuff/Ward timers
  57. Did they tune wards again?
  58. Thank SOE for showing spell info, superb!
  59. Could some one do me a HUGE favor?
  60. Spell Bugs
  61. Mystic slow vs. Defiler slow - I'm surprised
  62. Mystic Spell Descriptions - Pics Inside
  63. Debuff stacking..
  64. Is Ancestral Ward (Adept III) worth 30Gp?
  65. Mourning Soul, my new best friend
  66. Pictures of all Mystic forms??
  67. Trying to get SOE attention on Mystic issues, come and sign the thread.
  68. Scribe Healing Ritual adept3 or not
  69. A message from Moorgard regarding wards (and other heals)
  70. Avatar Adept 3, broken. Don't make.
  71. Adept 3's level 40-50. Post pictures Please.
  72. Has Anyone Adept 3's Eidolic Savior?
  73. ? on mystic slows
  74. Mystic training/traits
  75. My thoughts on the Mystic and what should be fixed
  76. Ancestral Aegis Master one value?
  77. Eidolic Mettle App 3 & App 4 the same - Proof Inside
  78. Slithering Form of the Serpent
  79. Can Shamans get a "shrink" spell like in EQ?
  80. Looking for spell upgrade opinions
  82. ancestral ward vs spiritual replenishment
  83. A discussion on why Wards heal less raw HP - Someone Goofed!
  84. Approaching level 30 - what armor to quest / have crafted?
  85. Which way to turn - lvl 31 mystic needs some advice
  86. EQ2 Shaman looking for a mod for the Mystic Section
  87. Update on test server
  88. Ancestral Ward vs Wakinya's Skin of Spirits
  89. Powerpool?
  90. Turning rares into armor: worth it?
  91. Upgraded prophetic guard to adpet 1 whats the difference
  92. Curb my disappointment: Mourning Soul (Master I)
  93. I am over this Ward problem!
  94. No Ranged for the Weary
  95. Aqueous Spirit Vs Water Spirit huh?
  96. Organizing a gripe list
  97. haero's aura aware? Level 40 entertainment spell. Where is it?
  98. Apprentice IVs and Adept Is
  99. Shamen are becoming rare. Who wants to play a gimped class.
  100. Stag form...
  101. For those who enjoy being a Mystic
  102. Updates
  103. And the Candidates are . . .
  104. Very helpful messages gleaned from the forum. Feel free to add others you find.
  105. Shadowdash
  106. A little recognition... Moorgard speaks!
  107. It is nice to see that SOE is looking into Priest healing ability balance. SOE please fix wards.
  108. mistaken thread, meant to post in a existing thread, mod plz delete
  109. Avatar Master 1 stats
  110. Spell upgrades
  111. Wards, Regens, and Reactive Heals... and how they equate
  112. Buff stacking info, and please add to the list
  113. All Priest sub-classes are gimped, Who wants to play a gimped healer?
  114. Mystics Top 10 Issues
  115. I am having an identity crisis while playing a mystic. Are we a healing, debuffing class, or hybrid
  116. Why ward's ARE NOT broken "in a lore sense"
  117. questions on wizard/mystic combo
  118. Stacking Wards and Power Management
  119. Will bear illusion overwrite a racial illusion?
  120. Titles
  121. With the new changes to Delusion, fallacy...
  122. Analysis on the effects of stamina debuffs post 3/8/05 patch
  123. hawk form
  124. Shaman to subclass quest
  125. Mystic Forms
  126. Mysticks Wards SUCKS
  127. Playing Mystik burned me down.
  128. To Be "A Bear" Or Not To Be "A Bear"
  129. Dreadful lethargy any use?
  130. Lvl 40 Specialized Training... How much Anicnet Oath +WIS
  131. Quest site (spec. Guise of the Deceiver)
  132. Changes on Test
  134. To all mystics who love their class - Must read.
  135. Form Illusion Spells
  136. Fizzle Fizzle Interrupted Resisted Oh What A Pain This Is
  137. So?
  138. Runic shield scales now and water spirit "nerfed"
  139. Warded mobs
  140. Stamina debuffs - do they work? I don't think so!!
  141. Stamina debuffs - do they work? I don't think so!!
  142. Ancestral Ward Not Healing When Expires
  143. Not all maintained spells showing. Have you noticed this Bug?
  144. Thanks for EQ2!! Feedback for Mystic class.
  145. Mystics 40+ equipment?
  146. Mystics - Can they really melee?
  147. Handy Spell List to Track What You Already Have
  148. Delusion Adept3 vs Fallacy Adept1
  149. My sta debuff test
  150. Buff Bot?
  151. about becoming a mystic
  152. Mystic Guide - Ten Ton Hammer
  153. We've waited this long...
  154. wow its quiet today...
  155. Avatar - single target ?
  156. Test Update Shows Promise
  157. Stealth Nerf of Contagion?
  158. Woot... Wards fixed against DoTs
  159. Just answered my own question, thanks.
  160. Got my first Master chest today
  161. Wards against Dots...the conspiracy theory...
  162. What spells are worth upgrading to adept3 ?
  163. Thanks for nothing
  164. Bugged - Shadowy Attendant - 03/25
  165. Mourning Soul Bugged
  166. Adept 3
  167. Avatar changed or bugged?
  168. Helpful hits for playing a mystic
  169. Mitigation %
  170. Aqueous Spirit and the new Mitigation/Avoidance Numbers
  171. Bloodlines, Vampires, and Trauma DoTs.
  172. New Mystic needs help with picking what buffs to use- just not enough concentration for everything
  173. New BC Mystic spell?
  174. Can we please stop the bickering?
  175. Wis and Int
  176. Mystic Spell Costs / Effects @ Lvl 50
  177. wrong forum
  178. Level 30 Specialized trainning
  179. nt
  180. Mystic Lvl 20 Armor Quests (Good)
  181. 3 questions regarding some Mystic spells
  182. What ^^ can you solo, and how do we compare?
  183. slow spell
  184. Another Water Breathing Spell at 23?
  185. nt
  186. Eidolic saviour adpet 1
  187. Shamans wearing light armor since it has Priest stats...
  188. Please help a young Mystic
  189. Spells Which Share Recast Timers
  190. Helpful Shaman board
  191. Good news! Priest balancing is in live update #6! (bah, changed to #7)
  192. A question about power/hp's
  193. which adept 30-39?
  194. lvl 20-29 adept 3.....should I get one?
  195. Stamina Debuff
  196. My Delusion Testing Results
  197. Re:
  198. lv 39 mystic spell morning soul
  199. Requesting Oberon evaluation - possible stealth changes
  200. Question for Devs about Hex dolls and slows.
  201. How are wards these days?
  202. High level medium armor screenies?
  203. A couple of thoughts on this topic.
  204. Test Server Update #6
  205. New spells
  206. Training Subjugation (for your Threat Reducer) the easy way.
  207. How high is your wisdom :)
  208. level 30 ent. spell location and screenshots
  209. fallacy gives mobs hp?
  210. Don't be a sucker re: fun spells
  211. Some observations
  212. Enough with Yogi already ... About to fire up the BBQ !!
  213. Help me understand my logs with wards
  214. Mystic Specialized Training
  215. Outfitting a 40 Mystic - suggestions?
  216. Test Server: Potion + Food
  217. Haeros Aura
  218. Mystic changes per this live update, info from patch message
  219. Adept 3's ... Trying to decide which one
  220. Playing an Effective Mystic
  221. Auspice - not only 2 conc spots...
  222. Mystic AQ's? Is there a post?
  223. So anyone else got annoyed of DoT "nerf"?
  224. Enlightened Healing and Spiritual Heal Sharing Timer
  225. Building Aggro
  226. Adept III info please?
  227. Not feeling uber? Try this.
  228. Wards that last full duration
  229. Too Many Mystics?
  230. Go go Umerr
  231. Live Update 7 timeframe
  232. Priest Balancing Delayed Until Live Update #8
  233. Where to buy Spirit of the Hawk?
  234. Adept III spell Mourning Soul Identical to Adept 1?
  235. Priest defense battered on test
  236. Test Notes 7: No more bear form!
  237. Test Server Update, don't know if its for LU7 or not
  238. Advice for a mystic who should know better
  239. How can you find enemy weakness?
  240. Umbral Trap
  241. Combat changes & healing coming in ONE massive update?
  242. What a Shaman is to me and why I like it.
  243. Damage that passes through wards, mitigated or not?
  244. Haero's Aura of Awareness..
  245. Mystics Nerfed...Mystics suck.
  246. Enough complaining!
  247. Mystics DEMAND an explanation on the stealth nerfing of the Haze Line.
  248. A Call To Arms....or not
  249. Tragedy
  250. Haze nerf just visual or whole combat system totally broken?