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  1. Making quested items no trade means the pure adventurer can not make money?
  2. Ruse changes, what the Devs don't seem to know, and a plea
  3. No on No-Trade.
  4. Good god im bored.
  5. Update 6 - Harvest even more easy
  6. Sorry to be such a noob..
  7. Why is the known bug with Divine Wrath NOT being fixed in LU#6?
  8. Surveil
  9. Combine changes in Heritage Quests
  10. A NO on NO-TRADE!
  11. a dumb question
  12. Selling out of house vault depends on housing type
  13. No Trade is No Good
  14. Quest No-trade...SoE trying to stop Plat sellers?
  15. Shadowy Attendant -- Something better than nothing?
  16. Bard skills and "toggling"
  17. We need a nearest NPC engaged in encounter key...
  18. Offline Selling and Houses - The good and the bad!
  19. sorely needed
  20. Collection Quest fix for live update #6?
  21. Still missed Warlock fix
  23. Abuse in Live fix #6
  24. Bone Razor
  25. Heritage item buyback
  26. Previously Crafted
  27. YIkes! Why is SoE making the game easier and easier and easier with evey patch?
  28. When does Live Update go live?
  29. A Better Alternative to NO-TRADE
  30. Call of Qeynos / Call of the Overlord
  31. Blood Fire and Totem of Widder.....What are the new stats and procs please?
  32. Idea For Better Involvement amongst encounters.
  33. New Crafting Events, something to consider
  34. Age of turmoil book
  35. April fools joke or most neato trade change eva ?
  36. Umm... was my hard work pointless?
  37. EQ2 taking steps backwards...
  38. Warlock Spell Change
  39. Patch #7 : Please respectfully leave Wardens alone.
  40. Patch #7 : Please respectfully leave Wardens alone.
  41. Patch #7 : Please respectfully leave Wardens alone (as well as Fury vs. Warden discussion)
  42. DoT damage mitigation VS resistances.
  43. Will they ever allow us to move to a RP server with our characters?
  44. I think SOE is making a big Mistake.
  45. Three minutes as a recast time is a little excessive isn't it?
  46. New T5 Writs?
  47. Sorcerer spell Eye of Zomm
  48. Collections Quests No trade?
  49. Zone access only needed by 1 groupmember now - an idea on how to reward those who have done it
  50. Wardens
  51. New RP server please...
  52. please delete
  53. Why not just go play WoW?
  54. Epic Stuff - Not sure where to put it
  55. Do you still need to do the DFC access quest to start SSotY???
  56. NO-TRADE quest items will hurt my playstyle
  57. Patch 6 - 24 hours isnt enough
  58. Level 30s in enchanted lands for next patch
  59. coffee
  60. eq1>eq2
  61. Nothing to do...
  62. April Fool patch notes......
  63. Hi end raid content
  64. Oh where oh where have my guildies gone, oh where or where...
  65. FYI
  66. chat filter options should now save...
  67. Agro Bug: More Information
  68. Feature Request: Raid Dump button in guild window
  69. SBH not mounted?
  70. Monsoon better than EBBC.. No!
  71. The big nasty word: POTIONS
  72. Major problem with Stat foods!! Devs please read!!
  73. LOL
  74. Don't see stats on food
  75. .......
  76. Live Now: You can Exploit Vox to Win
  77. Please dont make EQ2 a game like WOW, and here is why..
  78. wardens
  79. Why we need at LEAST Duels in game...
  80. NO TRADE dropped for Status Tribute system!
  81. Please Remove Broker Commissions (for buyers from offline sellers!!!)
  82. BUG with Examine Recipe
  83. Baked snapper recipie is broke.
  84. SBH mounting
  85. Cant swap bags/boxed
  86. No counters for Geo/Tham stuff
  87. Is EXP really so rare . . .
  88. So just how much money do Adventures make?
  89. Please fix the LOTO algorythm
  90. Well I hope Sony hasnt given up on the overland tweaks.
  91. Great Thanks for Breaking Woodworkers. Cant make Cedar Wands
  92. New Recipe Stein of Mogguk unsellable.
  93. Badly done set of New 40+ writs.
  94. Vault sales
  95. /bug Unable to View the Details of Offline Seller Items
  96. Ghost Armor Graphic Bug Since Patch
  97. Add message in chat window when you get a rare reaction in tradeskill
  98. Why are there always so many problems with high end content?
  99. (Mostly) postive comments on live update #6, and some suggestions about bug to fixes
  100. Show number of items in house
  101. Leaving because of no PVP...
  102. A few things that are funky since patch
  103. Question - Selling from vault while online
  104. Anyone notice a bug with Venekor?
  105. OK so after patch my defiler Dots are 1/2 as effective... /bug or /new_feature
  106. How do you guys test
  107. percentage avoid and mitigation
  108. Smedleys Letter - Depressing...
  109. 2 Things that really need to be addressed
  110. Stop your complaining
  111. UNFAIR - What's wrong with that?
  112. more scout complaints
  113. This sums the issue up perfectly
  114. Test Server vs Live Servers
  115. Will this game ever run for a continuous 24 hour period?
  116. Vault Store closed by morning server reboot
  117. Make monks and Brusiers better tanks, reduce thier DPS, share thier skills with guardians
  118. Server moves..
  119. Harvesting is becomeing worthless...
  120. Economy
  121. Where can I see info on upcoming Live Update Patches
  122. Has the EQ2 team ever concidered Test Copying?
  123. Live Update #7 test patch wednesday or thursday?
  124. -Changes that are NEEDED for EQ2 survival-
  125. Do not nerf wardens up the classes and fix the healing classes
  126. Can we get the LU#7 patch notes earlier?
  127. Test Server and the need for more High End players on Test
  128. new dmg calculation?
  129. Parry buffs - In combat changes
  130. No hail while invis? (an end to buying languages?)
  131. LU#7: Power of Sugestion no longer stacks with Gift of the Magi
  132. Missing texture on armor part, missing fix in test live #7
  133. Capped Mitigation etc = cap on character growth?
  134. Any Lv47+ Templars on Test Server?
  135. /hide_Illusions command and mounts
  136. New Combat System
  137. LU #7 on Test, Druid Agro
  138. Are we getting a /respec with LU #7?
  139. The New writs need work.
  140. LU7 nerfs
  141. MOORGARD REPLY * Conjurer/Necromancer pet/DPS improvements Liveupdate7
  143. Pristine Disease Imbued Cedar Wand
  144. vaguenes in changes
  145. Please Stop the Game Design Changes . . .
  146. What about Evasive Maneuvers?
  147. Nightblood the hard way Medium reward
  148. Priests losing parry....(and more thoughts)
  149. Patch #7: hits scouts in the groin, please reconsider :(
  150. Why are the devs messing with the combat system?
  151. Pact of the Pride (Ghost Lion form)
  152. Tier search? Why not skill level search? and Armor-type search?
  153. Where is this priest balancing?
  154. Mage Damage Output.
  155. I would still like to hear the fizzle...
  156. Can we get some solid data ?
  157. scout observations
  158. LU#7 please let us copy and test
  159. Changes have killed us Wizards.....
  160. moorgard just moved the combat changes out of the LU#7 thread and into its own...
  161. scout observations
  162. Necromancer changes: Nlyph's Ghost Form is now a zombie illusion instead of a ghost illusion.
  163. Anybody here who has actual observations on combat changes?
  164. clarification on "base" mitigation
  165. Vanguard Armor vs. Heavy Armor
  166. Give all scouts group invis
  167. Scouts screwed again?
  168. Biggest fault of the new combat changes
  169. Swatting flies with nukes!
  170. Zombie form and resistances
  171. /hide_illusion is a waste of the devs resources...
  172. My little Avoidance study
  173. feedback on Griffon ride
  174. feedback on new quest journal feature
  175. Moorgard - Typo on Shield Base Block Rates?
  176. to easy? why not cap stats
  177. 6 months into game is to late to make core changes
  178. The new "Caps" especially in Parry skill....render bard spells useless?
  179. About alacrity
  180. no heroic single mobs
  181. a resume
  182. My idea on how combat changes should of been changed
  183. Game devs need to creat a sandbox server
  184. Any tank to post his stats before/after the update?
  185. Steady Aim duration reduction :(
  186. Dev question on testing
  187. Conscript's Broken Shield
  188. please stop complaining and just play the game loser!
  189. While were makeing big changes lets look at int soft cap in place now...
  190. Please delete
  191. Combat Changes in Testing Feedback
  192. As a Defiler
  193. Feedback on the removal of ^^ mobs
  194. How about a reduced (or no) fee for playing on test? We need more testers
  195. Sorts on Journal
  196. That did it!
  197. Current writs situation is unaceptable : Ideas
  198. Qynoes citizens should NOT be getting perks from being in Freeport guilds.
  199. Silent Majority
  200. Guild status for killing epic MOBs - a question.
  201. Will people who finished the "Learning about NB's the Hard way" be able to change boots
  202. Learn from AO's mistake: a single patch can destroy a game.
  203. fix it now stop making things worce
  204. please consider..
  205. and this one to
  206. Why is a test server change on the live server (without being put in the live server notes)?
  207. Combat changes should be held off until class balancing is done.
  208. why not ask the pople what they think hmmm?
  209. Just curious.
  210. Healers unite.
  211. The secret of how to turn lead into gold
  212. An alternative to the current suggested SOE changes.
  213. We need an explanation on proposed avoidance changes
  214. Carpentry Question... regarding next update!
  215. A Warden's Feedback - Proposed Priest/Combat Changes
  216. Newest Round of Changes in Test
  217. This was meant to be a reply to another post but it posted it as a new thread. Sorry.
  218. Reach cap too fast or armor values now need major overhaul
  219. Are these figures correct?
  220. NPC Invisibity Change.
  221. Torturous Visions in Solo Instances is *$%#&!
  222. Drop Rate in Underrot Caverns: Moldy Crypt
  223. Bug in the new combat system
  224. Mystic Changes ~ April 18th Patch
  225. 4/18 patch went wrong direction
  227. I'm not in favor of the avoidance changes in testing
  228. to many changes, in to small of a timeframe
  229. Confused????????????
  230. Combat changes, make a stand here.
  231. What do mystics do now?
  232. Say what ?!?!?
  233. Don't Panic?
  235. Perfectly Happy With the Game
  236. Tower vs. Kite
  237. Wizards stink in EQ2
  238. And The Best Part Is
  239. Channeling skill?
  240. Wouldn't worry too much about the combat changes...
  241. SOE's track record of fixing exploits.....
  242. Please clarify "Lone link dead palyers don't have to camp."
  243. Epic mobs and status
  244. Illusionist DPS
  245. well we just got hit with LU#7.... so what DID we get???
  246. Leaving because of the Robe of the Invoker removal
  247. I just don't get it..*Rant*
  248. Why is Situational Superiority Bad? What is Class Balance?
  249. [Suggestion] Nearest NPC Target after April 21 Patch
  250. Epic Mobs not giving status.