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  1. Item Super_Ray_Gun_3000_priest_et_al
  2. AA revamp for Brigands a good start, but you missed some things
  3. Warden AAs on test
  4. Druids getting a mezz ?
  5. Vanishing Act : Intentional Nerf?
  6. Quest gear changes
  7. Berserker: Perseverance
  8. Tradeskill AA needs to be in its own pool.
  9. Unlucky Horseshoe and everything else I haven't looked at.
  10. New Text Sign House Items
  11. Unattuning Gear - Gu61
  12. GU61 Cleric AA Changes - Exorcism Line - Updated
  13. Exorcism Endline (Exorcise) very very broken on test.
  14. Mystic, templar, warden post here
  15. Ranger GU 61
  16. Derived stats only affect players and player pets; they do not affect NPCs
  17. Noxious Symphony needs some GU61 love
  18. Alternate Advancement Revamps: Shaman INT Tree
  19. Coercer/enchanter AA in GU 61
  21. Question about subclass tree
  22. The case of the disappearing house
  23. multi attack not increasing
  24. Paladin GU 61 - Arch Heal and others
  25. Getting to test server from the new launcher
  26. Old man dave/mechants
  27. Are you taking a serious look to KOS trees ?
  28. Heroic Storytelling Feedback
  29. Remove Plane of War access requirement on test?
  30. Test is unplayable
  31. Archetype AA panel
  32. Druid rings not working
  33. Tank and scout pets don't use their abilities!!!
  34. Can we get 2-4 Slots added to Taaltaks/Old Two-Handed Weapons?
  35. Perceptor's Command pvp force taunt
  36. Unlock Row One of Shadows Tree at Level 10!
  37. Inquisitor & Handcrafted Plate Gear is BROKEN
  38. Uncapped Caster Stats
  39. Multi Attack and lag
  40. Mirror of Reflected Achievements & Character Traits
  41. GU61 Preserve Equipment Appearances!
  42. typo in heroic tree?
  44. Mystic - Enhance: Ancestral Balm
  45. Interesting post for the Devs, the players voice speak the truth.
  46. GU61-Consolidated AA Revamp Feedback & Suggestions
  47. Item updates
  48. load layout not working
  49. all classes have useless spells / AAs
  50. Ranger Expertise AAs
  51. Weapon Skills and Combat Arts
  52. Tokens of Loyalty for crafters too please!
  53. SK crit heals and Mythical weapon
  54. Druid STR line and Spell Attack
  55. Beastlord Starter quest
  56. Warrior Wisdom Line AA: Unshakeable...
  57. warlock - netherlord?
  58. This is why capping MA is stupid~
  59. Chelsith mob XP nerf
  60. test server down?
  61. Time to fix the AA curve ....
  62. Re-Use AA proposal
  63. Item changes not making any sense
  64. Cant launch Test/Test copy from launcher?
  65. Redoing Old Gear: Heritage Quest Gear Feedback:
  66. Paladin AA Revamp
  67. Cannot keep Fae Fury in game
  68. testcopy
  69. Summoner Tree Feed Back
  70. Why is this on test?
  71. GU 61 - The Battlegrounds Failmaker
  72. Fix Ry'Gorr/Thurgadin Armor
  73. Patch AA Bug
  74. ranger vs sin aa change imbalance with 8/10/11 patch
  75. Everyones A Monk on test, please fix!
  76. GU 61 - 08/11: Guardian Changes
  77. Cannot Load Test Server EQ2...
  78. (bug) Paladin AA Tree replaced with Beastlord!?
  79. Latest changes to coercer AA (patch on 9th Sept)
  80. Brigand: Enhance- Shadow Slip Change
  81. still a monk on test..
  82. Paladin GU 61 (power is not the issue)
  83. the 10/08 joke ...
  84. House Rating System Feedback
  85. Please bring back the metallic floor sign. /beg
  86. [Bug] Arasai cannot continue the flight quest series
  87. Items Missing Red Adorns!
  88. Recent Illusionist AA changes.
  89. guildhalls on Test_Copy failing to load today
  90. What has happened to my Symbols!?!
  91. new raids
  92. Personal Archery Target
  93. Thank you all! Again! :)
  94. Shaman Pet - Missed in the shared stat revamp?
  95. Testing Chages to Secondary Stats
  96. AA gain rate.
  97. No new blue stats for spell auto-attack please!
  98. 2 Handers need more Slots to compare to dual weilding.
  99. Holy! My Secondarys are broken!
  100. Brigands
  101. Auto Attack Switching
  102. Wizards
  103. Guild halls seem to be bugged :-(
  104. Just Remove Spell Autoattack.
  105. Palace of Sabaron
  106. Legionnaire's Conviction now has a two minute reuse time...
  107. Crusader Heroic Tree over-looked with new build.
  108. Velium Shards
  109. No Melee Priest stats
  110. Refund on Adornments
  111. [Moved] All Fighter Heals need to scale and be %s.
  112. Swash aa tree
  113. How do I access the test server?
  114. Testing New Content
  115. So, Beastlord Prelude?
  116. May we have a "State of the GU" post please? (collated list of "open" questions)
  117. Test Copy working?
  118. Shaman Int Line Feedback:
  119. So ... red adorns, but no red confirm/deny?
  120. Drolvarg Dead: NO LOOT IN ZONE.
  121. why spell auto attack ?
  122. Daydream is destroyed !
  123. Breastplate Adjustments
  124. Request for enchanter AA change
  125. Down for the duration?
  126. testcopy?
  127. The Vigilant: Rescue Feeedback
  128. /TestCopy When is going to run again?
  129. Keeping all AAs relevant over time while providing better scaling & balance (an analysis)
  130. Deathtoll loot changed?
  131. Fighter shields on test missing multi-attack
  132. Troubs, Pets and Spell Auto Attack?
  133. Red Adorn - Cloaks
  134. Dorfs on Ice? Part of the new rare mobs in instances?
  135. Danger DANGER Will Robertson
  136. Merc's for GU61 or Expansion in Nov?
  137. Treasured Items - many are now Uncommon flagged
  138. Heritage Quest rewards need revamp love too
  139. Surge of Ro/Fireshape fix
  140. Fae/arasai flight spell
  141. Camping and logging back in randomly reattunes unattuned items. Bad Mojo!
  142. Can linkined accounts be added to 61 or expansion?
  143. Jewelry
  144. Overcaps
  145. Warrior AA: Executioner's Fury Broken
  146. Shields on test still missing MA?
  147. Statue of Zek change.
  148. Toons re-equipped from character select
  149. Feedback - Test Download Button!!!
  150. *MAJOR ISSUE* t8 shard pattern gear has NOT been updated!!!!!
  151. AOE Autoattack Overcap, can you please fix it?
  152. [BUG REPORT] Guild halls - can't zone in
  153. Test Client crashes on launch
  154. Kael Drakkel Contested loot
  155. Why is RyGoor Armor Now Low Tier Armor?
  156. Could not place quiver back in the correct ammo slot
  157. Elements of War buff Package
  158. Speculation on what the (presumed) item update script used to determine which class to pick.
  159. [Moved] PLEASE Uncap AOE Autoattack! With ALL the New loot giving AOE autoattack 100% to everyone ...
  160. Tank balance/roles in GU 61
  161. Priest loot...
  162. So are these new procs being added to DOV Raid Gear?
  163. Crafter made Armour. What we need.
  164. [Moved] Can we add a mythical proc to all gear?
  165. [Moved] Spreading Shadows, completely rediculous.
  166. Adornments Disappearing
  167. Did a whole expansion just get obliterated ? (Sundered frontier)
  168. Is Cast speed uncaped?
  169. Can't access Test server...
  170. Tradeskill AA's
  171. Skill cap dmg value?
  172. Weapon Skills & Magic Skills
  173. Ok, one big question...you realize you reinvinted green stats right?
  174. The Beastlord Prelude event should not be the focus of this GU!
  175. Is this working as intending(Didn't see another post on it)
  176. GU61 Raid jewelery procs
  177. Guild Hall Bug
  178. Lifeburn Stacking Issues
  179. Spell auto attack should be on DoV gear!
  180. 2 handers broken on test, missing red slots, AND Multi-Attack!
  181. Sentinel's Fate Weapons, Shields, Ranged & Belt (critical chance issues)
  182. SpellBlade Counter AA NERF
  183. Suggestion: Change Kunark (now called Adventure Writ) Agent to include all levels
  184. Guid Halls Not Accessible, nor are characters camped to the hall! (was: Testcopy won't load)
  185. Root on casting nerf still going live with GU?
  186. SF - Red Adornment Raid Gear - Bug?
  187. Spring-loaded Gnomish Stilts - Bug?
  188. Do not go live with these item changes...
  189. Mannequin Recipes Bugged
  190. [Bug] Coldain War Wizard's Shield
  191. Which healing spell do assassins cast...
  192. ton of blue status, it's hard to understand
  193. Please Scrap the Itemization for Thursday
  194. Morality Mark spell line still gives +wis
  195. Please fix pet survivability in raid (for non summoners)
  196. two handers DoV ripped of adornment slot
  197. Dragging mount icons to hotbar
  198. Zek Heroic Loot getting touched, can you add procs to Challenge Mode Temple Heroic?
  199. Test Copy Disabled???
  200. Loot revamp - Old Class specific Loots needs to be updated ...
  201. question on the new weapon skills.
  202. One of my wrist items is now ring only.
  203. DOV ToFS x2 now better then 4x raid weapons
  204. Itemizing AE Auto
  205. crash to desk top only on test
  206. Wow... Good Job
  207. Check Test... they fixed alot.
  208. Shard of Hate/Zarrakon Loot Untouched, Also...
  209. New stats on DOV Priest/mage range secondary
  210. Fabled, Mythical and Enervated Epics...
  211. Itemization Bug Reporting on Live/Test
  212. Heritage Quest rewards need another pass.
  213. Rabbit leaper mount
  214. Please enable mousewheel on broker window dropdowns
  215. So what is the "new" subclass tree meant to achieve?
  216. No more bucklers for Dirges/Scouts?
  217. Multi Attack bug or as intended?
  218. Decorin Bonewing, Elements of War
  219. Feature Request - Timed Training Dummies
  220. Did the item revamp include all the HQ and Sets at lower tiers?
  221. Silent City is Broke
  222. Do you, SOE, actually listen to your testers?
  223. Ornate chests in Klak'Anon
  224. Gathered Orb Of Whatever
  225. Virtuoso's Cuffs of the Citadel - (still) missing haste
  226. Ornamented Earring of the Utterly Murderous
  227. Scintillating Wand of the Sagacious Deviant
  228. Neriak city festival & new aether race
  229. Display the numbers in red if under level
  230. don't forget about mythical weapons!
  231. Amount of Marks of Manaar
  232. Removing Crit Mit from Zones
  233. Items with bugged appearance since GU61
  234. Wednesday (September 07, 2011) Test notes
  235. why change heroic aa level requirement to 85?
  236. Removing critical chance from items below 80
  237. any chance I could get my hammer back? (class restriction changes ITT)
  238. Give us our adornments back!
  239. No Crit Chance on Adornments of Critical Chance...
  240. The Peacock Club
  241. GU61 Problems conjurer
  242. hey devs, when we get to test, "not beta test"
  243. Nights of the Dead 2011 Feedback and Bugs
  244. I'ld like to test the dungeon finder
  245. Items after GU61 that are BUGGED (i.e. green gremlin icon)
  246. Test/Test Copy Server PvP
  247. Some pathing changes on Test
  248. [Moved] Paladin In-Testing Feedback Thread
  249. Critical Chance Progression - 9/15/11
  250. It's time for a "Dirge quit" thread