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  1. Transportation in and out of Neriak is horrible.
  2. Where?
  3. Player-Grown Harvesting nodes. Yay or Nay?
  4. No Swim Skill for Arasai?
  5. PvP Zoning, Zerging - The Ultimate Solution
  6. Problem Queuing Spells since gu 35?
  7. Betrayal and Moving Boxes
  8. Please bring back ability to label bags and strongboxes
  9. Small question about the Darklight wizard spires - sound distortion
  10. Please implement a voice chanel
  11. Guild Search Screen
  12. PVP : Brigand taunts in Mercenary lines
  13. Brawler Fix-Suggestions?
  14. Achievement Resets
  15. Neriak - The Sleeping City?
  16. Grandmaster Caustic Poisons going Rare!!
  17. Just let us dye our armor!!!
  18. Darklight Wood fish nodes
  19. Freeport Reserve expansion plans?
  20. Exp debt vs. disable combat exp on PvP servers
  21. Test Notes for LU36?
  22. Achievements: Upcoming KoS Class Tree Review in GU36
  23. Several changes to pets that I would like to see.
  24. Summoners : pet window improved idea.
  25. The /destroy_coin command and the Destroy menu option
  26. Server still down?
  27. A very, very, VERY early thought on this upcomming change.
  28. about DW weapons becoming 1H with GU37
  29. dt ammo change
  30. First Look - Tunarian Throne Room! (Image Heavy)
  31. need fix for opening chests
  32. Quick thought on Achievement changes
  33. PVP Server Feedback thread (Please post if you have feedback from PVP-Test)
  34. What's the reasoning behind the 'Aggro/Hate' changes?
  35. Whats the point of sinking 1000s of hours for a 1% upgrade when you're nerfed 5% on a whim..
  36. Huge Mistake.. Nerfed.
  37. Are they really serious?
  38. Any pictures of new carpenter made items?
  39. Free Respects on Test?
  40. Hate buff/deaggro changes
  41. Pidgeon-holing AAs and my thoughts on the changes.
  42. inconsestant houseing costs
  43. AA Changes forgot to consider playstyle
  44. So Revamp is just another word for broad nerfage to SoE.
  45. The cost of the Ammunition changes
  46. PVP TEST NIGHT - Tonight 10pm CST.
  47. Aggro tool before/after comparison (all listed classes).
  48. Enchanters & Perpetuality, post AA changes. Intended?
  49. A better solution to unused AA lines. Don't change them, Rethink them - feedback example inside...
  50. All Encompassing Brawler Changes! (Previously only AA Changes)
  51. To anyone who's confused about the aggro management nerfs...
  52. Shaman changes
  53. Randomly noticed while doing an AQ....Bats in Nektulos are @#$% overpowered
  54. Coercer Deamenor Line - Nerf ok, can we get a T7 and T8 Upgrade?
  55. Nektulos Forest mobs nerfed near Darklight Wood.. more work needed
  56. Warg speed reduced.... why??
  57. Theory on DW changes
  58. Character copy to test?
  59. DW changes re: cutlass vs kilij
  60. Thanks for Preview window
  61. Take Two: Brawler AAs
  62. Anyone else confused by the dualwield change wording?
  63. Armor Nerf?
  64. Neriak Tradeskill Trainer
  65. lack of communication ... the biggest issue
  66. More roots in sisa
  67. Warden nerf /Fury buff?
  68. With the changes - what is a Good Solo Class?
  69. How does changing your primary crafting profession effect the secondary profession?
  70. Fury AA Feedback
  71. All wards are broken!!!
  72. No more worked or shaped workstations?
  73. Dp's Tiers
  74. Is there a forum or website dedicated to those who play on the test server?
  75. Bard AGI line - Wayfarer's Watch
  76. Raidwindow bug
  77. Fae/Ara/Ker in-combat run speed in pvp
  78. Commonlands population tweaks (GU36)
  79. Sorcerer AA Changes: Wizards Perspective
  80. PvP Question: Attacking reds?
  81. Wards on PVP
  82. beta-buffer
  83. Question about new Neriak & Kelethin status housing...
  84. Coercers in PVP
  85. Big houses in all Citys
  86. Added PvP version to Rogue achievement Swear
  87. Please consider an expanded AA respec.
  88. Changeable weapon hand is going to need some tweaking for non dual wielders
  89. DPS differences between dual wield/1h specs for rogues not balanced with stats given up
  90. Mystic/Defiler ward casting times
  91. SoD Rewards (IMG Heavy)
  92. any plans to implement.....
  93. Revamping Agro Management
  94. Treasure Hunting!
  95. SOD Legendary reward -> Fabled reward transition question
  96. Are you kidding SoE
  97. Balance.....the other white meat
  98. Illusionist AA Mechanics Bug
  99. Dual Wield - One Hand (Paladin)
  100. Items and the troubador class
  101. Vehement Gem - Why change it?
  102. Fabled T7 Round Shields...and the lack there off (a bard's perspective)
  103. Hats off to devs for restoring aggro/deaggro buffs :)
  104. Dev Sugestion - examine window
  105. Duststingers
  106. Seriously guys...
  107. Evil characters can´t do kelethin city tasks anymore ...
  108. Weapon change affect
  109. Healer SoD Weapon
  110. Buff 2 Handers Plz .. sense we're testing ...
  111. Current behaviour on PvP Test
  112. Test server : SoD rewards and diminishing returns
  113. Neriak crafting suggestion
  114. Larger housing
  115. PVP fights don't seem longer on test. - was that the point or not?
  116. Shaman Agi line Tribal Rage
  117. The new new Manashield
  118. Tortoise Shell
  119. The "balancing" excuse - from a wizard's perspective.
  120. Quick question about the Ammo changes.
  121. PVP - Suggestion for longer fights
  122. Alternate Heroic and Epic Idea
  123. About Martial arts mechanics!
  124. Devs: Why no love for enchanters yet?
  125. Melee Priest Balance
  126. Neriak - Travel Facilities - not in the game?
  127. New Writ changes
  128. Conjurer's pets, no mana, no skills being used.
  129. Two handed weapons continue to be the last choice for warriors
  130. here's an idea
  131. I Like the new PVP Changes for GU36
  132. [PvP Test Only] PvP Test Server - Character Reset on Wednesday, June 27th
  133. Newbie Inn rooms in Neriak..have to repeatedly buy?
  134. PVP Test Server Suggestion
  135. Tunarian Wolfsbane, alternate ways to obtain
  136. GU36 When?
  137. Wolvesbanes = /
  138. Summary of PVP changes going to live?
  139. bloodline spell upgrades
  140. new raid zone
  141. Changes have fixed no major issues and a lesson in pvp for the shot callers
  142. pvp test beta buffer?
  143. Brawler aa
  144. Fix the stuff that is still broken
  145. Patch notes?
  146. Assassins - the pvp HAS-been's.
  147. Raid problems on pvp servers
  148. Respec Card?
  149. Bard Lend Shielding - Doesn't Work
  150. Undocumented changes or bugs in update 36?
  151. Brawler loven plz
  152. Not sure if this has been addressed....
  153. Glass items dont show up in the dressing room.
  154. Lucanic Staff
  155. LU 36 Coercer Charm Nerf? Intended or a bug?
  156. Enhanced Ranger Sprint
  157. Need an Un-Respec Button
  158. Small glitch in the Kelethin faction quests
  159. regarding duel-wield changes:
  160. Patch note error
  161. Respec Card...?
  162. Music Glitch - still present even through the Live Update
  163. Hey Grimwell?
  164. any reason not to go with a DPS build on any class?
  165. Friday's TU notes
  166. Perpetuality causing Insane LAG
  167. Testpvp
  168. Strap of Flaying with new DW changes on Test
  169. Ever bringing pvp test back up?
  170. GU37 coming to test?
  171. The Commonlands - Bay Sifters are MIA since GU36...
  172. Test and eq2players
  173. Dev Tracker - Thanks
  174. Lag in Neriak and ...
  175. Proc off Ranged
  176. Endless combat music!!!
  177. Patch Notes for July 12th?
  178. Soulfire Longsword
  179. Will buy back ever be implemented?
  180. Anyone notice that the game sound is different near the spires in DLW?
  181. Recommended EverQuest changes
  182. Transmuting Consignment
  183. Waiting two months to choose an SOD
  184. Illusionists in PvP - still overpowered?
  185. Something irrelevant, but that I would like to see
  186. Target encounter window
  187. Why dont you just "break" brawlers for a few months?
  188. Thorny trap still broken
  189. Brawler Mitigation Change Idea's
  190. Test Server Downtime June 20th at 9:30 AM
  191. Spamfilter
  192. GU 37 - kudos
  193. Hate changes again? Or no?
  194. double arrow nerf on test
  195. Luck of the Dirge Nerf
  196. GU37 Test Server: Antonica / Nektulos population feedback
  197. Reading over GU37
  198. WE already said no to your agro changes...Please don't slip them in.
  199. To Those it May Concern: Increasing AE Radius is not a Buff
  200. Shadowknight reaver nerf?
  201. On a small graphic note: Please don't change the Staff of Light's graphic
  202. Hate changes.....again
  203. EoF Armor Changes
  204. Explorers in the Feerrott have found some dark and fearful creatures, and are looking for your help.
  205. Inquisitor AA's we dont all want to be Battleclerics
  206. Good Grief! Do the Dev's Hate SK's?
  207. What about the Smart loot system?
  208. Smoke and mirrors approach to class balancing
  209. Thanks for the change of zerk's AA !
  210. Language quests
  211. Aggro tool before/after comparison (all listed classes) the SEQUEL!
  212. Wow. Here I thought devs actually listened to players when they took back aggro changes...
  213. Problem with Marr's Barrier Miracle
  214. Quests that come from an item will be removed if that item is destroyed.
  215. Please add a bow option for ALL epic questlines ( prismatic, claymore, swords of destiny)
  216. Travel changes in LU37 - FANTASTIC!
  217. GU 37 - Mystic EOF AA - What is the dev's vision of a mystic?
  218. Plot Irregularities in GU 37 on Test
  219. Safehouse Change....Removing the Tactics from the Tactician (Brigand)
  220. Oh NO!!! The Sky is falling!!!
  221. Language Vendors
  222. so umm reach will be getting nerfed when its still broken
  223. please give sorcerors 15% hate transfer
  224. necromancers still unqillingly squishy?
  225. Side effect of harvesting change
  226. Another Irritated Coercer
  227. Hair on Human Men - OMG ugly
  228. Hate transfer stacking
  229. GFay transportation - where?
  230. Need Clarification: How Does Hate Xfer Cap Function?
  231. [Moved] Combat Revamp 2.0????
  232. AA for first time on repeatable quests -- Does this include Writs?
  233. AA Points Spent - ?
  234. Suggested quest change...
  235. Wood worker/carpenter
  236. Smartloot™ - Kudos!
  237. No stats from an item in "disarmed state"?
  238. Q: after gu 37, will you be able to move all your aa's to one tree?
  239. Conservation Ranger AA
  240. Mystic Question...
  241. Please don't change the Monk "Master Evasion" AA
  242. SOD Rewards
  243. Fighter Buffs: Which are intended to go raid wide?
  244. Brig aa changes
  245. Paladin Str buff nerf
  246. Bruiser AA - AGI 2, Baton Flurry
  247. Why change Lend Shielding?
  248. Spam filter a God send
  249. /cancel_effect
  250. Another take on how aggro changes affect the game