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  1. Item linking is broken on test servers
  2. 1st Campaign and I have nothing to show for it.
  3. Housing in Halas
  4. BG Armor Upgrade Path
  5. Your Preview Said Two New Raid Zones
  6. Sublime Roundshield?
  7. Screenshots from Test Copy
  8. are you changing the way the frostfell shopping bags work?
  9. login for a minute, it says test-copy down, then......
  10. BUG: New home buyer quest did not update on Test copy
  11. qeynos to new halas, no faction listed
  12. Sublime Weapons a bit sub-par
  13. Challenger Priest Armor and Blue Adornments
  14. question from test copy
  15. Is test down again?
  16. Problem with last patch (tonight) - Harvest stacks in Overflow can't be cleared
  17. Halas Housing & Guild Hall
  18. BUG: Inventory screwed up after test update
  19. Missing bags, too many bags, or items stuck in overflow bug?
  20. Mounts will now be temporarily suspended while in combat.
  21. serious disappointment
  22. Fabled Merchant Item Different From Live Drop?
  23. Ambassadors for (?City) to Halas Resident
  24. Armor Appearance Change: Skull Spiked Pauldrons
  25. Bug: "First time buyer" quest
  26. Profit ui test journal/AA borked issues...
  27. BG Blue Archetype Adorns on Test - Totally Imbalancing
  28. Choices
  29. Training Dummy - New Choices
  30. Recycle Your Minions: Part Three quest help
  31. Harvesting Prayer
  32. testing major changes PvP on testcopy
  33. Arcane Transcription??
  34. Item look bug: templar plate armour new halas
  35. Crit Mit Uncapped
  36. Housing - Way too dark inside.
  37. Sublime Bow better than raid drop bows???
  38. Warfield Frequency/Popularity - Invigorating Enough to Offset Battlegrounds?
  39. Fix RoK/TSO PvP Gear Added to 70-79 Battlegrounds Merchants
  40. New Conjy pet appearances (with pictures of most)
  41. Glide Mounts, oh no!
  42. Reaver % Heal No Longer Capped
  43. Starting in Halas made me cry...
  44. Mount Bug
  45. My Highland Stalker won't shut up!
  46. Change to the 3 Sages (Hard-mode) fight
  47. Please add a slot
  48. Testcopy from Vox/Everfrost
  49. Uncapped potency and summoner itemisation
  50. TRADESKILLS Master Crafted items have received an upgrade...
  51. A couple issues: Shader 3.0 and a procs not stacking.
  52. Just curious but whens the new update for Halas?
  53. Bad copy job.
  54. AA gain change
  55. Rendering mounts. THANK YOU
  56. Is this working as intended?
  57. Testcopy issue with toon
  58. Mount Glide not working with /hidemount option
  59. Tier 2 Plate Healer BP Proc Change
  60. For the love of God please give us a tradeskill buffer
  61. How do you get TO Hallas
  62. Buffer 80 to 90
  63. today's patch
  64. Is there Halas themed furniture for Crafters?
  65. Test Server not Launching (4 May 2010)
  66. New Quests Added to the Stonebrunt Highlands
  67. BGs--how I plan to farm the new system
  68. Test update tonight :Instance issues and vanished furnitures
  69. I see nothing about helping the guardian class
  70. Stonebrunt Highlands Quests
  71. Adjusted disk mounts
  72. AA Change good but bad too
  73. Sublime Dagger (Summoner raid token wpn)
  74. Chat channel issues from test copy
  75. WARFIELDS on test copy server
  76. Battlegrounds Survey
  77. Server downtime Test and Test Copy
  78. Potency cap change and adornments
  79. Halas T3 guild hall
  80. The Love of New Halas
  81. Locking up zoning into Timorous Deep
  82. extremely slow zone loading since 5/05 patch
  83. Buffer to 90
  84. The Islands, Requirements.
  85. Game/PC crash when zoning - Cave of Illboding Dark: The Source
  86. Testcopy PvP ANNOYING
  87. Wire Frame EQ2.....
  88. Test server causeing computer to crash
  89. My kingdom for commas
  90. Testcopy problem?
  91. Gruengach Gruengach Gruengach
  92. WARFIELDS (info & feedback)
  93. Harvest Tutorial - Neriak
  94. CITY TASKS for Qeynos and Freeport
  95. New Halas citizens cannot get neither Kylong Plains nor Moors of Ykesha writs
  96. Mount dis/appearance
  97. Low Tier PvP/BG gear issue.
  98. old thread, ignore
  99. Lavastorm changes? Loads missing now
  100. Sublime Priest Weapons
  101. Outlines on many NPC's
  102. potency cap?
  103. Fury, Mystic Mythical Nerf
  104. Betrayal
  105. Main Map Solid Yellow
  106. Mythicals for level 90s
  107. Marks of Manaar
  108. Bug with tradeskill tutorial
  109. Old Man Dave
  110. Warfield Towers
  111. are they updating test again?
  112. Icy Keep & Underfoot Depths Mob names
  113. Test Server Down?
  114. PVP FIX
  115. PvP info
  116. Zoning Problems.
  117. Please spawn tradeskill buffer on test-copy
  118. Merchant for fabled gear?
  119. BG: jewelry upgrade?
  120. Questions about Current Update 5/16/2010
  121. Sublime Healer Weapons & Earring of Prime Healing - Same Proc??
  122. Does New Halas starter zone require Sentinel's Fate?
  123. Buffer not working
  124. In depth look at Caster loot in SF.
  125. New Mount Animation with Cloak on - like a quacking duck :(
  126. Remove the hard cap on casting speed
  127. Wargrounds - what are the rules?
  128. Bug: after latest update i cannot choose New Halas as starting city
  129. Bug or not?
  130. Confronting the Godslayer, Dartains Line and Mega Collection are missing Pet Caster Effects
  131. Myth on test_copy?
  132. Buying Fabled
  133. Flavor NPC's in Qeynos and Freeport
  134. Specific 3 Sages Feedback
  135. Kilts?
  136. buff bots
  137. Underfoot Depths (Raid) Feedback
  138. AA slider not working on testcopy
  139. Another mode of travel
  140. Hardly taking any damage?
  141. newbie gear appearance change?
  142. Druid Ring reconstruction live event – Feedback and Bugs
  143. Potion of Deflation and LON cloak effects - not stacking?
  144. inventory overflow issues in test_copy
  145. Noone has decorated a new Halas home?
  146. New sublime weps....no 6.0?
  147. [Moved] No Response
  148. [Moved] Test Copy Buffers/Test Copy Forums
  149. Travel in Zek
  150. Bug: AA's not affecting Reaver after fix
  151. So... my SK can't live in New Halas?
  152. When does this go live?
  153. [Moved] Can we get some color
  154. Test Copy Failing?
  155. [Moved] Bane Warding nerf, upset and a little confused
  156. opening chests causing drop to char select
  157. Continually Kicked to Character Select
  158. Who broke Test?
  159. [Moved] Any chance of fixing thrown weapons for rogues?
  160. [Merged] Shader 3.0 looks like oil
  161. [Moved] Qeynos and Freeport have been disabled as starting cities.
  162. When will Test Copy become PvE again?
  163. Pet fix
  164. when is tinkerfest comming to test
  165. New Raid Content needs testing! Help me break it!
  166. Tinkerfest testing!
  167. Recent Test Update Notes
  168. Idea for a bristlebane event run
  169. just a quick question
  170. Possible bug with testcopy?: Personal Harvest depot
  171. Buffers
  172. Spell Advancement Feedback
  173. Feedback - spell names with icons
  174. New Priest Spell
  175. Test Server Update (cool stuff!)
  176. Feedback: Do not Eliminate what grouping there is for lowbies.
  177. Is Test Server down?
  178. I'd like to feedback
  179. Tami in Halas
  180. Test go Poof? :)
  181. Very Strange Display Bug
  182. TS Progress/Durability messages
  183. Thank you for the map of the travel system!
  184. Test Copy is being brought down and wiped in the near future
  185. Case of Lost Lute
  186. Guild name change potion
  187. ETA on GU57 patch?
  188. Nagafen Invalid Target
  189. New Persistant Instances
  190. New Bg maps? Dev only GM maps!? would like this explained....
  191. Gorget of the Seal Guardian
  192. Is /testcopy not working?
  193. Noticed the class changes on test. Please make all classes neutral and let us RP.
  194. GU 57 Notes
  195. Fighter heals can no longer critically heal.?
  196. Incoming Info
  197. GU 57: User-Interface Changes
  198. GU57: three new tradeskill quest lines!
  199. Test servers are back up now
  200. Vaclaz Released as discussed in the patch notes..however
  201. New Spell/CA Animations/Effects
  202. [Moved] Null
  203. Allied Prayers
  204. Current patch notes = whole GH57?
  205. Bruisers in Halas?
  206. class merchants where are they
  207. EQ2X -> Crafters need not apply
  208. Here's an outline of the next EQ2X announcement I'd prefer to see
  209. Overall, disappointed with the new spell effects.
  210. Removing the word 'Pristine'
  211. Why not remove betrayal quest?
  212. New Character Creation Feedback
  213. GU 57: New Particle Effects - Specific Feedback
  214. New Combat Art Animations
  215. new Character creation defaults to SOGA?
  216. New character tutorial changes
  217. GU 57: Discussion and Feedback
  218. GU57: Increase in Flora performance
  219. Problems with new quests in starting areas
  220. Can't create any of the expert tier 2 level 16 fighter offensive stances
  221. Problem with Test copy?
  222. Station Cash Button and RMT
  223. [Moved] TOMC
  224. :( This puts me off playing and makes me sick.
  225. Increase noticeablitlity when a mob is Mezzed please!
  226. Key Mapping for crouch to Z
  227. I guess Smedley's apology was worthless
  228. The Fighter Heals Nerf is Too Much.
  229. Question for testers - spell effects upgrading at mastery level, spell level or both?
  230. Instead of nerfing crit on fighters.....
  231. Well what's your opinion on this?
  232. Floral Displacement
  233. Where is Arbiter Selek now?
  234. GU57 - when Live?
  235. [Moved] Just merge the classes already....
  236. EQ2 going the cartoonish way?
  237. So GU 57 Where is the content?
  238. test copy no buffer?
  239. EQ2MAPS - Eq2Interface.com - not workng after switching to test server
  240. Please change Lich Spell animation.
  241. Making Critical Chance into One Ability
  242. Game crashing when trying to log in with a newly created char
  243. Test Copy SC question
  244. What ever happened to appearance slots for torches?
  245. New performance problem on Test Server
  246. Test MotD
  247. Character Copy Token (from Test Copy to Extended Alpha server) is now available for testing
  248. GU 57 live tomorrow?
  249. Fighter heal crit nerf...whats the long term plan here
  250. DirectX error since 08/17 evening patch