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  1. Another feedback
  2. Interrupts for crusaders?
  3. Dps scaling; what is the plan?
  4. Armor/Jewlery?
  5. The Future of Tanking (Is this fun?)
  6. Enter World on Copied Character... Crash.
  7. Is the Buff Merger really necessary?
  8. Lavastorm Feedback
  9. How many slots on testcopy ?
  10. Offensive taunts are...back?
  11. Test Copy not Up
  12. Healing changes inc.
  13. Coercer robes adjustment
  14. Cloak of the Bruning Dead
  15. Monsterous Nerf to every proc in game, why?
  16. Proc item damage nerf
  17. SK Changes 2/18/09 - nerfed as much as 27%
  18. Wand of Elemental Knowledge change -- why?
  19. Avatar Loot Nerfs.
  20. X2 Raid Zone access
  21. Swashbuckler Mythical
  22. Brawler improvements, someone has a sense of humor
  23. WTB Dev that actually fixes stuff that's broke
  24. [Bruiser] - AOE tank?
  25. The update of horrendous evil
  26. So was the new solo shard instance added because many classes will be gimped?
  27. Cleric Blessings AA line
  28. Remove Lavastorm "flying lava horses"
  29. So how many nerfs will you label "fighters balance"
  30. Lavastorms Red Shinies - NO-TRADE?!
  31. Harvest Supply Depot changes
  32. Void Tradeskill instance
  33. What happened to threat with yesterdays patch? It appears something is broken.
  34. Tanking for tanks - not a primary role at all?
  35. Charm of Bertox
  36. avatar robes: nerf sorc version vs no nerf pet version
  37. Suggestions/feedback thread with regards to proc effects and +base damage modifiers
  38. TPS from taunts vs. CA's and Autoattack - thoughts and ideas
  39. New X2 Zone - Loot table
  40. New Shard Gear Vendor - Playing Hide and Seek?
  41. Ward of Elements Feedback
  42. Guild Hall Changes
  43. Please buff the brawler avatar fist weapon
  44. At what point are you going to STOP MESSING with the combat mechanics?
  45. Weapon, secondary and ranged appearance slots
  46. GPU Shadows and shadow maps.
  47. Cleric AA - Sacrifice
  48. worrior wisdom line
  49. Taunt cap to DPS ratios?
  50. Knights Stance ninja Nerf
  51. The Fighter Changes: A New Look.
  52. What is the core fighter paradigm, and why do we see it as changing?
  54. Issue: Lack of Developer Response
  55. Solo shard instance - Where?
  56. Taunts on Test on 02/23
  57. Ward of Elements Feedback. (PUG raid)
  58. Guild hall trophies - Dev help
  59. Shadowknight's Furor - heat dmg?
  60. Brewday Festival bugs and feedback 2009
  61. Can Someone please look at the ToMC - Xebnok Crashing to Desktop Bug
  62. Threat meter
  63. [Moved] Lack of ear slots for scouts!
  64. New crafted secondary gear
  65. X2 Raid Zone on Test.Copy - How to access
  66. 13 weeks since last LU... is this what we're supposed to expect from now on?
  67. Fighter Stances Recasts?
  68. Recent Developer Feedback -- Thanks Kiara!
  69. Consolidated Paladin Issues
  70. Spell damage penalty removed from Def stance
  71. Bruisers Rock Skin needs changing
  72. Great news that TSO bosses will drop masters AND....
  73. [X2 Raidzone] Any way we could have a real zone in please ?
  74. Regarding AA respecs after the next update.
  75. Question RE an undocumented nerf
  76. GU51 ETA?
  77. Void tradeskill mission zone update
  78. Sootfoot faction!!! >P
  79. Why Do Tank Offensive Stances Increase Physical Damage?
  80. number of players vs. few void mobs & 3 elemental caves...
  81. Test Copy - Extreme Server Instability the Past 51 Hrs
  82. Positive Ninja Mods to Test
  83. Quest: Lavastorm Research: The Gnomish Problem
  84. Fighter Stances - Pursuing Balance
  85. Cannot login character on Test Copy
  86. LU 51 - What exactly is it?
  87. PVP Fame Decay - Don't lose anything is stupid..
  88. Zone lockout timers
  89. Why not allow any usable type for weapon/shield appearance slots?
  90. [MONK] small Peel change request.
  91. tanking and ward of elements
  92. New armors shard purchaseable or no?
  93. Availability of non-upgradeable masters
  94. GPU Shadows are now available on Test
  95. 7 piece bonus - yet only 6 pieces for new armor set
  96. NEW shard Armor
  97. Void shards from Raid Bosses
  98. Crafted Shield and Buckler Changes
  99. Ward of Elements zone feedback
  100. x2 access questline still buged
  101. Tier 3 armor - Bracers??
  102. "New" Relics of the Ethernauts?
  103. Can shard armor upgrades still count towards old set bonuses?
  104. Assassins and soul lancer armor: No t3 void upgrade?
  105. eh wtb weapon appearances based on damage type, not weapon
  106. How Do I Get To Test_Copy Server?
  107. Please, for the Gnomes, Stop the Ninja Nerfs (Taunts in SK Hate AA Tree)
  108. New red shiny forge - should also make wyrmsteel
  109. New Armor
  110. Monk TSO 5-piece bonus
  111. Revamped Raid "T4" Set Feedback
  112. new x2 set mold sart loot or not
  113. Remove Warriors and Brawlers from the Hybrid T3 set user lists.
  114. Missing from test notes
  115. Fighter Offensive Stance
  116. Volcanic Knight's Tempered Helm progression issue.
  117. March TSO fabled item changes
  118. Defiler T4 Shoulder Set Piece
  119. Listing of Bruiser problems
  120. Shiny Missing from second room of Palace
  121. Are we getting any new Shard jewelry?
  122. Could you make next tier item, fulfill previous set requirement?
  123. Patch note "Damage on Combination AA increased"
  124. Feedback concerning the 5 set bonus of the T4 Inquisitor set
  125. Tank revamp-change gear not abilities
  126. Swashbuckler Issues
  127. Ritual of Protection from Mystic Shadow Tree does not affect reuse.
  128. Stance recasts on death
  129. t3 Crusader helm missing stats
  130. 2 Handed Sword/Axe's
  131. Is Something Wrong with Collections?
  132. [Moved] FD Classes Soloing Chests in Mystmyr With No Risk - Nerfworthy?
  133. March 10th Maintenance? Also GU 51
  134. Desolate Aria not working Correct (Troub only)
  135. [Moved] Bugged Swashbuckler combat art : Insight
  136. [Merged] T3 Void Armor
  137. Void Shard requirements for T3 armor
  138. Please restore T3 armor 7 set bonus
  139. Cloak of the Burning Dead change
  140. Guidance about GU 51
  141. Nothing New
  142. [Moved] Failing to see the point to providing feedback
  143. Bristlebane's Day bugs and feedback 2009
  144. [Moved] Coercer Pet Dealing 35K DPS--Nerfworthy?
  145. [Moved] Hitrates of certain CA/spells
  146. [Moved] Bugged Illusionist AA Spellbinder's Reflexes
  147. [Moved] Everything Old is New Again
  148. Avatar loot nerfs not entirely reverted?
  149. A possibly silly question regarding the tanking revamp
  150. No update for two weeks...
  151. FPS Value on Graph Far Too Large
  152. Shards for the new T3 fable set gear.
  153. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIghter revamp D.B.A (dead before arrival)
  154. Changed LU51 - please keep this change in LU51 thread
  155. [Moved] their went my chance to dps
  156. [Moved] Fighter revamp scrapped! Now can we focus on summoners??!!
  157. Wait? Wiping Test Copy?
  158. Solo shard quests on Test/Test Copy
  159. Keep the changes for Crusaders in with the Lavastorm update
  160. Keeep the Changes for the Monk Class with the Lavastorm update!
  161. Please, no "single target/AOE tank" split with the fighter revamp
  162. Why take a step backwards.
  163. how about keeping the taunt crit and aggression res. changes?
  164. Moving forward into the future - Where should I post this?
  165. What if they.... would u?
  166. [Merged] Upcoming Testcopy wipe...
  167. Need someone's help with some lavastorm quests I am unable to finish on Yanu pelase!
  168. Thoughts on where to move forward with the Tanking revamp
  169. Rollback done. SK Nerf still going forward.
  170. Fighter Gloves Getting Haste Monk Concern
  171. Encouraging more players to come to Test
  172. Testcopy buff
  173. monk geting non fighter changes back?
  174. Monk TSO fabled T4 set on test server is inferior than other fighters, fix it please.
  175. Please change Brawler 5 set bonus
  176. Elite exchange Quartermaster vendor!
  177. Can you PLEASE fix Pet Buff Stacking Issues on Items
  178. sorc hate
  179. cant log into test
  180. Unadorned Steel Circlet
  181. major issue on test only, not a pc problem
  182. lighting isues & gpu shadows
  184. Test server crash, then offline, now locked?
  185. Aquestus Felflow - Elite Exchange Quatermaster
  186. Level up NPC?
  187. [Moved] Paladins are not overpowered at all... every class can solo a even con x4 right?
  188. [Moved] Suggestions for toning down Shadowknight/Crusader without obliterating it
  189. MOAR Stealth Buffs to Test (Hotbars/Hotkeys) + Random What Bugs You the Most Ramblings! 8]
  190. Any chance of a simple change in Taunts until final solution?
  191. Calling all raiders for Munzok's Material Bastion!
  192. Name 3 things.. (fighter revamp)
  193. Gimped on test !
  194. Warriors - Changes we need
  195. Rollback not complete? Changes that appear to have been missed.
  196. why was the buffer taken down
  197. I think a mistake has been made on the new Paladin 4 set bonus (x4 raid armour)
  198. Buffer
  199. Ward of Elements Feedback (needs sticky)
  200. Munzok's Material Bastion Feedback
  201. All Fighters 5 set bonus got shafted
  202. Monk TSO Raid Set on Test
  203. New Paladin TSO 4 Set Bonus
  204. testing x 2 raid
  205. New ETA?
  207. Fury T3 Armor.
  208. don't want to derail Name the 3 things.... (fighter revamp)
  209. Red shiny reward.
  210. Strategist's Field Dagger Nerf
  211. Where is the void power leafblade and crescent axe?
  212. Hate Meter NOT Toggleable???
  213. Buffer bot
  214. Fix auto follow
  215. [Moved] Ward of Elements (a little feedback)
  216. Stike of anger broken
  217. guild buffer
  218. Storming Tempest Fix?
  219. The Bruiser Myth is still broken.
  220. [Moved] Fix two hand weapons with the Fighter Revamp
  221. Guild Points...
  222. request for new mechanic
  223. Talisman of the Ethernauts Breaking Mes
  224. /testcopy add?
  225. Fighter revamp timeframe?
  226. [Moved] Ward of Elements needs to be toned WAY DOWN!
  227. is there an ETA for GU52 hitting test please?
  228. EQ2 Guild websites
  229. Where do devs look for issues with classes?
  230. getting rid of livegamer shard sales?
  231. [Moved] Brawler Class: Raid Class failure
  232. Serverwide Diety message
  233. Kurns tower and the new Charsis
  234. 80 New Quests question.
  235. [Moved] [Bug] ShadowKnight Evac "Shadowy Elusion" Recast 30 minutes
  236. Kurn's Tower: Breaching the Void - Feedback
  237. Kurn's Tower - x2 Feedback
  238. Emperor's Athenaeum: Heroic Feedback
  239. GU 52 Test Update
  240. concern about proc nerf
  241. /testcopy add
  242. Buffer for new update on test
  243. [Moved] Filter: Death by spoon!
  244. Emperor's Athenaeum (Heroic): Zone Feel
  245. Emperor's Athenaeum: Rewards
  246. Emperor's Athenaeum (Heroic): Combat
  247. Kurn's Tower (group X2): Zone Feel
  248. Kurn's Tower (group X2): Rewards
  249. Kurn's Tower (group X2): Combat
  250. Kurn's Tower, Breaching the Void (Heroic): Zone Feel