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  1. Thunderous Overture - Troub.
  2. Time Lock
  3. dirge changes - please make it crit bonus not potency
  4. Where is the stickie telling people how to get to the test server?
  5. Tap Essence Mana Reg
  6. Inconsistent collection quest rewards: one legendary, one treasured
  7. Weapon Skill overcap bug
  8. [Moved] Defiler Spells need to be looked at.
  9. [Moved] Auto-expand Zone Abbreviations in Chat
  10. Timing of Test Notes
  11. Test Update Notes for Thursday Sept 15th...
  12. Dungeon Finder coming to Test! (morning of 9/20)
  13. Items on broker with adornments. Is that intended?
  14. Dungeon finder date
  15. Re:Dungeon Finder coming to Test! (morning of 9/20)
  16. Dungeon Finder Feedback Thread
  17. Why do test server patches get pushed after the live servers get updated?
  18. Test Server Only Streaming?
  19. Come play with Dungeon Finder tonight (Wednesday 21st)
  20. Is the item tinkering still ongoing?
  21. When is Beastlord Prelude part 2 going to hit test?!!!!!!!
  22. Question about test copy, and coping toons
  23. The Cleft Dweller Collection does not give reward
  24. Veteran Gandrfinn
  25. New heroic BP adjustments are bugged
  26. Old Man Dave and Raid adorn Merchants
  27. Why Testcopy server "Disabled" testcopy character add?
  28. [Moved] !!! Idea to save SOE Money and improve EQ2 !!!
  29. Rather than necroing the old thread...(CM requirement changes)
  30. Dungeon Finder and PvP Servers (please read!)
  31. Test Copy PvP Enabled
  32. No new stuff please
  33. Raid Buffer Ol Man Dave?
  34. Dungeon Finder and Third-Party UI mods
  35. ETA on Dungeon Finder?
  36. Rygorr armor sets no longer require velium shards, so what's the point of making them?
  37. what is "the preseason beta tests"?
  38. Beastlord prelude 2, Quest waypoint wrong
  39. Drunder, Rygorr, and other related mussings
  40. Suggested fix for removal of token gear
  41. class restriction loot thread part 2
  42. Heros Festival, any testing needed this year?
  43. [Moved] please change intoxication (predator end line) to a regular proc.
  44. Dungeon Finder & Daily Missions
  45. Soren's loot on test - brawler 1h weapon missing some stats!! fix plz!
  46. Buffer on TC
  47. Ingame Battlegrounds coding issue
  48. Why shard armor changes are good, and bad
  49. Purpose of In Testing
  50. Thurgadin fuel costs
  51. Item Error: Updated Fallen Swords Charms
  52. Heritage quest "The Stormhammer" unfinishable
  53. Swarm pets
  54. New collection function
  55. can we get raid-wide buffs for the next expansion?
  56. Whats the point of DYOD Dungeon if you cannot use your character in them?
  57. Black Market/Fence on test copy server
  58. [2/9/2012] Updated Pathing: All zones on Test are using it now
  59. Myrmidom's set bonus issue
  60. Having trouble downloading test since reinstall
  61. I cannot get test streaming launcher to work
  62. please delete
  63. downloading test
  64. Heroes' Festival 2011 bugs and feedback
  65. Age of Destiny Beta
  66. Co-op strike on test.
  67. Beta Test?
  68. Just a suggestion
  69. Testing
  70. When will Test go F2P?
  71. Advanced Recipes from a bookworm
  72. Did the latest pathing changes get tested? did they go live?
  73. Test login
  74. Items with wrong or missing stats, where / who to report to ?
  75. Frostfell?
  76. Reforging changes needed to be a viable feature
  77. *sighs* I needs help
  78. Test Server no longer ignored!
  79. GU62: Drunder Progression
  80. House portals for Mistmoore Estate vanish & Veteran Awards not available
  81. Character Screen / List
  82. Test after Age of Discovery
  83. Is there any chance that I can change name and icon of gear from reforge?
  84. [Moved] Guys your making the SWG mistake all over again
  85. Test Copy PvP
  86. Kid --> Sandbox
  87. Test login
  88. Unable to write to Exception: Cannot open file - C:/Users/Public/Sony Online Entertainment/Installed
  89. NPC’s heath needs to be below 20%. (Change Request)
  90. "Everquest 2 has detected an unrecoverable error and must shut down" error message
  91. Auto-face avatar bug
  92. Baubles for Beastlords
  93. Stuck Zoning Into Guild Halls
  94. PvP 101
  95. Dungeon Maker - playing as your own character
  96. Waiting for Zone Server on Test Copy
  97. Dungeon Maker feedback
  98. Apprentice Quest Recipes not deleting ...intended??
  99. New Merc problems
  100. Freeport Prestige house portal still disappearing
  101. Dungeon Maker (Playing as your own character)
  102. Dungeon Maker - Effect Objects
  103. Apprentice Food and Drinks (Minus Reactants)
  104. Apprentice skill recipes- Jeweler's screwed again.....
  105. Dungeon rating system
  106. [Moved] Arcane Academy
  107. /Test_Copy Server Preparations?
  108. How to access the Test servers (and how copy over your live characters to Test Copy)
  109. Beastlord Related Bugs (BRB!)
  110. Bug / Multiattack & Mouseover Numbers.. pls fix...
  111. TEst buff potions don't work on Beastlords.
  112. Erollisi Day 2012 Feedback and Bugs
  113. GU63 and Test...
  114. Corpse loot issue please fix before it hits live
  115. Tradeskill 2hander
  116. NOTE: This change has no effect on PvP game play. The “PvP Critical Mitigation” stat is still useful
  117. Crit Mit Adorns to Health Adorns
  118. One down, one to go!
  119. I can't believe you guys didn't fix this yet
  120. Feedback: Crit Mit removal
  121. About Noxious Enfeeblement (Predator)
  122. access your mail without a mailbox
  123. Problem Created by Removing Critical Mitigation Outlined
  124. Itemisation Issues after removing crit mit...
  125. Dueling with CM removal
  126. Possible Poll Bug
  127. CM Removal Breaks DF for Drunder
  128. Copying toons to Test down?
  129. Dueling and Removing CM... bad bad bad!
  130. ***New 1 time UN attune for this crit mit fix
  131. Warden's Critical Debilitation 15% CritMit Buff now 2.5% HP = Pathetic
  132. Remove the Ability for players to crit on other players.
  133. Brewday Festival 2012 Feedback and Bugs
  134. Dungeon Maker: Avatar Feedback Thread
  135. Test and New Launcher
  136. Maybe stupid question- Text vs. Test Copy
  137. Critical Bulwark is now Robust Bulwark - Feedback
  138. Ahem, Replacing every thing that was CM with HP is meh
  139. Don't just take our CritMit off our gear = Let us reforge it !
  140. The removal of crit mit and its effects on pet classes
  141. Observation on the removal of Critical Mitigation from gear (not adornments)...
  142. Rune Suggestions
  143. /target Suggestion
  144. Bug - Critical Mitigation fix broke a miricle
  145. Beastlords with Test Copy Bauble?
  146. launchpad not letting me log into second account on Test
  147. Any update on the issue with the Coldwind King Crab and Reanimated Nexus Scion problems?
  148. Bring Back Unlimited SC in Test_Copy Please!
  149. Pouch of Zekian/Blessed Lightning
  150. Healer Merc issue
  151. Anniversary Event This Year - Any Plans for Low Levels? Or is it same as last year?
  152. Crit mit removal equals no need for >100% crit chance
  153. Feedback: Crafted Building Blocks
  154. Bristlebane Day 2012 Feedback and Bugs
  155. Ale Goggle not Working on Live
  156. Feedback: "The War of Skyshine: Keeping Enemies Close"
  157. Itemization Suggestion
  158. Texture alignment on Carpenter made building blocks..
  159. Researcher's library
  160. No exp gained for crafting past 90
  161. Dirge's Hymn of Destruction (new AA)
  162. [Withered Lands] - Quest Bugs and Feedback
  163. [Withered Lands] - Zone Bugs and Feedback
  164. Prestige Talents
  165. [Withered Lands] - NPC Feedback
  166. [Skyshrine] Zone Bugs and Feedback
  167. [Skyshrine] Quest Bugs and Feedback
  168. [Skyshrine] - NPC Feedback
  169. T10 Harvestables
  170. New crafting quests? Where?
  171. warder levelling improved on test?
  172. Porto missing from Test_Copy
  173. How do you get to the Withered Lands and Skyshrine?
  174. Zoning unequips Item.
  175. Prestige Points
  176. Beta Buffer Mounts
  177. AA slider changes?
  178. How do u get to Skyshrine?
  179. Inquisitor Merc Useless
  180. Raid Progression
  181. [Bug] Tradeskill AA's capped at 25 on test copy
  182. Monk AA's have no (proper) name!
  183. Please make flavor text on Prestige AAs that reset reuse
  184. Fury Prestige Tree Tooltips
  185. Housing items feedback
  186. [Withered Lands] - Crafted Items Feedback
  187. Please respawn Billie
  188. GU63 Gear Progression?
  189. Paladin Prestige AA Feedback
  190. Where are the Tier 10 Crafting Books?
  191. Crafting T10 for a low level adventurer
  192. Where do the TS quests begin (Skyshrine)
  193. General Zone Progression, DoV to Skyshrine?
  194. Bronze/Silver members need some way to get item/spell unlockers on test copy
  195. Fury Prestige
  196. Geography Problem
  197. Gaining Prestige Points
  198. Prestige Talent Row 5 Feedback
  199. Facebook spelling errors?!?!?!?
  200. Skyshrine solo instances
  201. Voice chat?
  202. A few gu63 woodworker recipe bugs
  203. Question: is that armor that the NPCs were around the new Zones Available?
  204. Range item moves to overflow everytime I zone.
  205. NOt getting XP for Tradeskilling nor tradeskill quests
  206. Requirements for Prestige Tree?
  207. Elite tradeskill apprentice - On test yet?
  208. Vet Bonus Awarded at level 90, not 92
  209. 90+ Tradeskill Books
  210. Guild Bot Harvesters & Pack Pony not able to bring back 90+ (Tier 10)
  211. T10 Tinkering and Adorning
  212. Itemization Suggestion
  213. Housing, Tradeskill Apprentices, and GU63
  214. A Request for a Stat to be Added to the Stats Window.
  215. Gear Progression/Overkill gear with GU63??
  216. need more mobs !!
  217. GU63 Notes
  218. Still no XP for Tradeskill quests or items if level 90
  219. Woodworker Recipe Items Level 91 are bugged
  220. [Bug] Reassigning Prestige Points is Bugging Out and Resetting Total AA Unassigned
  221. Group Zones
  222. sorry double post
  223. Are there anymore Tradeskill quests?
  224. Can there please be a "crafting version" ...
  225. Mount stations - TP locations
  226. Silver accounts unable to play on the test server?
  227. GU 63 a rune idea if its possible
  228. Guild Level
  229. T 10 issues with the Withering Lands update
  230. Prestige Lines
  231. Any New Heritage Quests?
  232. Armor Pieces need fixing after removal of crit mit
  233. Class balancing, for real
  234. Older content need to be reitemized.
  235. Underdepths Feedback and etc...
  236. Solo missions: Ornate crate of endless goodies
  237. Fixing the Unequip Bug
  238. Game Crash after Chrono and Zoning to Antonica
  239. Antonica crashing
  240. [Withered Land] A sickly withertalon
  241. Prestige Talents bug?
  242. [SkyShrine] Dracur Prime (solo)
  243. Question regarding reforging
  244. Patcher since last night's patch
  245. Reforge Nerf on Test.
  246. Crit avoidance for the mobs in the new heroic instances?
  247. How is play your way working out?
  248. Do you need to be 92 to access new Raid Zones?
  249. [Crafting Feedback] Please tell me this is not true...
  250. please soe , dont listen to the forums after this gu goes live!