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  1. Well
  2. Can you post the update notes?
  3. Food buffs information
  4. Live status on test client, but not test status on live client
  5. Login Rejected... client doesn't match server
  6. Test update was on hold untill they can get the live servers fixed
  7. Not Mentioned in Patch Notes: Missing Masteries/Traits/Traditions
  8. Tried to get Test server to run.. but
  9. I want to play on Test, but I have 4 characters... Is it possible?
  10. Training is on Test
  11. After reading patch notes 12/16/04
  12. Antonica unstable
  13. Saren's crushing blow is 100% useless
  14. Can someone set their complex shader setting to -1
  15. Possible cause for zones crashing..
  16. don't care if theres any loot or quest or mobs to fight. is the memory leak fixed ?
  17. No Revive Junctions
  18. Gathered orb collection
  19. Posoin & Potion Descriptions not in this update?
  20. Tayil's Searing Orb is not really an upgrade
  21. Are the Craftsmen advanced books fixed and recipes in them ?
  22. Adept/Apprentice 4 change retroactive?
  23. HOs still crash the zone
  24. Tome/Catalog fixes retroactive?
  25. Few questions concerning the patch
  26. Brawler Sheild ?
  27. Poison/Potion charges ?
  28. Butterfly/Striped spider/Moth collections - Anyway to get credit after hand in?
  29. Out of group rez fixed ?
  30. Not high enough yet to test, are 20+ heals fixed?
  31. Player Housing
  32. Artisan feedback / from level 50 Prov
  33. Any feedback on the new solo content?
  34. Problems after patch
  35. New Fuel types ?
  36. Did they fix the inability of armorers to make tier 4 armor?
  37. How do you know if the quest is a solo quest?
  38. Test Server Character (?)
  39. Overflow slot and examining collection type items
  40. Saddened by the lack of two key updates in the big patch.
  41. No fix for "Fir" in the Test patch...
  42. A couple of suggestions
  43. /who (guild name)
  44. so when is pvp going to be worked on. pve sucks
  45. Crashing To CS screen
  46. Makeshift Arena bugged
  47. This board has been hijacked
  48. UI Bugs currently on test
  49. Posting Here: A few suggestions
  50. A request to those of you who do NOT play Test Server
  51. Cleaning the Frontyard quest is bugged
  52. Important Test Server Links - Read before posting here
  53. TS bug - Generic Threadbare Pattern
  54. Culinary reaction icons & Other Provisioner stuff
  55. Test Centre Process
  56. Qeynos enchanter class quest
  57. Hmm I never saw a problem with a memory leak.....
  58. A question on the way XP is displayed now.
  59. Bad Ghosting
  60. Anybody can confirm if the collection "Spider quests' Now all 3 work?
  61. Tradeskill Quests & Brokers
  62. Whats the point in trying?
  63. Furniture is still broken
  64. How are tradeskills going to be tested?
  65. Did they test this hidden patch on test first?
  66. Anyway to copy the new voiceovers to our live directories?
  67. Read the MOTD and NO HO
  68. Runes issues
  69. Fallen Orcs frozen?
  70. Anyone else getting this problem on test server?
  71. Can' move items in Cellar on IOR
  72. Are monster voice overs more frequent now? With all the new ones...
  73. Ignore, non-issue.
  74. Citizenship Instance Zone Problem
  75. Click and drag
  76. The Casting Timer, AKA Spell Bar
  77. (Question for Bordael) Regarding the Exp Boost, and the HO Bug
  78. Class/subclass healing
  79. Test Server Download - Insists on a VERY ODD directory?
  80. Is Adept1 spell still stronger than App4?
  81. Spell recast delay, cool down time, recycle time, grey out time ... its bugged.
  82. Launchpad and chat
  83. Is the big update still happening this week?
  84. Mirror
  85. Crusaders with out axes
  86. Two vendors, one merchant board.
  87. how do i get on the test server
  88. Skill/quest Update not centered
  89. Blackout on Griffons (and not scared of heights)
  90. Character Rollback
  91. South qeynos sage
  92. How is the 6800gt stutter issue on test right now?
  93. How do you get players from live to stop asking questions?
  94. A New Tester's First Day
  95. Comprimise -- How to make everyone happy.
  96. Blue Teleporter in Qeynos Mage Tower Broken?
  97. Downloaded Sound Files.
  98. Front Yard clean up broken?
  99. Can any tester confirm if Swarm of Rats has been fixed?
  100. Anyword on an HO fix for test.
  101. The map, and location finder wisps in SQ
  102. Matthias Zoe NPC Artisan 20 subclass trainer is Borked in FP-on Test
  103. A shout out to the devs!!
  104. Blinking Spell Icons
  105. UI Modifications on Test
  106. Language Quest Changes and Drops from Grey NPCs
  107. Attn Dev's
  108. I welcome
  109. A New Forum for Live questions for Testers?
  110. Blue Transporters and the Call of Qeynos.... Please fix both.
  111. Combat: NPC's stuck right on top of me
  112. Kick apprentice updates bugged ?
  113. Rare resource drops and book drops
  114. Has any changes to Summ/Conj been made?
  115. Status Bug
  116. MAJOR VIDEO freakage test server and the 6800 Ultra
  117. Defiler Form
  118. Cannot Create any App3 or 4 Scrolls
  119. Advisor in Wailing Caves not re-spawning?
  120. Lord Ree Spawn..
  121. Instead of app4 a pristine combine should be adept1
  122. Item Requirements
  123. Things that are now on the same timer
  124. For the DEVS, some thoughts...
  125. Map System... player position indicator
  126. I havt seen the spell anywhere, so i gues ill just ask.
  127. After reading this Forum...
  128. Artisan/Merchant Suggestions.
  129. Are pristine Adept III spells is now Adept IV?
  130. Problems with Recipes
  131. Problems with Recipes
  132. Problems with Recipes
  133. Problems with Recipes
  134. Tradeskill wholesale and workshop tasks..
  135. Training Spells
  136. Clarification on the level 20 tradeskill subclass selection bug
  137. Offline selling
  138. Bug in SQ Mage Tower-Test Server
  139. Issues with extended server uptime
  140. Can't play Test! Black screen!
  141. Necromancer level 20 trait: Xelha's Fallen Hero
  142. More broker suggestions...
  143. Is the test-server down?
  144. Test serverr
  145. Question about fury spells on test server.
  146. Selling from inside crafting zones ?
  147. Worth the price of admission. . .
  148. Things go gray too soon
  149. List of Bugged Shadow Knight skills
  150. Weakness in Heroic Opportunities
  151. Wholesaler and workshop societies
  152. HO - at least for Priests - still bugged
  153. /point command
  154. About character differentiation
  155. Backpacks and strongboxes and overflow
  156. Make them activatable...
  157. current mob cons needs changing
  158. when will you fix the quest journals?
  159. Memory leak
  160. Give us the patch already!!
  161. Give us the patch already!!
  162. Selling and reboot timing
  163. Give us the patch already thread - locked
  164. Please turn of message ratings for this forum
  165. Test Server and its posablitys!
  166. Test Server??
  167. Solo Content Questions for those on Test levels 10-25
  168. Buff Range Bug, looking for tester feedback (by request)
  169. Petrified eyes and Bones !
  170. Very Easy Way To Effectively Test A Patch Before It Goes Live
  171. You guys live in a bubble, don't you?
  172. Give us the Patch already!!
  173. Play on test server and get paid
  174. Repair Kits
  175. Petrified Eye change, very poor decision
  176. Price Reductions with the update
  177. Test Server Doesnt seam to be very good for Testing.
  178. Beserker Testers?
  179. Where is the Loot ?
  180. Poorest patch since the infamous Anarchy Online update
  181. Players on test doing a poor job
  182. To the ones living on the Test Server. (Not a rant at them)
  183. This has been asked 100 times but system wont let me search.
  184. Crafters are the biggest losers of this patch(in my opininon)!
  185. Download to play--24+ hours??
  186. To The Devs - From A Fan
  187. To The Devs - From A Fan
  188. User Interface Improvement
  189. Heres a great idea to fix Wizards and still screw the wizard farmers
  190. nt
  191. Live Testing Feedback
  192. Why doesn't test centre get all the updates live gets?
  193. Group Con based on Highest level, causing mod to go gray ?!?
  194. Group Con based on Highest level, causing mod to go gray ?!?
  195. Wizards do same Damage as Shadow Knights
  196. Optional downlods.
  197. Maps Maps Maps!!! Make your new character have the same completed Map!!!
  198. Why Why Why! The grueling exp debt not caused by me in grps. Blahhhh
  199. Post-patch tradskills
  200. Tradeskill success now seems determined randomly rather than by player skill
  201. Too funny...
  202. Cedar Lumber Recipe Broke for Woodworkers and Carpenters
  203. Small apology for my cousins words on here.
  204. In game email
  205. Heritage: No DROP / LORE
  206. suggestion - idea - REALISTIC!
  207. Logging on both Test and Live at the same time.
  208. Suggestion - Additional feature
  209. [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot]!
  210. The Need to increase rare harvest and other suggestions
  211. Comprehensive update notes
  212. Sprint broke?
  213. Great idea for some buff fixes and changes.
  214. i cant forget my past! help!
  215. Hallmark Quest lvl18 Templar - Qeynos
  216. Whats the point of having monster voice overs and adding more?
  217. Centaurs are WAY sensitive on test?
  218. Suggestions on Game progression
  219. Lack of Wisdom on Heavy Armor
  220. Spirit Shard Recovery bugged again!! :(
  221. Feign Death
  222. experience Issue and bug with house item
  223. Item Linking
  224. Bug in the damage tables/weapons for Scouts/Other classes.
  225. Devs: Please do something about Totems.
  226. Well, for crying out loud!
  227. Feerrott Boat Access Change Needed
  228. glaring oversight with shared banking?
  229. Possibility of upgrading "Call" Spells?
  230. Getting killed by the Guards!! Bug??
  231. There is almost no quest item rewards for class Monk so we dont have to do them ...or ?
  232. Lavastorm Boat Access Quest... is that it?
  233. Tradeskill Quests / Writs
  234. Stitch in Time Quest Change Needed
  235. combat confusion galore!
  236. Utter lack of freedom, too much control... Change zone "requirements" to "recommendations"
  237. They need to define whether or not a quest is intended for "group" or "solo"
  238. Level 40 poisons broken still?
  239. Can't get into play
  240. assetslib.vpl deletes when i hit run
  241. Question about patch notes
  242. Raid Changes Suggestion
  243. great update but some questions :)
  244. Status points fix....
  245. Artisan makeover
  246. bone collection quest buggy: GNOLL EYE not complete-able? missing unscathed gnoll bone
  247. Questions about the 01/27/05 Patch
  248. New Tabbed chat windows - good, but a couple minor issues :)
  249. Can someone explain this?
  250. command toggle "/showhood" bugged!!