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  1. Make a shop where ppl can buy back their previously Adept III's for their Rares..
  2. Changes to Shaman Wards?
  3. Size is all that matters, at least virtually
  4. Rair Harvest?
  5. Request: power regen items info
  6. Voiceover pack 2
  7. What abou the BERSERKERS ?
  8. Is A Month Enough Time?
  9. Please post about Warden changes
  10. Ranger Changes
  11. Brigand bow request for new combat revamp
  12. Bruiser DPS?
  13. SOE, you need to re-think these changes.
  14. Comments, Concerns and Suggestions
  15. How about adding a bank to all the inner city zones!?
  16. Broker Window problem?
  17. DEVS: The forced class separation of Troubadors and Dirges is idiotic!
  18. DOF features on test?
  19. beserker conbat change
  20. Crusaders ranged DPS
  21. No kiting?
  22. Respec(t) us SOE
  23. LU-13 Feedback for the Dev's on getting better feedback
  24. Got an idea why not just box chanters
  25. Scouts and Shields
  26. Warlock nerfs and the Splitpaw Arena
  27. Just wondering...
  28. You have to look at the changes from a macro perspective.
  29. LU 13 and how everyone is Concerned about it
  30. Illusionist's disappointment - a try to explain where it comes from
  31. Combat Revamp - Why?
  32. The one post that is only postitive
  33. HO Problems now?
  34. Deadly trap, slightly too deadly.
  35. Summoner changes?
  36. Moorgaurd....directed question. (We all want the answer)
  37. The new broker window...
  38. The class I chose to play vs. what that class turned out to be
  39. btw, Which servers are not half daed?
  40. So, in a nutshell, who likes the new stuff?
  41. Serious question.
  42. The death of a class defining ability
  43. Stuck heroic op's
  44. Will there be an optional 10 month subscription refund?
  45. Set Up For Test Server - Now Can't Access Normal Servers
  46. New changes rock you dont need so many different classes now in the guild :(
  47. Lvl 50 Berserker looking to be copied to Test server please.
  48. /surname feedback ?
  49. Odd Problem Trying to Access Test
  50. Any feed back on the new Guild Changes?
  51. Patron removal idea to keep guilds from bootin inactive members
  52. Same Name, Different Game
  53. Changes that Impact the Fundamental Play Styles of a Class Should be Avoided
  54. /charcopy -- Please
  55. What's the direction?
  56. What will became Old Spells ?
  57. The Woeful Population
  58. Hmmmm Am I playing EQ or EQ2?
  59. Tradeskill volumes not not show in new broker windows
  60. Are illusionists supposed to have charm?
  61. Templar Nerf
  62. great fears
  63. Group invis/sneak ect
  64. The Paladin after Revamp
  65. Harvesting skill resets
  66. We NEED a new test server....
  67. Warning about Class Balance and Nerfs
  68. Changes are gonna force us to seek Groups, Soloers BEWARE
  69. I am excited about the combat changes!
  70. Crafted Potions - Changes Coming?
  71. A scout test combat question
  72. New evil monk?
  73. Moving off TEST
  74. broker window must still be in progress
  75. PvP Dueling
  76. Troubadors on test - what do you think.
  77. Feedback poll
  78. New graphics problems logging into Test
  79. New combat change
  80. Ask for Patch Note Writer volunteers -- crazy idea?
  81. Peat Bog - Bog Slugs for Mage class quest seem to be MIA
  82. Illusionist wear VLA, why do we have to tank to solo? Live and test...boggle
  83. How are Paladins and Monks in the revamp?
  84. CLASS REMOVED!!!! Before:some Troubadours After Change: NONE
  85. Lack of weapons for bruisers in stances?
  86. The most effective way to test class balance ..
  87. Do Necromancer DoTs now stack with another Necromancer as promised?
  88. What are they going to do with the weapon slots for brawlers that go unarmed?
  89. Suggestion for Dopple and a good way to shut me up
  90. Starting a character on test
  91. The Lesson of Mediocrity
  92. Are the fluff spells changed in the new combat system?
  93. Complaint about change/nerf to scout sneak lines.
  94. Curious about Inquisitor.
  95. 13c downtiering undone, but heroics still oober?
  96. Plea - Dont Ruin what you have Fixed already (Game Mechanics)
  97. Do you find combat more rewarding now?
  98. Crusaders and Ranged Weapons
  99. Rogue Class Skill "Smuggle" to under powered
  100. Pls fix Ancient Combine Great Flail !!
  101. Why Nerf Mez?
  102. New AC distrubution in armor?
  103. the test server
  104. the test server
  105. FE FI FO FUM I SMELL THE BLOOD...hmmm thats an idea...
  106. Armor Questions
  107. hahahaha: enchanter blink description in the combat changes thread
  108. Huge concerns about Coercer's DPS bread and butter: Tyrannical Mind
  109. My experince with a crusader on Test LV 1-19
  110. /movelog?
  111. "Level" of a spell/art?
  112. Avoidance bug?
  113. Nerf away, but isnt it just a game?
  114. mob con means more....xp is same?
  115. Uktrils Round Shield of Striking, stats now?
  116. last patchnotes -> pets, the joke with the mage-pet
  117. Will it still be fun when this goes live?
  118. Templars shields going to be fixed?
  119. A Simple Solution
  120. bugged hair styles?
  121. Low level mobs and their heals
  122. Re-Tiering Thread
  123. Suggestion about class revamp
  124. A thought on Rogues and the loss of the bow
  125. The 4 bruiser classes
  126. Testlock feedback
  127. Sounds Good
  128. Sounds Good
  129. You Destroyed My Mystic Now Destroying My Troubador
  130. Gonna Have to Face It, You're Addicted to Revamps
  131. Bruiser feedback: variety and the CA cost/damage ratio
  132. Enough of all the depressing CA revamp posts. Someone tell us about the weapon revamp
  133. Pets...
  134. Just curious where the game is going if DPS and HEAL is the most important for victory...
  135. Harclave is a part of the problem.
  136. Grouping After Combat Change Goes Live
  137. Combat Tracker or Log
  138. Seems all right to me....
  139. Any one willing to sort things out for me?
  140. Question regarding non-scaling item stats
  141. Zombie Pet Animation
  142. Suggestion for improvement to comabt system changes
  143. Wizards and Rooting
  144. solo with the LU13 changes?
  145. casting timer for skills
  146. I wish I didn't know what I know now... which is not much.
  147. Devs: A Compasionate Plea / Add a /reroll
  148. Zone re-tiering
  149. Test Server Economy or lack thereof
  150. EQ 2 originally advertised as a game for small groups and soloers.
  151. Soga models on test server???
  152. Question
  153. What did your do to the GFX last patch?
  154. Best Solo Class on Test Server?
  155. Merchant MOTDs? Item descriptions on the broker?
  156. Quest Broken: The 999 Year Old Port
  157. Enchanter and concentration slots – imbalance intended?
  158. Lets take it to the polls!! Two poll questions regarding the combat revamp.. you vote!!
  159. Does Intelligence affect DD and Dot's for Priest classes?
  160. Question about damage
  161. Is there a planed ETA for the haste cap?
  162. What are the NEW class Concepts after the Combat Changes?
  163. So... INT affects spell damage even for priests.... yeeeeeaaaahhh....
  164. Experience Debt Changes Coming Soon to Test
  165. Any happy Brigand on test?
  166. Scout Str boost in CU?
  167. Are we still fine tuning the combat change?
  168. Summon Food/Drink?
  169. When will the Live Update go Live?
  170. Couple of thoughts and ideas SoE you may like or dislike.
  171. Is mentoring fixed (or enhanced) with the combat update?
  172. heroic encounter question
  173. The state of things.
  174. Buffs. Community. and relaxing locked encounters abit.
  175. Pallies and no sheild buffs
  176. token spells...
  177. Disturbing News
  178. Some positive results
  179. Multitude of broken (unfinished) items
  180. Broken Quest: Problem Solving:Test Server
  181. Hey, at least they still have time to test it.... *cough*
  182. Magi's Shielding...
  183. Moved to appropriate forum.
  184. Major crafting bug on test; crafting buffs cancel instead of refreshing
  185. Duelling
  186. Epic Mob Resistances
  187. Crusaders - Stats and the Combat Changes
  188. Sorry, but the aquatic mob changes scream exploit
  189. The POSITIVE thread, please post comments!
  190. Player comfort in-game
  191. Necro revamp question
  192. Aquatic creatures and groups
  193. Combat Revamp
  194. Monkey business
  195. Please improving the LFG Function
  196. Sugjestion's
  197. do mystic wards use the resistance of the player or is it currently similar to Armor mitigation ?
  198. Summoners and protection problems
  199. Chest Traps
  200. Proposed Illusionist "Improvements"
  201. XP vs Time and the new combat changes
  202. any changes to the way xp and xp debt works on test as of Aug. 24?
  203. Impact of armor and spell mechanics changes
  204. Tested: Warlock 27, Berzerker 25
  205. New combat rules + Splitpaw Solo Arena Champ = ???
  206. First connect to test: 19 hour download - fear release day!
  207. Seperate server for 16 and under
  208. DoF and Test Server
  209. Armor and Equipment Changes Needed
  210. Resurrection Changes
  211. faction?
  212. RE:Resurrection Changes
  213. Group Cures?
  214. adept 3's
  215. Crafting and Equipment Change
  216. Any ETA of LU13?
  217. Impact of new changes to Troubs and Dirges RE: Run speed/JMA?
  218. Priest Gear (Int vs Wis)
  219. Combat revamp, The Ugly, The Bad, still looking for the good
  220. Conjuror problem with recent change.
  221. ~16 days left~ A plea from a fan
  222. new comabt system
  223. Thoughts of what is to come...
  224. Why are they unblancing scout group sneaks/invis?
  225. Just the facts Please.
  226. Why am I not seeing any SK fixes/changes...part 2
  227. What is the difference.....
  228. Armor feedback
  229. purpose of see invis or see hidden?
  230. How do you obtain the new Master II's?
  231. DoF XP vs Harclave XP for Level 50 -- How is it?
  232. Some comments on new changes on Test
  233. bonus exp
  234. Rare Legendary harvested ?
  236. Losing upgraded spells / skills when they are being replaced.
  237. update 13e, my reaction to the newest version of our world....
  238. Concerns about new encounter locking (or lack there of)
  239. Locking Combat Encounter Command /lock
  240. Unlocked Encounters and the use of /yell
  241. Update 13e, mobs need retuned, made them a bit too easy
  242. Anychanges to Anvilpaw's weapons?
  243. Can you test stack issues with Mystic Ursine and other proc buff, they dont seem to work together
  244. CTD with SOEBUILD= 2257
  245. Dueling bugged?
  246. Date
  247. In-game poll about locked encounter
  248. Is it possible to have a flag to indicate when mobs are in combat but not locked?
  249. Why the changes?
  250. Quick Question on Armourer Recipe Books.