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  1. I will not give up.
  2. How to get a message to the Dev's
  3. 11/11/05 - Hotfix with enchanter CPR incoming!
  4. more coercer ideas
  5. Sybillant Master 2 for level 24 Coercers, hands down.
  6. A real question....regarding training spells
  7. Master 1 Domination in work after hot fix ..... (field report)
  8. New Coerceer
  9. Necros Charm Undead
  10. I have to stop posting here...
  11. Lets make puns of our plight!
  12. My level 60 Corcerer raid experiance in Spirit of the Lost... how was yours?
  13. Another Coercer Idea!
  14. New ad for the campaign!
  15. Friendly Review and Suggestions for the Coercer Class
  16. Coercer charm: could someone give a detailed explanation?
  17. Coercer Interview for EQ2 Podcast
  18. A few questions for fellow coercers.
  19. Thoughts on Tyrannical Mind
  20. Charm usefull after all? My thoughts so far on Dominate (Master I)
  21. lol...anyone else find it hilarious that we have to...uh...stroke repeatedly to DPS?
  22. This is insane.
  23. Best Pet per Zone
  24. Best hit with Magus
  25. Blink - Question on Blink and practical uses in PvE and PvP
  26. Some Charm Numbers
  27. 1 dev DOES play a coercer!
  28. A Closer Look at SOE: How We Decide to Destroy Classes (spoof)
  29. Idea to Help Fix Coercers
  30. The good pet list...
  31. .
  32. Thoughts on Haruspex, Spell Lash, Mindbend (reactive impairments)
  33. Guide to l33t Coercer DPS
  34. LU #17a
  35. charm parsing question
  36. Thoughtstone: Any usage
  37. Oh look they heard us ... ( Sarcasm inside )
  38. Comic Book Ad for Campaign!
  39. Charm can't affect many mobs which aren't epics?
  40. Sybillant-Haruspex-Magus line idea.
  41. Coercer-Yellow Con solo strategy.
  42. The most efficient method to solo with charm
  43. How to play a Coercer 101
  44. recklessness question
  45. what am I supposed to do?
  46. Necro charm spell update.
  47. How to give Coercers some love
  48. Some ideas to save our class, and a farewell to all
  49. Coercer Damage types
  50. Patch 18 suggestions for official QA guy!
  51. Summary of the Coercer class, as seen by forum readers (updated 2005-11-28: 06:16 GMT)
  52. Epic Encounters - How to differentiate
  53. Possible HO bug?
  54. Frankly coercer is poor..
  55. AE Mez
  56. Hope is all I have left
  57. Mind's Eye
  58. A grand feat accomplished by a Coercer! The story of Ootpek and the snow Giants.
  59. Power pool problem
  60. Passed by again in LU17b
  61. Listen up! Al Gore plays a chanter! (new ad)
  62. How about charm being usable in duels?
  63. Why would charm get the message "not able to effect this mob"?
  64. Yall mind not logging your coercers in?
  65. And so it goes... 'Coercers are overexaggerating their plight'
  66. 51+ Masters not dropping?
  67. Mystics got AOE mez? Seriously?
  68. POLL - What do you think of the current state of Charm
  69. Beguile and Dominate Master1 difference?
  70. New - ish Coer
  71. ...
  72. enchanter spell change suggestion
  73. What is so wrong with coercers?
  74. What AE dmg do we get between Simple Minds and Psychic Wail? (nm, found answer)
  75. dont read, its another "I quit" post
  76. Try again - What do you think of current Charm (unofficial sampling)
  77. Gorging Thoughts
  78. disregard
  79. What class am I?
  80. Sometimes i really wish...
  81. Im a necro, so i feel sorry for enchanters mainly coercer.
  82. 58 Spell - Channel
  83. Mobs new abilities affecting charm?
  84. Raid Content
  85. Enchanter Raid Abilities
  86. Good Call to Duo With a Nerco?
  87. Do you use charm in groups?
  88. Aanya's Enforced Worship
  89. Mana Cloak
  90. Charm and Mez a Suggestion
  91. Charm Bug
  92. New notes on test
  93. faster cast time on stun
  94. - Pets will no longer inherit abilities based on their creature type.
  95. It looks like we are "fixed"
  96. Question from an illusionist
  97. Small attempt at humor.
  98. Clarification on power regen (before LU18)
  99. The frustration of soloing...
  100. Charming caster pets that don't use DoTs
  101. Mes breaking message
  102. Moorgard post about stunning epics
  103. Fluff spells
  104. Twinking your Coercer
  105. Mindbend
  106. MIA
  107. Is it me or.....
  108. Group mez...
  109. TACTICS!
  110. Master Beguile worth it?
  111. Could someone update me on charm?
  112. Is Coercer the right class for my alt?
  113. I am a bad coercer? ; ;
  114. Anti Reactives
  115. sibyllant ??
  116. LU 18 -- where is the love?
  117. Flavor of the month?
  118. A couple of ways to show that coercers are rare and getting rarer
  119. Random UNCharmable Mobs.
  120. quick question, who is better at charm corser or illus ? and difference in the classes
  121. Psychic Wail
  122. question about charmed pets
  123. Is there a guide to coercers?
  124. Question about solo heroic oppurtunities
  125. Daunting Gaze and Overwhelming Silence Spell line
  126. which buffs which needs concentrate do you use?
  127. Why can't I charm some enemies?
  128. Why Coercers need buffing.
  129. Could someone please post a screenshot of the new Post-LU18 Coercer AQ robe?
  130. Raid Coercers - Max DPS and strategy
  131. Cannot Engage
  132. Scornfeather Roost solo = Yes
  133. Enchanter Only
  134. BROKEN SPELL: Aanya's enforced worship
  135. HI! Brand new wannabe Coercer. :) Quick question.
  136. MHO on when we will see our fixes
  137. Any coercers looking for a high end raiding guild?
  138. T7 Master choices (a guesstimate)
  139. Coercer not a good choice for poor new players?
  140. LVL 61-70 spells ..... PLZ Test-Coercers post em here !!
  141. Charm bugs encounter?
  142. Illu Haste vs Coercer DPSbuff....... the FAQ
  143. Solo xp as a coerecer?
  144. Lvl 31 coercer noob
  145. Underwater Breathing Spells?
  146. Coercer's Need A summoned Pet too!
  147. Channel, how do you guys use it?
  148. what a good place to solo for coercer at 27-30
  149. Amnesia
  150. Warlock or Coercer?
  151. Robes, and where do i find them. Also, a talk about coercers and damage.
  152. Charmed pets
  153. Don't be complacent
  154. New to the Coercer class
  155. Coercer/Warlock duo?
  156. Quick question: Coercer dueling
  157. Coercer spell Progressions (linked from other forums)
  158. Charm Question
  159. Spell effects!
  160. Do you need to Betray?
  161. Coercer spell questions
  162. Considering playing one,
  163. T3 masters worth it?
  164. coercer idea about raid and epic mob charm
  165. Ok rangers own me Big time. Help me out.
  166. Need some advice on picking new ability
  167. tyranical mind
  168. Statut of spells affecting epic question
  169. Soloing Health
  170. 2nd alt
  171. Charm Better?
  172. worldwide coercer..?
  173. Wish List for Borked Coercers!
  174. Charm Improvement Ideas
  175. Coercer is a great class with improvement potential
  176. Poofing Pets
  177. Anormal resist on etheral fiend
  178. Help with Charm spells
  179. SUGGESTIONS link
  180. Coercer Solo'ing / Duo'ing
  181. Coercer Buffs
  182. Reccomendation lvl 54 training
  183. Charm and Cure Arcane
  184. Coercer Need help! or does it get better ?
  185. 15 Enchanter thinking of Coercer..Is it worth it?
  186. Lowbie leveling tips?
  187. Quick question on Charm
  188. Spells pets use
  189. quick question about the Charm line
  190. Nm
  191. Coercer "KS" / "exploit" opinions...?
  192. quick question regarding thoughtstones
  193. Splitpaw and Bloodlines spells
  194. ThoughtStones: Where do I obtain them?
  195. Control classes worth it on PvP?
  196. How long does charm roughly last for?
  197. Best pets post LU19
  198. Coercers are the best aren't they?
  199. How does a Troubs charm compare to a a coercers?
  200. Will we able to charm other PLAYERS in PVP?
  201. 1-19 spell list?
  202. Corecer vs Illusionist in a duel
  203. Is there a Coercer spell list which shows what replaces what at various levels?
  204. Another charming question
  205. New Coercer Questions
  206. Another big ninja nerf - ego blast, thx soe
  207. First specialized training?
  208. New Coercer Alt - 2 Questions
  209. Godking tacktics (experienced Coercers input requested)
  210. coercer profession wear?
  211. Pets and bugs
  212. what to look forward to as a young Coercer?
  213. Enchanter Achievements List (link to illu forum)
  214. PvP Coercers
  215. Coercers still get Blink?
  216. Curent Spell listing from Beta
  217. Synergetic Link
  218. raiding coercer.
  219. Resists
  220. Charm question - lvl 30 Coercer
  221. Should a player new to EQ2 roll a coercer?
  222. Level 64 master Choices
  223. Has this been said yet?
  224. The Enchanter's Turkey Hat
  225. 14 sets of damage until 50% chance of root breaking
  226. Befriend broken
  227. Memory Blur in EQ1
  228. So now im lvl 30 and need new gear where to get?
  229. DPS for Coercers is about to drop, as they're fixing Convultion procs
  230. Coercer Charm Question
  231. Items for Secondary Slot?
  232. Mez questions
  233. Pets and mental buffs
  234. Coercer Abilities
  235. Currently lvl 46.... Any good armor suggestions?
  236. Help -- unable to cast Charm or Coerce
  237. LU19 Coercer Nerf
  238. Charm Pet Window Bugged Anyone Else?
  239. Lvl 50 Fun Spell
  240. What is a Coercer all about?
  241. Coerce Master I
  242. Coercer Bugs
  243. Dumb charm question
  244. Final Enchanter AA skill listing
  245. Need help comparing Illusionist and Coercer
  246. Where's Gorging Thoughts
  247. High 30s - good pets?
  248. My thoughts on improving charm line
  249. A question about the Coercer Haste spell line
  250. The subjugation factor