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  1. Harvested Component Base Cost Formula? Could someone just tell us what they are ... PLEASE!!
  2. Citzenship Quest Qynos Bugd
  3. Noticed Something .. Need Feedback
  4. I hate the recipie book...
  5. Tester Feedback
  6. Feeback -> Caster mobs
  7. Could someone post heritage merchant prices
  8. Needed Tracking Window Improvements
  9. Craft Buffing Worse Than Twisting In EQ1
  10. Dev Responses..
  11. Mentoring, Welcome to the new official content bypass switch
  12. Why put in Tiered Fuel prices and then change all crafintg to Tier 1 fuels?
  13. Feedback: New Server Downtimes are great (7AM EST)
  14. An idea re: The Ranger's pets
  15. Idea for status&society
  16. Devs: When are the tradeskill fuel bugs going to be addressed?
  17. Tradeskill Suggestions
  18. Grey mob agro, all risk, no reward
  19. Enchanter Feedback
  20. Alchemy seems broken
  21. Question for you testing freaks :P
  22. Another question for you Test'ers...
  23. Assassin Damage
  24. IN-GAME FEEDBACK - Some comments
  25. New solo encounter I found in Antonica. (solo group of beetles)
  26. With mentoring get rid of vitality!
  27. With mentoring get rid of vitality!
  28. Question regarding guild status on test.
  29. Pls fix this
  30. Mentoring and Writs - A Question
  31. What are gathered resources worth now?
  32. Enough is enough!
  33. What kind of exp does the apprentice get
  34. Test Server: Marketable Goods and Availability
  35. PLEASE change Robe of Beguiler Graphics!!!!!!!!!
  36. My 2 cents on mentoring
  37. how do i get on a test server?
  38. Too much Pie, Not enough Sandwiches?
  40. Nill Distortion
  41. 7 Years xp in the biz huh SOE.
  42. Re. March 7 patch notes
  43. I feel like im stuck in a box
  44. A Few Good Developers (excerpt from the script)
  45. Wehn will EQ2 stop maintenance daily ?
  46. Why buy crafted weapons/armor?
  47. Suggestion to help testing....
  48. Offline Selling...
  49. I love patch day!
  50. Understanding EQ economics 101
  51. Test server question
  52. Mentoring Question
  53. servers down 8 hours
  54. Way to go Testies, you really dropped the ball this time!
  55. Playing on test
  56. Lets remove the testing server...
  57. What's Next?
  58. what was the headline... play whenever they want to???
  59. Look on the bright side!
  60. Whos bright idea was that 3 coercers spells casted together should match single Illusionist Spell?
  61. Divine Vengeance does NOT increase Strength
  62. Alchemist can they be fixed next please
  63. One players opinion....
  64. Appearently Test procedures are [Removed for Content].... fix them before implementing patches
  65. Ignore message...answer found **
  66. Copy Toons to Test Server
  67. Bug Report: Selling Back Price
  68. Bug Report: Selling Back Price
  69. Bug: no revive window
  70. Sell-Back Prices, need info please.
  71. Keep up the good work SOE!!
  72. Get it together dev's.
  73. Greater Fury is still not working as intended
  74. More solo friendly?
  75. Question re Test patch times.
  76. Post Patch Suggestion for Mods:
  77. Population of Test Server?
  78. Alchemy and Carpentry still not fixed or even looked at...
  79. Patch notes
  80. Artisan class concept dead with aggro mobs added to safe harvest areas
  81. Cosmetic request for spell descriptions
  82. Need Help. Can't Login
  83. For the love of God fix the Nil Distortion spell
  84. So is Mail coming?
  85. BAD BAD BAD !
  86. Solo adventuring - much more work to do
  87. Bugged Door in Obelisk
  88. Bugged Guardian Haste Spells
  89. Overwhelm skill
  90. STILL Can't ACCESS GUILD FORUMS, tried everything....
  91. Lavastorm map
  92. New Loot Table Feedback
  93. The red border around an aggro NPC's name should no longer change when the encounter is locked.
  94. The fifth stage of the Glowing Black Stone quest should now properly take the Palladium Torque.
  95. Shrub Type Harvest Nodes
  96. Palladium for Strange Black Rock
  97. merchant sales log? a perminiant sales log!
  98. Module Test Observations
  99. Looking for Paladin/Shadowknight testers: Is the horse spam finally fixed?
  100. Axes and Polearms...Crusader/Paladin/Shadowknight community wants some information PLEASE
  101. Mentoring just isn't worth the trouble from what I experienced
  102. Mentoring Poisen Fix
  103. Zones that need a re-design monster wise.
  104. Hertiage Rares - A Solution
  105. TO: The Devs FROM: An Apostrophe
  106. welcome to Everwhine
  107. Offline selling
  108. HO's that make me say, "huh?"
  109. So, how about those patch notes?
  110. Saying "NO THANKS" to the expansion pack pop-up numerous times
  111. Update #5
  112. Attuned gear has chance of enchance?
  113. Adding Enchantments to my Attuned Ebon Armor...(some solutions!)
  114. Mailing items between servers?
  115. Con system broken after last big update?
  116. grats to everyone who has a high lvl alchy
  117. .
  118. Where is the carpenter love?
  119. Summoners
  120. New character slots not for All-Access(tm) players?
  121. Provisioner question
  122. wrong forum - sorry for the bytes (ab)used
  123. please delete
  124. Make enhancemnts and END ITEM
  125. *** Return to Nektropos ***
  126. simpler solution
  127. Possible to get a Clarification on Enhancements? As far as items already Attuned?
  128. In Depth Explination of Enhanments?
  129. Necromancers for test updates
  130. why remove interdependency then bring it back?
  131. Well this was a reply that appears to be it's own thread.....
  132. Update Notes: March 18, 2005
  133. March 16 patch change: Armorer recepies inconsistant
  134. Mentoring under 20: need an AC fix
  135. Brass Halbred
  136. In game email
  137. Great job devs.
  138. A question about the new rares.
  139. Very happy to see offline selling now :)
  140. Carpenters and Sages get hosed again.
  141. Multiple Mailboxes for 1 house?
  142. In regards to Crusaders error message
  143. Can anyone detail the enchanting process please (Testers wanted)?
  144. As of 03/17/05, EQ2 Test Client crashed when examining an item [FIXED by SOE Tech Support!]
  145. - Mail will be deleted 3 days after opening it
  146. dda
  147. So how uncommon are the new "uncommon" harvestables?
  148. Guild Leaders
  149. Can't add enchancement to existing ebon armor....[Removed for Content]
  150. thanks devs!!
  151. Price of EFP Housing?
  152. Hello - did you forget you have Carpenters in this game?!
  153. RE: New mail system
  154. yeah...
  155. How many posters here are actually testers?
  156. Why pre-existing fasioned items should not be exluded from the new enhancements
  157. Baby Dragons!
  158. Seeking Information Regarding the New Crafting Recipes (3/16/2005 Patch)
  159. Lets not rush to put the Alchemists at the front of the supply chain again -- we need BALANCE!!!
  160. greattttt
  161. A suggested solution regarding enchanting existing items
  162. New mail system: Does 'an item' include stacks?
  163. New Mail System - Why A Give Coin Button? (and other questioins)
  164. Will the new mail system allow us to mail to an alt?
  165. yet another great idea
  166. re:
  167. Way to ignore provisioners in the newest patch
  168. Sending Items Via Mail Cross Server
  169. .
  170. Mail system city restrictions
  171. If a Guild loses lvl 15, what happens to their mailbox/mail?
  172. New Mail System - Inconvient
  173. Several deaths=massive lag, memory leak?
  174. Wards not working.
  175. Question for the testers
  176. The new spells/arts
  177. Location of the new recipe books for Tradeskills
  178. How was TBC introduced on Test? Is that the same way it will be Live?
  179. Mailing System Questions
  180. Thought on avoidance/mitigation reading
  181. Can carpenters do anything with the new rares? And do our buffs get better?
  182. When harvesting from stones at all levels?
  183. The Niscanith encounter should now present a greater level of challenge.
  184. Test notes for 21st?
  185. heritage quest
  186. a couple of ideas for the new mail and inhancement items.
  187. bout time
  188. Enchanting allready attuned items
  189. Allow items flagged solely LORE to be mailed
  190. Rare Harvest
  191. Surprise- Mountable Heritage Items!
  192. Lost Dungeons of Nektulos.
  193. Resists
  194. Problem with the new Armor Class system
  195. patch went live with tier 4 harvest quests still bugged
  196. New Mail System
  197. is the tool issue every going to be addressed?
  198. Avoidance is bugged post patch.
  199. Luring Out The Evil - Quest Problem
  200. .
  201. Devs Read -Game heading in Wrong Direction
  202. Testing feedback 3-22-2005
  203. Possible simple solution to a Mentor problem
  204. Allow players to COPY characters to test so that things like this week don't happen again
  205. Level 50
  206. Concerns of information collected for Troubleshooting by the new file LP_Diagnostics.exe
  207. Test download?
  208. Devs can we have dye.Every mmorpg has it now i think
  209. Dirge: Harl's Kindling Strain and JMoA
  210. Can we get a heads up?
  211. delete
  212. Maintained spell window: Cheap Shot.. sticking?
  213. suggestions regarding respec and solo encounters
  214. Taunt/Hate increase for Guardians requested/Chest Rewards (No more Normal Chest for 25 min fights)
  215. Thing about raids..
  216. In Game Bug
  217. Re: Taunt/Hate increase for Guardians requested/Chest Rewards
  218. Bone Cudgel
  219. would like to transfer my characters back to live servers,,,,,,,huge mistake
  220. Major Bug with Thaen the Lost.
  221. Questions about test server,please help.
  222. Test versus "normal"
  223. Honest question: What is the point of the test server and Live updates
  224. Fix the bug for chat settings not saving in next patch or I cancel.
  225. Agreed
  226. Would you PLEASE keep Live Updates on Test longer? (rant)
  227. gear that can not be used?
  228. please give the new uncommon harvestables a different description!
  229. A small change request
  230. Please add 50+ Combat experience.
  231. Greater Variation In Models and more??
  232. Major Bug Encountered.
  233. Illusionist: stacking issue with ability
  234. lv 39 mystic mourning soul
  235. According to latest test server update notes, no mention of summoner pet fix
  236. Stein of Moggok sellable on test?
  237. why was bump deleted?
  238. Devs: PLease allow trustees to sell from house vault as well!!
  239. Some Dropped Potions Stackable now ... Player-made too please?
  240. - Resistances now mitigate the per-tick damage of DoT spells. Does this hammer player DoTs?
  241. Heart of Fear weapon changes?
  242. New Raid Changes
  243. Can someone confirm if longshank is really fixed ?
  244. Request: Could we get a rundown of changes in the test adjustments to outdoor zone populations?
  245. Update 6
  246. WHAT Items are you making no trade with this patch?
  247. Trying to log into Test, Character Stuck?
  248. selling on the test server
  249. The proposed change regarding No-Trade items.
  250. no longer toggle?