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  1. Selling Loot Rights/Raid Sitting gone on test...
  2. XP doesn't change 90/91
  3. Devs/Programmers Please Read
  4. Solo instances - one per day?
  5. Prestige tree's and PvP, the end of PvP?
  6. Raid Zones
  7. [Withering Lands and Skyshrine] Zone and NPC art feedback
  8. Crafting apprentice - instance gives unlimited apprentices
  9. Beastlord Paineel Focus adorns missing?
  10. some assembly still required quest
  11. /test copy not copying?
  12. [Moved] Live Server - "plain Nektulos pine tree" house item not displaying
  13. [Crafting Feedback]Tradeskill apprentice recepies
  14. Perrin Wanderhoof - Fury Merc in Withered Lands
  15. Out of the cold, dead.....
  16. [Crafting Feedback] Bulk Arrows?
  17. nm
  18. Merc bugs
  19. (Crafting Feedback) Tinkerers and Adorners and Transmuters still missing
  20. Dracurion Tradeskill Apprentices
  21. City festival on test / test copy?
  22. New Tradeskill Apprentices
  23. AA reset again!
  24. Illusionist Myth buff bugged after last night
  25. Tradeskill Component [Maligonian Horns]
  26. Reduced xp needed for AAs now?
  27. Solo Instance Rewards
  28. AA conversion error
  29. Dropping to character select
  30. Priest Ranged slot rewards
  31. Drakota Mount
  32. Demolisher Construct - Mercenary
  33. GU 63: Crafting and Recipes
  34. Solo Quest Rewards in GU 63?
  35. Dungeon Finder
  36. 1 week to go to GU63
  37. Brenin Stoutheart not pulling aggro on Test Copy
  38. How long is crafter leveling 90->92 intended to take?
  39. Repeatable Quest Icons
  40. Dropped Components for the Dracurian Researched Recipes
  41. Berries
  42. Preloading assetts
  43. [GU63] HUGE house items
  44. Where is the Dungeon Maker update?
  45. Whithered Lands, Quested items reward changed?
  46. ToFS debuff needed in GU 63?
  47. Crafted to 92 before going to Thurgadin no qho letter to get pony
  48. Plane of War Gear Nerf.
  49. A Badge of Honor Charm missing
  50. The Road Less Travelled?
  51. [Moved] Beastlords pet appearance quests but not summoners?
  52. Reforging still bugged btw.
  53. Need some help with the new Tradeskill Apprentices
  54. [BUG] Porto Bunglefoot: Preserving the Flank
  55. Harvesting notes
  56. [BUG] GU 63 has a merc bug on Test, might hit live?
  57. [BUG] Silver Accounts with 320AA at 90 stuck at 50%
  58. ORNATE CRATE OF ENDLESS GOODIES - remove lore tag!
  59. Music files in the wrong folder?
  60. Wrong icons for Stables in Withered Lands
  61. how about combining some stats ?
  63. Can we got the spell that enhanced from PA shows up in the maintained window?
  64. 4-24 Test server Patch
  65. Broken Quest? : All You Need Is Time
  66. Yellow Adornments, no shards being dropped by instances
  67. Underdepths: Betrayal - zone timer issue
  68. Item quests not marked repeatable
  69. Time for a new Buffer
  70. Zone crashes since maintenance
  71. Test_Copy and getting started again...
  72. Quick Question for Dev's
  73. Mercenary Bug: merc not losing mana
  74. [Moved] Test copy buffer please
  75. Was in test didn't see any pvp changes...
  76. Zoning much improved
  77. Auto Attack Mode - Feedback thread
  78. Quest Target Icons - Feedback thread
  79. Suggestion for Repeatable quests
  80. Zone down again
  81. Lyceum of the Recondite [Challenge] - Loot
  82. No grottoes on Test, May 20
  83. Merc's assisting Pets/pets assisting Merc's
  84. unable to play toon
  85. Ranged Focus weapons using wrong Skill? and Request for change
  86. Regarding GU24 notes
  87. test copy
  88. Dungeon Maker: Play as Self Feedback Thread
  89. Issue with new Mercenary Protect option
  90. Unique Sets of Dungeon Token Gear.
  91. Test Feedback: Skyshrine Heroic Instances - Challenge mode - Items upgrades
  92. Quest Bauble Buttons - Feedback Thread
  93. BUG: with character log in since wednesday's update.
  94. When will Tinkerfest be hitting Test Server for us to do our work?
  95. Test copy Server locked?
  96. Test (not Test_Copy) performance
  97. When will TEST work?
  98. New PVP marks
  99. Test Copy Still Down
  100. Test Copy PvP (But not really)
  101. recklessness - confused
  102. Warrior - Unyielding Will Change
  103. [Qeynos] Zone Feedback
  104. [Qeynos] Housing/Winds of Change Quest
  105. Crusader : Doom Judgement - Suggestion for PVP
  106. Berserker - Ward of Rage.
  107. New Qeynos- racial quest feedback
  108. Test shutsdown for the first time for me
  109. All PvP Gear Merchants need gear sorted in Names/Catagorys.
  110. You did an amazing job.
  111. Focus Effects
  112. [Qeynos] Art/Graphics Feedback
  113. Reckless Stance:
  114. Recklessness
  115. PvE Damage Bugged on Test?
  116. ***CLIENT CRASH*** after accepting 3rd Warden profession quest - Now unable to log in at all
  117. Brawlers
  118. Removing monk black widow: why?
  119. Keeps zoning me into Battlegrounds with no Team, remove Truency buff.
  120. PvP damage too much?
  121. Can't Critical in PvE?
  122. Crashing on logging in.
  123. Quests refer to POIs/ROIs - can't test properly without the maps!
  124. wall of hatred nerf?
  125. Bruising and Black Widow Stance
  126. Dont just remove the brawler mid stance and replace it with nothing
  127. Physical Mitigation
  128. Berserk Fury: Battle Frenzy Prestige Damage Reduction AA Ends Prematurely in PvP.
  129. LOVE it.
  130. New Qeynos - NPC feedback
  131. New Qeynos
  132. More tokens from battlegrounds.
  133. GU64 PVP Feedback Thread
  134. Damage output drastically reduced
  135. Anyone else disappointed with new Qeynos?
  136. The next nerf for paladins, with the new fighter change, that's a joke.
  137. Focus Effects Bugs/Feedback
  138. New Qeynos - Storyline quests feedback
  139. New Qeynos - Class quests feedback
  140. Can't get into Test or Test_Copy
  141. Recklessness -isn't working
  142. BUG: Qeynos Housing Portal Exit
  143. BUG: Qeynos Housing Portal Objects Disappear
  144. BUG: Call to home inside Qeynos Skyblade Skiff puts you in old Qeynos
  145. Any possible new mounts for this PVP update?
  146. Reckless Stance for Healers?
  147. Warrior: Stance Mastery
  148. GU64 Berserker Issues, consolidated
  149. Maybe this game update should be pushed back?
  150. Test server maintenance is complete.
  151. New Kid Models
  152. In the correction of the weapons was somewhat forgotten.
  153. GU64 templar changes
  154. Crusader spell double attack AA
  155. PvP gear vendor
  156. Thanks devs for fixing the Underdepths Mallet of Shattering!! Now if we could just...
  157. if test is crashing for you
  158. Evaluating New HM Drunder Raid Gear
  159. PoW jewelry set bonus.
  160. Defiler focus - Voice of the ancestors
  161. Lay on Hands - the new multi-purpose spell for Paladins
  162. Please, please, please don't remove the suburbs in Qeynos.
  163. Memory crash
  164. Suggestions for future additions to the Qeynos and Freeport revamps
  165. Focus: Berserk
  166. Improper display of physical reduction.
  167. Enhance/Focus Blood Rage.
  168. Problem with all quest POIs on the new Qeynos map
  169. Put the 5% Damage Reduction on Fighter's Buffs, Not Stances.
  170. Test server bonus is gone
  171. Trainer Naldur Fursythe NPC has incorrect information
  172. Taunt Immunity / other ideas
  173. Crusader :Combat leadership
  174. Dev Attenion: You said the new era was play it your way...So listen up.
  175. Racial Quest Request
  176. Evil races betrayed to qeynos (or other non evil city)
  177. Can you give all fighters focus to stances like brawlers do?
  178. On Flowers and Lost Neighborhoods - Are the two flower rewards still available in some form?
  179. The Patrols in Qeynos are far more dangerous then anything in freeport.
  180. Exile PVP
  181. Fighter Offensive Stance - what's the point?
  182. Potions
  183. ANNOYING Housing quest, again?
  184. Can you add Furious Assault to Blood Rage?
  185. Devs on Test Copy
  186. Can brawlers keep Middle stances?
  187. recklessness potency making threat gains on abilities very very high
  188. The Racial History Quest from the Books Qeynos Village Updates, need adjusting
  189. Antonica/Qeynos PQ Frenzy of the Mange Feedback
  190. Can we just scrap Recklessness and instead
  191. physical mitigation changes for priests
  192. Presti home portal placement still not working!
  193. Brawler Tenacity Change
  194. Can we please change Recklessness to be fairer to all tank classes?
  195. Skullsplitter of the Prime
  196. Spies in Qeynos quest Broken
  197. The Eagle and the Hawk quest on progressing.
  198. Buff Offensive Stance a little.
  199. Testcenter
  200. Suggestion for Fighter Defensive Stances.
  201. New drunder RAID Items on test!! Dev response please
  202. Test_Copy and PvP - PvE switches
  203. [BUG] Reimbursing Primal Velium Shards
  204. Put an Inkeeper Vendor at the new housing in SouthQ.
  205. Recklessness
  206. PvP: Cap "Range" on spells and bow please.. Thanks!
  207. PvP: Tone down all the "Death Saves" please... Thanks!
  208. [Qeynos] Lore questions and problems
  209. Damage Proc on Avoid HM mechanic
  210. tank problems on test
  211. Storyline what is missing?
  212. The music in North Qeynos
  213. Can I buy a buffer?
  214. BG itemization = Raid Itemization
  215. Exploitable Bug on Test - Unlimited Primal Velium Shards and Plat
  216. Qeynos Guard armor crate
  217. regarding on 1 to 20 lvls, need better chest drops, since it went too fast to get the upgrades.
  218. Housing Leaderboard
  219. Runes of Mending/Blasting.
  220. Commanding Roar
  221. Superior Rune of Mending no Longer CRITs/No longer effected by Stats...
  222. PvP Test Event Friday, July 13
  223. Bring back heroic scarecrows with the Qeynos revamp
  224. Reforging turned off?
  225. Cannot create new character - "no server available"
  226. Pets in pvp
  227. Adorn Changes on test Feedback
  228. Cannot access Test
  229. proposed change to runes of mending
  230. Fabled Crate of Endless Plunder
  231. Berserk Rage is worthless to higher level berserkers after "WOR" changes.
  232. Nerfed Ror!!
  233. Concerning the runes from the Fallen Swords questline
  234. Drinal a pretender?
  235. Tinkerfest 2012 Feedback and Bugs
  236. Can we please remove white adornments?
  237. PvP Feedback on targeting changes.
  238. Mythical nerf on test
  239. Beautiful Video That Played When I Started Test After Fully Updating - How to See It Again?
  240. Blood Rage (Berserker.) Talk
  241. Suggestion: Bard of Remembrance (New Qeynos/Freeport)
  242. [Moved] Every time I Switch to or from Test, Game reininstalls - How Can I Stop This?
  243. New Halas Housing Issue
  244. The Heal you forgot: Arena's Endurance.
  245. Tag Team
  246. Recklessness potency is still increasing threat on abilities
  247. Hostage VI refund still happening
  248. Buffer or not anymore
  249. x2
  250. [BUG] AA tradeskill choices