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  1. Wizards are getting nerfed with this patch!!
  2. The Overlord needs LOTS more people, please
  3. Wizard feedback -
  4. Noooooo!!!!
  5. A wish upon a horse
  6. Game Crashing
  7. Hmm.
  8. Resists
  9. Paladin Horse Solution
  10. From a view of a Talior correct me if I am mistaken
  11. Why is there no Email system?
  12. ETA on changes?
  13. Heroic Encounters
  14. Let the EverCamp begin. Attune = camp hell.
  15. Suggestion: Multiple Vendors in TS Instances
  16. Twist on collection exp.... New idea.
  17. Tradeskill Writs vs Adventure Writs
  18. EQ2 Client Application has encountered a problem
  19. Make Horse Fun Spell Speed Gain = ZERO / Allow Sprinting like other fun spells == Everyone Happy
  20. To attune, or not to attune
  21. t5 boxes
  22. Did you play EQ1?
  23. Con system
  24. Just a little bit more...
  25. Attuneable W & A, Bravo, but what about the jewelers?
  26. The great imbalance of balancing (tradeskills)
  27. Serious feedback on what is on test and was changed in last patch, constructive long post
  28. There is now a confirmation dialog when destroying coins
  29. Changes to /who for Guilds
  30. Reset Tradeskill Choice
  31. Attunable armor is going to be bad for the tanks and the new players
  32. Crafted Items -- Vendor buy back pricing model
  33. Patch Message for Feb 15
  34. RARE TS Armor/Jewelry should NOT be Attunable
  35. Great move by the Devs.
  36. Possible Mobs dropping coin in the future?
  37. Attune bugged
  38. Zoning and Food
  39. Question about attuning crafted items and sell prices
  40. The Temple of Cazic-Thule drop: " A shattered sword " still bugged on test>?
  41. SOE, Why can't we copy instead of transfer toons?
  42. Please implement events that will kill toons if they aren't countered
  43. Please scrap the whole tradeskill Interdependancy change in live patch
  44. Unhappy with Attuneable Item Change
  45. The attuned equipment change. Test it for a long time.
  46. Concern with attuning equipment and selling to merchants
  47. I would like to see a spell search option
  48. So Now everything is NO-TRADE
  49. Potion mastery rating 10 levels too low.
  50. New update = not good for tradeskillers
  51. Huge problem with tradeskill society task rewards
  52. carpentry question.
  53. Question re Proposed Crafting Changes (ie. attunable items)
  54. Question to you Craftsman and Woodworkers - Self buffs
  55. Game adjustments
  56. Horse SellBack Problem / Question
  57. Please dont reduce the fuel costs :|
  58. New Weapon Changes
  59. Sony unlock frogloks next patch
  60. Attunable change clarification.
  61. -Double post, ignore-
  62. Debt idea
  63. Something else to consider with Provisioners
  64. Make Armor Re-attunable (Just a suggestion)
  65. Items Attunable - but there's one small problem
  66. I think we may need warning as to when the new tradeskill changes will go live
  67. having to attune every piece of gear is garbage.
  68. I am sure I am one of many ....
  69. Awesome patch! Thanks for everything
  70. You did it Sony!
  71. Possible solution for crafters and adventurers alike. (ATTUNE Flag)
  72. A plea for some information from the Dev Team on Prices, I think it will avoid confusion....
  73. Possible Bug with TS Guild Writs
  74. Reducing Store-Bought food's regen rate by 66% = BAD MOVE.
  75. Critical Description Bug: Recipes, Fuel Names, and Confusion
  76. Oh it's even worse than you guys think. The real truth on the attuned buyback farce...
  77. It May Be Time To Return to EQ1 or Quit alltogether / patch is horrible
  78. How much more punishment can craftsman take?
  79. provisioner vs adventurer
  80. New Patch ? Fixes ?
  81. Where should we post problems with the Test Environment?
  82. Live update #3, february 17, 2005 - the parts they forgot to mention...
  83. Fing crafters are going to ruin this game..Attunable garbage
  84. lost a customer
  85. Sony, Fix before you break...
  86. Please tell me this is a joke ill quit on principle.... too far
  87. /respec exploits?
  88. please delete
  89. Devs: Please check possible bug with attuned items not staying
  90. Pricing problem on Crafted Items
  91. F%U$ SOE, [FAAR-NERFED!] is this Nerfing, All Attunable, Here is my perspective.
  92. Change in power
  93. please delete
  94. This is horrible and goodbye
  95. Hey folks !
  96. Your patch broke all non-US keyboard settings.
  97. Balancing out all the joy (latest patch observations)
  98. Balancing out all the joy (latest patch observations)
  99. Druids do more dps than scouts???
  100. /Pizza? Its great but...
  101. winners and loosers
  102. mark of the hunt broken.
  103. NEW patch i like it yes i truely do
  104. In-game web browser
  106. What happen to my Crusader while i was at work?
  107. A Beautiful Patch That Brings Both Concerns and Relief: A Thread for constructive thinkers
  108. Devs, I am happy with this update:
  109. Having an issue when I log in to Test
  110. Disbelief!!!
  111. Outfitter buff effects not matching up
  112. Serious Flaw (Bug?) in the Attunement System
  113. It there a board to discus live updates?
  114. Just in case tailoring is a little broken for a while ...[In Character Humor]
  115. Player-Made Poisons Still Have ONLY 4 Charges Maximum After Live Patch. (nt)
  116. Paying for 1hr+ player made food, then dying...waste of money.
  117. i actually like the patch
  118. One complaint
  119. Bight the bullet and make the changes necessary to make this game TRULY solo friendly!
  120. Interview Regarding the Latest Changes:
  121. Possible increase of Mob Strength or bug
  122. SK Tainted Caress BROKEN after 2/17 patch
  123. Necro Pet buffs broken after 2/17 patch.
  124. Fuel Names -- Design Problem
  125. Attunable items now have 3 charges on test server (more inside)...
  126. Time to rethink what quality means in culinary...
  127. It is a problem when playing is no longer fun
  128. Do your Test server characters count against your limit?
  129. Too many changes, too fast, too far. Not a rant!
  130. Sugested alternative to "ATTUNE"
  131. Deer to stag request.
  132. Proof of Crafting Monopoly's thanks to the Patch!!
  133. Please let us know... is the major combat nerf intentional?
  134. I really hate to say it but EQ2 is getting depressing. (mild rant with suggestions)
  135. Moderators
  136. Statistical survey
  137. Some ideas on improving the Attunement changes
  138. Idea on money transfers with built-in money sink
  139. Bards?
  140. Quest sharing: making the game more fun.
  141. SOE What is your "true" vision.
  142. Are there any changes at all planned for carpenters?..anyone know? pls check..
  143. Changes to the Crafting/Wholesaler Suck
  144. Sorry
  145. All my friends quit, SOE anyway for you to get me thier emails or AIM ICQ #'s?
  146. Things to add...
  147. About the tradeskill changes...
  148. Is there any way I can find out what is highest level Conjurer on Test?
  149. Simple Idea to help the crafting system.
  150. Not quite sure where to post this, but here I go anyway
  151. Player Made Scimitar
  152. Holy Steed Combat Art
  153. /lastname change
  154. Possible solution to the complaints
  155. Group SoW? Bad thing?
  156. Divine Nobility HO
  157. You got to be kiddind Lacci
  158. Vendors can leave their shop now?
  159. few suggestions (not rants)
  160. Suggestions For Tradeskilling
  161. Why I think the ecomomy is poor
  162. Why I think the ecomomy is poor
  163. Discovery Bonus tooltip
  164. does anyone agree with purchased mount nerf?
  165. our concerns
  166. our concerns
  168. Strength of Void Spell seems weak for 31st level
  169. Kylahn's Big Idea Thread
  170. No Equipable Range Item Suggestion
  171. A simple and fair fix for the patron system woes.
  172. When will all tanks be "equal" on high-level raid mobs?
  173. Wishes, Hopes and Compliments
  174. Refuge Fighter/Scout vs Mage/Priest
  175. Test Patch notes
  176. Economics
  177. More Griffon Towers Please!
  178. PVP coming for EQ2
  179. Mid lvl Raid mob should be tuned down
  180. class change
  181. Mentoring...
  182. Please add this to merchant mode...it should have been like this since the beginning of time.
  183. Things to seriously consider.
  184. Selling Mode
  185. Just a suggestion.
  186. ETA on next test server update?
  187. Login Server Down?
  188. System Reboots after speaker setting change
  189. why need to bring us down in line with wizard but not bring them up to suit us?
  190. Fury Spell issue with Patch:
  191. Double Post.
  192. Items of concern about new test patch notes.
  193. Thanks for the stealth nurf to tradeskills
  194. Tradeskill Test Plan
  195. Solo/Duo and small group drops =)
  196. Why doesn't is say solo except for Rogue based classes?
  197. feb 25th update
  198. Feb25th update, selling Heritage items to npc vendors question
  199. Recent Update, Provisioner Books
  200. Heritage Selling -- Way too much!?
  201. So are we getting compensated Sony?
  202. Nice updates and all but what about rez?
  203. Coercer changes
  204. Mentoring....AMAZING!
  205. Thank you for helping mages with compensation for lack of usefull heritage items
  206. Why keep changing loot for lower lvl mobs instead of EPIC lvl mobs?
  207. Thanks for screwing me over.
  208. Too bad you have no idea what you are talking about Miral...
  209. The Secret Valley quest FIXED - walkthrough a few posts down.
  210. Was Greater Fury ever tested?
  211. Geomancy raised but Geocrafting not raise? useless, this is not a fix
  212. Copy Char to Test instead of Move or Begin at Level 1
  213. Nektulos Creature Cataloguing minor comments
  214. Dev Please Comment on Range Slot Balance
  215. Please do not nerf the one thing that a Coercer does very well in a group
  216. Conj / Necro pets / mentor - DEVS
  217. Is the maintained spells window fixed yet?
  218. So what is the point of wholesale vendors being leveled up?
  219. The Removal of Refined Items from Wholesalers
  220. Concerns and Ideas: Feedback welcome!
  221. It would be wise to...
  222. If Adventuring worked like Crafting.....
  223. FIX Electrified Bone Bladed Claymore
  224. Have they fixed the fuel cost # on test yet?
  225. delete this post
  226. If you were in control...
  227. Call of Qeynos
  228. new solo instance in the commonlands
  229. Before the next Nerf... can we fix the horses????
  230. Did Mentoring XP penalty go WAY up overnight or what?
  231. When can we "tanks" all be =
  232. It is time to do away with shards and find a new way
  233. Mentor questions...
  234. For the love of God, fix the buy back prices...
  235. Derv, test this.....YOU NEED TO READ and comment plz....
  236. Update Notes
  237. Customer Service and Game Fixes - a thank you
  238. Mentoring question from non test server player
  239. The Journal - How about a "While in X zone, I need to do something for Z quest Tab?
  240. Regarding Merchant Mode and NPC buying
  241. Please dont make this game too EASY
  242. Grey/red attacking will hurt grouping.
  243. Stop the REBALANCING GAME- a discussion on class balance
  244. Stop the REBALANCING GAME- a discussion on class balance
  245. What is the value of gathered resources?
  246. The Feb 25th update with mentoring and loot
  247. Dropped Loot Question
  248. Con colors and aggro border
  249. Copy c^har
  250. Can someone please try and explain the logic/reason behind the new changes to aggro on test?