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  1. Lasting spells?
  2. Stuns, mezzes ending before timer is up
  3. Why do Illusionists keep trying to nerf Coercers?
  4. The new combat system
  5. Charm: It's About Time
  6. Clarity is grp only and nerfed to 24 pow a tick, Enjoy the new revamp =D
  7. Revamp Spell Screenies - THANK YOU KARDE SHARKE, GIVE US MORE!
  8. Stuns
  9. Are you in disagreement or dissapointment?
  10. wow....
  11. Charm and whats a "heroic" mob: something i didnt notice in the test patch notes
  12. Shared timers
  13. Are Coercers in demand?
  14. lvl 20 charm spell? huh?
  15. Charm in groups
  16. Need clarification on Velocity post revamp
  17. Bravnik, whats the deal with mind rack and soul rack?
  18. The New Charm - Summary
  19. Mental Imune Mobs
  20. Disturbing...
  21. Tanatus are you on vacation or what?
  22. Coercer: The New, not as good Wizard
  23. i am sorry but i find this hilarious...posted it in the test forum too...
  24. New way to permastiffle target ?
  25. New roots
  26. the way of cercion
  27. What do coercers bring to a raid ?
  28. Current state of coercer solo .....
  29. lvl 30 master 1
  30. Becoming The Pit Champion, as a Coercer { spoiler }
  31. Coercer Tactics
  32. 8/21/05 Spell Listing
  33. Your character
  34. Splitpaw Arena help needed
  35. Revamp question: What happens to current upgraded spells?
  36. Glyssa's Emboldening Glyph
  37. Coercer shared spell timer listing
  38. Coercer Spell List 51-60 (8/23/05)
  39. Despair Master 1
  40. Rooting
  41. Any Changes to Coercers since July - Been gone
  42. Spell List 50.6-60 (organized by level) EDIT: mostly cleared, no longer accurate
  43. Comparing enchanter control after CC
  44. New Tactics List (8/25/05)
  45. Power Regeneration Analysis
  46. Broken Mezz message
  47. Master 1 Melancholy
  48. HP/Mana brag thread
  49. So with no more specialized training, which Master2?
  50. What about the unstacking spells ?
  51. Sympathetic Link- Who gets the hate?
  52. Gamewide Enchanter Channel
  53. Results of Power Regeneration Testing
  54. Coercer Charm using 3 concentration?
  55. SOE owes me money lol
  56. Changes to Coercer due to the revamp
  57. Upgrading Mesmerize
  58. New Training options
  59. Info on charm changes (9/2/05)?
  60. Coercers Future: Zero Raid Value?
  61. Could a beta Coercer post a consolidated concerns list in testing forum? For the devs to see!
  62. Coercer DOF spell by type
  63. New spell (just in)
  64. New changes today
  65. Great new changes Kardos plz show is some of the coercer stuff?
  66. wait a minute...illusionists can mez epics?
  67. new coercer line spells (06/09/05)
  68. Charmed mobs still NOT hitting mobs on beta....screenshots included
  69. Is it safe to upgrade spells on Live server? Have any been removed in beta/test?
  70. it appears our turn for attention has come...
  71. 09-07-05 Spell changes
  72. Coercers: Ultimate Heroic Solo Class?
  73. New Training 40 (09/09/05)
  74. Question on Tyrranical mind ?
  75. Charm Update 9/9/05
  76. Beta Tester Question
  77. Charm is much better than Illusionist's Doppleganger?
  78. question on masters
  79. Training and Traditions
  80. What happened to my INT?
  81. My thoughts on life after patchageddon
  82. Charm / Quest Credit Issue?
  83. Are illusionists suppose to charm lvl 50+ mobs?
  84. Coercer Balance discussion - Solution on balancing charm (Updated 9/14 2pmPST)
  85. Gah!!! I'm almost considering using Charm instead of Coerce (the lvl 20 coercer spell)
  86. My favorite fun use for beguile (charm)
  87. Int damage cap
  88. ok, its official, i love PvP
  89. nevermind!
  90. Haruspex/Spell lash broken? - almost never go off anymore.
  92. Master II's
  93. Invis spell missing?
  94. Mobs do not always use mana
  95. Coercer Subclass Poll
  96. Rooting line question
  97. Mesmerize, where for art thou !!
  98. Spell Lash
  99. Resist rates- how do they work?
  100. canceled
  101. Charm/root resist change
  102. clarity and minds eye?
  103. Updated Spell List?
  104. What can you do to an Epic?
  105. Low Level Coercers are . . . ?
  106. Master2 choices?
  107. Opinion of a casual gamer. Need some experimented advises
  108. mind bend rules.
  109. Plz answere this Q i have if yer a 54 coercer and recall the Master choices ya had at that point!
  110. Bug discovered with teh new charm or was this intentional!!
  111. The Good Pet List
  112. I am the first to LVL 60
  113. Prefix for charmed pets
  114. Fun spell
  115. DPS ranking
  116. Master 1 Ego Blast
  117. Am I the only one that's sorely disappointed?
  118. Dear Coercers, if you didn't know... our breeze no longer stacks =/
  119. Question regarding breeze Adept III
  120. Coercer spell list (levels 1-70)
  121. Coercer 51-60 spells that DONT drop, must be sage made into Adept III's.
  122. Final changes to our class what would ya like to see!
  123. A silly Question
  124. Which tier3 spells are usefull to upgrade?
  125. Has a Dev ever posted here and addressed substative issues?
  126. State of The Game -- Coercer's
  127. Thoughts on a new ability that would make charming heroics unneeded
  128. Best Solo or Group Zones
  129. psychic wail
  130. Channel
  131. Upgrading Agonizing silence (Spell doesn't state what upgrades would benefit caster)
  132. Invis
  133. Why I think Coerce is a bad deal
  134. Smirking Demeanor not upgradeable beyond App 1?
  135. Gramma's Home for Wayward and Inappropriate Coercer Pets
  136. Cant Duel With A Charmed Mob ?
  137. Finally, coercers get some attention in a patch...oh wait...
  138. Not really any Illus complaints...
  139. Call to arms all Coercers this is unacceptable!
  140. 30 Coercer looking for some quick tips/pointers~!
  141. Charm line for Coercers, info please.
  142. 40-50 adept 3 reccomendations
  143. Charm useful? I need your info plz
  144. How To Charm With 100% Safety
  145. Topic old as eq2, but still relevant. Group Invis?
  146. k so i am a total newb: whats the splitpaw nuke (lol)
  147. Attributes and Gear
  148. charm
  149. Moorgard Speaks on Coercers (From the Abilities board, Charm thread)
  150. Coercer + ShadowKnight?
  151. Did we get a stealth fix?
  152. Stroke Master II Vs. Seizure Master 1
  153. Ancient Spells: Mind Bend / Amnesia / Channel - Adept I Vs. Adept III
  154. Spell lists are up on EQ2players
  155. Not that it even matters anymore but Charm in LU#15 gets nerfed even more ......
  156. Would it be easier..
  157. Why we are completely useless in raid.
  158. lvl 24 master spell which do you recommend
  159. Charm upgrad suggestions, please post yours!
  160. Uncharmable mobs
  161. Why Coercers?
  162. MindBend?
  163. Spell Lash / Spell Whip soon upgradable
  164. Master II list for Coercers?
  165. coercer changes on test 10/18 (posted in the spell forum too)
  166. Mez not holding for full duration on 64^^^ Heroics
  167. Dreadful Awe Master I
  168. Despotic Mind vs Tyrranical Mind
  169. Charm bugging encounters again?
  170. Mental Explosion
  171. Umm...I'm missing ~300 power since yesterday (10/18/2005)
  172. Nerf Nerf Nerf and we are already way weaker then any other class out there!
  173. Quick question: Does Psychic Wail Adept 3 require a ruby or a pearl?
  174. Any posting by me with the word charm in it is still getting automaticly blocked
  175. So... all I hear is complaining, but does anyone like this class?
  176. What kind of sick joke is this?
  177. take over spells and abilities section
  178. Coercers a myth??
  179. My contributions to the Charm Issue--Updated
  180. Delete pls.
  181. Has the Charm/Coerce spell be improved, a littler perhaps?
  182. lvl 45 master
  183. Why are coercers sooo weak!!! Please do something!!!!!!!
  184. Devs, A challenge for you: Explain "Balance" on a Gimped Class
  185. Were going about this wrong...
  186. My Contribution to the Charm Issue--Thoughts
  187. Idea for a spell !
  188. Quite disappointed from DoF and all the balancing going on...
  189. Agro/Hate v Epic Encounters
  190. boy these forums are as helpful as a prostate tumor
  191. Calling all new Coercers/Raid Coercers to make change happen: Post here.
  192. My alt (or: how i learned to stop worrying and love the nerf)
  193. Tyrannical Mind or Destructive Mind
  194. Tears Grifter quests and Mezz
  195. Be still my beating heart
  196. OOP at raids?
  197. Anyone happy with Live Update 16a notes ?
  198. can anyone confirm that the AOE mez fix actually blocks PW?
  199. Xposting from spells board for the helluva it.
  200. Illusionist DPS Thread You May Find Interesting...
  201. Game over.... RIP Coercer
  202. AOE Mes / Psychic Wall combo 'fix' using a macro
  203. Soga soga soga /cry
  204. Charm question
  205. Coercer DPS utility
  206. solo'ability and charm idea
  207. Is the coercer worth playing anymore??
  208. Is the coercer worth playing anymore??
  209. Is the coercer worth playing anymore??
  210. Posted in testing feedback (tell me if I missed anything)
  211. Perplexity Line - Stealth Nerfed?
  212. Doesn't make great reading...........
  213. More on Upcoming Gifts....
  214. Idea for change to confoundment line
  215. Playing a coercer the fun-way
  216. Mobs have different types.
  217. Improving our reactives
  218. Loot/EXP rules when using charm
  219. I finally found a use for charm!
  220. Anyone notice...
  221. Test Update 16B - Coercer Changes
  222. Is this right?!?
  223. Which master at 24? help plz
  224. Ok, Someone better fess up...
  225. Live Update 26 coming soon.
  226. Praise be to PigLickJF!
  227. Just dinged 50 :)...how does one use pw to solo?
  228. what is going on at lvl 22?
  229. posted my desperate plea to leave our roots alone in the spells forum
  230. Coercer Spell Progression (1-60)
  231. whoa....stickies....
  232. Who all coercer 2 then 1
  233. Are we worse off?
  234. [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] it all
  235. Ooooooh my god...Tyrannical Mind really sucks now
  236. Wanted to say a hearty thank you to the devs.
  237. Cannon Fodder Class
  238. SOE has no clue what to do with the Enchanter classes
  239. root breaking too often
  240. Spell Lash nerfed from 30 second duration to 20
  241. Nerjin
  242. Ouch..seriously Ouch...
  243. I wonder what would happen if we all deleted our Coercer...
  244. Charm Fixed, thanks Devs!
  245. What do we think a Coercer (or an enchanter) should be able to do ?
  246. The absolute best part of the last update is...
  247. we need to keep posting keep feedback., it's just no fair
  248. Devs please play a coercer and fix our broken class before every coercer leaves
  249. Feel sorry for all you coercers :(
  250. An open message to the Devs...