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  1. Conj/Necro Pet update
  2. Where is Felonious Frostfell in Gnomeland Security, Steamfont Mountains
  3. LU 41!!
  4. XP gained from pvp kills
  5. Feedback - Frostfell Candycane house items and a /bug
  6. Forgot about the healcrits in the recent test spell fixes?
  7. Frostfell suggestion
  8. New faction items?
  9. Test server..
  10. Pocket Iron Golem - RIP
  11. Bonus Experience on Test
  12. LU 42 test date?
  13. Drachnid suit illusion - is it working properly on Test?
  14. Update Problems?
  15. veeshan's feast
  16. Blob Shadows
  17. "Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything" or "What do we know of GU 42?"
  18. lu 42 testupdate notes
  19. Thankyou developers!
  20. Brigand - Amazing Reflexes Nerf
  21. Stop nerfing encounters. This is EQ2, not WoW.
  22. Is the new broker search feature working as intended and expected.
  23. Question on 42
  24. GU42 - some good fixes/additions.
  25. Login Problems?
  26. Is the next update going to fix the COA power debuff?
  27. The New Bilithu of the Old Ways
  28. AA XP from grey quests (LU42)
  29. Erollisi Day is live on test!
  30. Mannequins
  31. Why the change to Eagle's Talon already?
  32. Fix the Bloody Arrows
  33. Bangle of Thuuga - Third time's a charm!
  34. New Need Before Greed Option In GU43
  35. when is gu43 coming to test
  36. Zoning into Castle Mistmoore - Causes crash to character select.
  37. So, where are the notes?
  38. Dirge Epic Proc
  39. G15 Support
  40. Yay PvP Writs = Archtype ;)
  41. Contested raid encounters in overland zones
  42. Mannequins - round 2
  43. How about once, just for variety, you introduce a patch which doesn't nerf coercers?
  44. City Zone changes in GU 43
  45. Please reconsider this (From Patch Notes)
  46. does anyone even play on test???
  47. How about you FIX THE BLOODY ARROWS IN LU43
  48. pvp wirt system...
  49. Test Copy: Open for play
  50. Please explain why a 2.5 Year old CA was nerfed for being overpowered
  51. "Essay" on suggested Peel change...
  52. Copying from a Live US/EU Server to Test PvP
  53. Need before Greed.
  54. On behalf of Illusionists everywhere...(but especially on the PvP servers)
  55. PEEL NERF -- How to kill pawbuster now?!?
  56. PvP writ change is a step in the wrong direction
  57. ?'s Disappear If your interrupted while harvesting
  58. A question/clarification of strikethrough change on test server
  59. How many Guilds on test server in Veeshan's/ Killing Phara Dar??
  60. MoA Change
  61. Emphazising the problem of overland raid contested mobs.
  62. Seriously, why are these changes being made now?
  63. City Changes
  64. Major Lag issues in LU43 test
  65. Please dont let the Slightly changed "PEEL" go live.
  66. GU43 Faction Recipies
  67. Where are my shinies?
  68. Anything new for Brell?
  69. An Ugly Bounty... aka how to waste your time on Test Server
  70. Dual/Quad core support, when?
  71. [Moved] better control in game over logs
  72. 20 timer between writs are you serious?
  73. Trak loot upgrade
  74. Greedy Fuel Merchants
  75. [Moved] Where are our writ givers????
  76. [Moved] Current state of Monks, test it for yourself.
  77. Broke Nexona Again? info pls
  78. Test PvP becoming less PvP
  80. Shard of Hate?
  81. Wizard class set changes
  82. VP Loot: Dirge Shoulders effect swapped with Bracers
  83. Lock All Doors And Windows. No One Leaves Until...
  84. Client crash using custom UI
  85. Arrow Changes
  86. Shard of Hate Feedback
  87. VP set changes
  88. Upcoming Gu44 Still a little sad
  89. Soulshattering Band - fighter useable intentional?
  90. Proc Changes, Why?
  91. delete
  92. Pants of Volatile Power
  93. Coercer : Peaceful link removes concentration slot
  94. Focus Aim change request
  95. Hit Rates?
  96. Conj VP set pants
  97. Guardian VP set
  98. Phara Dar necklace
  99. Shroud of Kunark
  100. focus aim deactivatet in pvp
  101. Gu 44 new mounts
  102. Paladin +ranged, and all low class +mit
  103. Another cure? Seriously?
  104. Summoner BS
  105. VP set changes for Brigs
  106. Broken set effect on bruiser 2 peice set
  107. Tabernacle of Pain inaccesible?
  108. Bow Damage Scaling
  109. Venril/OK BP drop rates
  110. New Inquisitor VP set
  111. Ranger Nerf Hurts Crusaders Too - Why 5.33 Instead of 6?
  112. Please take a look at monk VP set and other gear
  113. Hit rate changes warrant revisiting strikethrough
  114. Berserker VP Set
  115. Berserker VP Set
  116. Brigand VP Set + other VP LOOT
  117. quick q
  118. VP set bonus - Enchanters
  119. The new "combined" Double attack feature
  120. Black screen while trying to get in Kunzar Jungle
  121. Clarification on "faster reuse ranged attacks"
  122. The Burning Radiance line will now proc from ranged attacks.
  123. Unable to perform testing on the TestPVP server
  124. Shard of Hate Zone in LOCs?
  125. Chimes of Blades and Rangers
  126. Changes to the Jones encounter
  127. Ranger Epic Myth- Point blank range broken
  128. Bristlebans Day Quests
  129. Defiler VP Set Gear
  130. GU 44 Arrow Feedback
  131. Shadow Knight VP set
  132. [Moved] Since Rangers are being locked to T7 DPS why aren't Assassins?
  133. New petition on arrow costs...Rangers post here if you want a change
  134. Testing Dummy
  135. [Moved] Aerilik, not everyone has the top end bows, seriously. I'm being outdamaged by tanks and swashies..
  136. [Moved] RoK bralwer drops
  137. idea for character transfer
  138. new wargs...
  139. Fabled Subclass Sets (Tier 1 & 2)
  140. Linked band of dragon lord and Protector's Links are still much worse than T1 loot
  141. Warden revamped set feedback
  142. Necromancer set feedback
  143. [Moved] Okay, melee hit rates... Now what about spell resist rates?
  144. Removed the maximum proc delay.
  145. Suggestion
  146. Test server
  147. Summary of changes affecting Rangers
  148. Name Change for the Test PvP Server
  149. Enduring Wall
  150. Coercer Myth / VP set gear / Myth Upgrade Info. (cont)
  151. If you would like more people to test.
  152. What kind of Ranger feedback do you want?
  153. Bloodline Chronicles - THANK YOU!
  154. Cure Curse
  155. AA Ability - Extension - Broken on test ?
  156. LU44 Ranged/Ranger changes are NOT ready for Live servers (edited for clarity)
  157. DPS Mod broken on Test for Ranged - Validate plz
  158. Coercer Mythical Broken / Useless? Bugs ahoy!
  159. Harvesting Tools Equip Duration
  160. Venril STILL broken after last "hotfix"....Please fix AND TEST this time devs
  161. Epic weapons - the future
  162. The Mistresses of Hate will no longer part with their black hearts so easily.
  163. What's the point?
  164. mage upgrades
  165. Custom Music is not working for Combat Music
  166. Cursed Coif: Effect is now activatable.
  167. April 21st patch running a bit long
  168. Bloodthirsty Choker life drains completelly bugged!
  169. When is GU45 going to hit test?
  170. Nerfed... yet not fixed.. Woven Shadow Chestplate
  171. A suggestion for Game update notes.
  172. Shared Banks
  173. Anyone crashing loading into test copy server?
  174. how will consolidated cures affect....
  175. possession
  176. coercer spells
  177. Two issues with new weapons
  178. Reinstate Test PvP
  179. manaward
  180. Coercer! My Personal Testing Notes (My thoughts)
  181. Enchanter/Illusionist Changes and PvP
  182. Warden's Tranquility
  183. 15% volatile magic
  184. New Folders in your UI folder
  185. robe of insidious visions
  186. Different banks for PVP servers = Stupid
  187. Troub power drains
  188. Achievement Experience
  189. New crafted weapons - spec'd for right classes?
  190. Potions/Poisons Stack Size. Next, Food and Drink?
  191. Please Devs we would love......
  192. Different Totem type should have different Icons
  193. Great Changes for GU 45
  194. Test Copy Server down
  196. The Gleaming Strike and Smoldering Blessing needs to be looked at among other things.
  197. TestCopy Weaponsmith.. 1400 plat per weapon?
  198. GU 45 - Whens it hitting Live?
  199. Coercer Changes Working as Intended
  200. What Mana Ward line should be...
  201. Consolidated cure problem
  202. Ancestral Balm change
  203. new plague
  204. Charm in LU 45
  205. hostage, enraging demeanor
  206. Nerfing lash
  207. Please dont nerf Nexona
  208. Possess Essence's range
  209. WS/WW writ fuel costs vs. fuel paybacks
  210. Hostage: What!?
  211. What I would LOVE to see
  212. Charms and Puppetmaster GU45 PLEASE?
  213. "LU45 will see some significant changes to the coercer class. "
  214. Mystic Ancestral Balm
  215. Low grey quests will now give more experience.
  216. I've got a question regarding one of the new weapons. The Sai.
  217. Hostile mez procs
  218. Has anyone tested how the Coercer changes are affecting Mobs?
  219. awesome change "Stack to 100" - can it be done to food/drink & tinkered stuff as well please
  220. hostage, enraging demeanor and impetus
  221. Changes to Chamber of Destiny Access
  222. Trident is missing in new weapons.
  223. Possess Essence dispellable?
  224. Coercers Fixed ?
  225. [Moved] Wizzy class
  226. Chardok Posts are BUGGED
  228. Possible Bug With New Coercer Manaward/Defiler Deathward
  229. Bug with Deep Focus spell
  230. Please don't nerf lowland vipers in Antonica!
  231. /testcopy and frogloks
  232. Hotbar icons disappering on purpose
  233. New Procs firing off any spells.... SoW for example.
  234. came back to test after a while...
  235. Possible Bug w/Charm Animal
  236. Zone timers bugged FIX ASAP! Needs immediate response.
  237. Lose Poisons when you respec
  238. Shrink
  239. Tome Pages are still not tradeable
  240. May 8th hotfix did not work for Woven Shadow Chestplate
  241. Brain shock and Tyrannical mind
  242. Problems with Hostage spell line..
  243. zone=reset of sorc aa's
  244. Some questions for the next GU
  245. Known Bugs for GU46
  246. What if we already sold off the Prophet Returns live event weapon rewards?
  247. New RE zone loot.
  248. Red Shinys?
  249. New world event
  250. Brainshock + Tyrannical Mind bug (confirmed on test & live!)