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  1. The test server folks NEED a /respec
  2. Calling to the developers...
  3. Why getting training spells at 54, 44, 34 etc is a bad idea and hurts PC power level
  4. NT
  5. New con system a combination of the old ones?
  6. Hey Devs, you completely missed the concept of a Conjurer/Necromancer.
  7. The problem I have with EQ2
  8. Curious how auto attack damage will improve for priest
  9. Power Leveling: How does it affect you?
  10. Too Much, Too late, and way too much wasted time........
  11. Class Choices Vs Master 2 Spells, whats your preference?
  12. Honestly... do you think they care?
  13. CTD and broken training
  14. Broken Mindless Corpse graphics in Fallen Gate (the return of the pink cube)
  15. STILL BUGGED - Adept prices and broker interface
  16. Are there any plans to add tier 4 super rare contested named recipes on test?
  17. Changes to Training Options don't seem to fit the "long-term" perspective stated
  18. avoidance of all tanks
  19. Reuse timers visible on hidden hotbar...
  20. Onscreen Time of Day Clock Feature not working
  21. A small id, for a new usefull trouba spell, and a dirge counterpart =)
  22. Cant log onto test yet server shows as up
  23. Unlocked combat and griefing - The solution
  24. Very displeased with the new Cure Changes coming to all priests anyone else feel the same ?
  25. Please add an Auto Decline for Dueling
  26. Why this combat system revamp?
  27. Base avoidance on tower and kite shields has been reduced from 20% to 15%.
  28. still unable to log on
  29. Test Server 09/01/05
  30. Will respec be FORCED?
  31. Question on guild changes...
  32. Qeynos Harbor CRASH TO DESKTOP
  33. Test: Increased Experienced and /respec
  34. Spell Description Bug or something else?
  35. Please add a percentage value for chance to hit.
  36. No green + after loging onto test server
  37. Actuallly Ready by Sep 12???
  38. Weapon dmg rating is WAY down
  39. Weight and bagage becomes trivial in the higher game- Why not make it more fun :)
  40. spell upgrades not more meaningful?
  41. Splitpaw Champion rewards
  42. master II training upgrades
  43. At work, is Test back up?
  44. Quest Reward Armour seems very wrong.
  45. Soloing Epics? ie, New Con Ranges and problems with it.
  46. Best Soloer Now?
  47. Haste Item Stacking Question
  48. Fleeing
  49. Fluff spells: PLEASE put Shrink in the game
  50. Buff ranges.
  51. Soloing and DoF
  52. Ok isnt it about time that you allowed us to /respec?
  53. Why Scouts get stances?
  54. Duelling not a form of combat
  55. Final Thoughts on Combat Changes
  56. no XP bonus?
  57. Description
  58. why i dont like SOE
  59. Fun with the /petname command =D
  60. I just learned the hard way...
  61. 9-6-05 changes...conj vs necro
  62. Thanks for your Dev Team
  63. Bards and Brawlers........ Switched at birth?
  64. Prestige Classes....Could they be the NEW AA's?
  65. New Mounts
  66. Duo's still possible?
  67. bank window
  68. Gfx bug in water and shiny surfaces
  69. 9/7/05.. what is going on?
  70. app II upgrades missing from scribes
  71. It happens again! (They change almost everything before going live.)
  72. General Consensus on Hotkey Crash
  74. Why? Simply why
  75. 28 conjuror pet vs. 33 guardian
  76. In combat Regen...
  77. Hurrah a con system that makes sense
  78. I'm Curious
  79. Shields give avoidance and/or mitigation?
  80. Tradeskill imbalance RE: Accessories no longer have any physical mitigation.
  81. Scout Invis??
  82. My thoughts after Patch 13g to test
  83. Stop thinking for us and ask us what we want!!!!!!!!
  84. the secret reason
  85. Group Options and Group options Defaults not working correctly
  86. Please everyone read and put in there imput :)
  87. How much is "much" (rare drops and the econmy)
  88. Something I think we are all forgetting
  89. Cheaper housing will we get trustee vaults now?
  90. Todays patch = armor nerf.
  91. 9-8 Test server going down at 3pm
  92. Thank Tunare
  93. Rewriting consider messages
  94. UI on test (as of 08 Sep 05 patch) - chat window, "frame only" option not working properly.
  95. Bump Mapping raised above character
  96. Message to SOE, when were you planning on testing the changes?
  97. Here is an idea devs
  98. Levels 51-60 spells no longer granted?
  99. :::Feedback on Combat Leveling:::
  100. XP gain boost with last patch
  101. Server Merge and EQ1.5
  102. Testing plan advice
  103. Con levels and when you grey out to mobs
  104. Here is an idea that the devs obviously cant think of themselves
  105. PGT, manastone, ACGF, SM item changes....
  106. 9/10/05: 27 Assassin's thoughts
  107. People, it's called test for a reason.
  108. Not That we can do anything about it .. BUT,
  109. Re-Tiering, Re-Tuning, and where I think the fun is going
  110. Haste items no longer stack?? whats with this
  111. Scaled Stealth/Invis, etc.
  112. Qeynos Gate Guards working as intended?
  113. Lvl30 Berserker on Test, general feedback
  114. From yesterday, Blizzard love you SOE. n/t
  115. Qeynos Harbour CTD!!
  116. Mage/Summoner Single Target Attacks Working As Intended?
  117. Pop-up windows
  118. A question about the new armour con
  119. What the BLEEP is this quote?
  120. It's just not fun anymore...
  121. Zone timer notification
  122. Leather/Chain armor options.
  123. My Suggested and detailed list for a revised Con system-Really need player feedback please!
  124. Question regarding no auto spells on lvl and DoF factions.
  125. Conjuror or Wizard?
  126. Wizards wake up
  127. Never a doubt....
  128. Mitigation/Advoidance
  129. Oh, Nevermind..
  130. minion stances require cancel and recast
  131. The boy who cried [Removed for Content]?!?
  132. Delete
  133. Moorgard - A Charming Question.
  134. Test report - from Isle of Refuge to (Bard) Class quest: Miserable
  135. Tooltip font size and Armor Mitigation for unusable items
  136. Fighter health pools
  137. A question of numbers
  138. DEVs--Test last 9/9/05 patch prevents Test EQ2 from coming up on Win98SE but Live still works
  140. Encounter Locking
  141. Confirmed : Win98SE is NOT compatible with the latest patch (09.09.05)
  143. Final Plea for crash resolution before LU 13 goes live
  144. how is respec going to be handled
  146. WHere is the test server??
  147. No Death Penalty on Test
  148. Test server feedback 9/11/05
  149. Certain Zones on test server unplayable
  150. Antonica crashing after 11/9
  151. Charactar Copy
  152. Zone crashing issues
  153. Updating Test Soon
  155. Could someone please explain the Wiz/War issue clearly?
  156. Will test get another /respec on push of final 13 and DoF?
  157. /cutemode
  158. Jack-in-the-Box?
  159. Is the combat update going live today (monday)?
  160. NM
  161. Client Crash when Zoning
  162. 24 Hours to go! What one thing would ya change if ya could?
  163. A return to crowd control?
  164. Wood Elf Training abilities
  165. /bug when switching extreme mode
  166. Bonus Adventure Experience??
  167. Can anyone Logon to Test today???
  168. IoR, if any indication, has increased my conivdence in the changes.
  169. Ambush and Sneak Attack.
  170. Just before it goes live, nerf the necros
  171. Faction/ Guild LVL Armor
  172. Patch download failed!
  173. Factions and guilds
  174. Test and Beta to Merge?
  175. Quest helper
  176. New Crash To Desktop zoning to Shifting Sands
  177. can anyone logon
  178. Any chance of SOE fixing the Test server for people who bought DOF and now cant play
  179. To patch DOF on test
  180. Genie Bottle - is it possible to change it so we can zone in with others players?
  181. Dueling Bug Report- Loss of MAX HP Count After Losing a Duel
  182. After testing Rogues and bows/Throwing weapons
  183. Auto Log out each time we choose another character
  184. What is a pally to do?
  185. Dueling - It is possible to be killed and lose XP
  186. and it begins...
  187. Netwrok status is a joke.
  188. Haruspex/Sybillant proc rates are off
  189. Is there BONUS XP or NOT?
  190. A personal Thank-You!
  191. Moorguard's Tips contradicting his own new con system
  192. Trying to do the "Becoming A Druid" class quest in FP on test....
  193. Excessive Stuns and Interupts
  194. Missing spells from Sage Essentials Vol. 51
  195. Fix the Broker
  196. Shadowy Attendant Dev's Please Read
  197. Any recommended parsers?
  198. EQ Vs EQ2 where I think SoE is going wrong
  199. Guardian Class Bruised
  200. You will either laugh or cry at the things wrong right now
  201. Very dissapointed with a few things...
  202. SP Arena Bug?
  203. Harclave. Still messed up. What's the deal?
  204. Some classes can solo heroic groups?
  205. ok what is going on
  206. Post Bonus XP - My thoughts on a new vitality system
  207. Why Cant U Cast While On A Flying Carpet?
  208. New lotto (spoiler maths)
  209. Need clarification on invis change
  210. Bring a Friend back?
  211. Grizzlefang
  212. Bonus exp for crafting?
  213. Casting while running
  214. Where is going EQ2 ???
  215. Test locked? 9-25-05
  216. An honest look at the new revamp
  217. why call this EQ-2?
  218. summon corpse
  219. priest balance
  220. Just to Clarify The EQ VS EQ2 argument
  221. Imbued items for tier 6?
  222. How do I patch DoF to Test Server Client?
  223. love the new speed rule for stealth on test
  224. guardian idea
  225. Not able to cast while on a flying carpet??
  226. Please and with sugar on top?
  227. Why are there no new armor models?
  228. Prismatic and other old world raids...
  229. Updates for test first?
  230. Spells/Combat Arts losing con colors other than Red/White/Gray
  231. Class clarification please
  232. Guardian interrupts being ignored
  233. Ranged weapons for crucaders :)
  234. Can Tailor's make any imbued throwing ranged items? (a Rogue concern)
  235. Tired of test crashing!!!
  236. From the “Test Server Update Notes” Forum
  237. Music to Mine ears ; )
  238. Newbie leveling
  239. Endless aggro in Lavastorm .....
  240. Lambert Extract Recipe
  241. Imbued T6 Armor
  242. Escape Not Clearing Aggro - Fix Coming?
  243. When will T6 food and drink be fixed?
  244. PLEASE Adjust the Fabled Gear Levels!!
  245. Lack of communications by Devs...
  246. My wizard is bugged!
  247. Status Loot Not Raising Faction: Pointless.
  248. We have no level 60 crafters on TEST???
  249. Shades of Grey
  250. Pets in Maj'dul housing broke