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  1. Considering mainly playing on TEST Server - what is it like?
  2. Alot of Artisan updates but.....
  3. Nooooo!
  4. suggestion..
  5. Bug update status then?
  6. Are Bloodsabres Specieists?
  7. The House Vault is da'bomb!
  8. Huge differences (including buffs and debuffs) in stats such as Agility
  9. Any Conjurers on Test Server?
  10. Homebrew Beer recipe
  11. Tradeskill ability icon order
  12. Idea for a usefull test server that will attract good players.
  13. Campfires =)(yes i am on the test server)
  14. Quick question about drops.
  15. Status. Worried guild leader
  16. Heritage quest drops
  17. Adventure and Expansion packs. With they still work on Test?
  18. Please! let me move my characters to test.
  19. New Banker needed.
  20. bags close on zoning
  21. Archane Aegis
  22. Feedback on new graphic looks and attack/HO/power problem
  23. As all those nice UI enhancements are done, one more great and tiny enhancement
  24. SPELL DELAYS / DISSAPEARINGS in Combat when grouped!! :((
  25. Today's new files
  26. Vitality Questions
  27. Vitality? Is this intended?
  28. How to connect to test server
  29. No TestServer subdirectory in Everquest2 directory.
  30. Shortcut does not exist
  31. Two things that will make me love this game a lot more...
  32. Wardens Benison of the wild
  33. Movelog question
  34. Heroic Opertunities
  35. Bad Move SOE...
  36. Test Server EXE file vanished
  37. Petrified Eyes
  38. Launchpad time remaining broken (.vpk downloads)
  39. Instanced dungeon timers
  40. Whats the point of having monster voice overs and adding more?
  41. Command queue wont stay off after you log then back in?
  42. Will vitality be used up killing Greys?
  43. Monster voice dialogue needs to be more frequent (reason for the double post)
  44. Greys Agro in RoV
  45. Welcome new Immigrants!
  46. voices for characters
  47. Ha, Ha, here's some feedback for you.
  48. Changes to tracking
  49. Instance Zones
  50. 40 zerker..is it just me or do dps taunt and keep aggro better than me
  51. help, on server innovation the citizenship quest doesnt work anymore. you get logged while zoning
  52. TestEq2.exe file missing yesterday, now launchpad want's to DL all files.
  53. Need to be able to do a /who tradeskill search
  54. Will the world itself ever be a bit more "interactive" in terms of combat?
  55. How has the first wave of movelogs affected things?
  56. trades on test.
  57. Import and export function for friends list
  58. Test Server Question
  59. How do you start a character on test?
  60. Taunt and Aggro
  61. What should my new character on the Test server be?
  62. So Im on test now, no economy wanted?
  63. EQ2 Manual Typos...I hope!
  64. Mounts?
  65. after the feb 9 update, launcher crashes.
  66. New Fuel Prices - Significantly too high
  67. - All tradeskill classes can now refine their own materials and components! ????
  68. Feb 9th Feedback
  69. Petition to stop the mount nerf
  70. Might want to test this one; "Huge healing exploit found - devs please fix"
  71. Some great changes.
  72. Thx for nerfing shamans
  73. Feedback needed on new patch! Healer Agro...
  74. Cool changes but what about a way to see dps?
  75. Can sages now make their own Inks?
  76. Character Trait reset coming?
  77. I save for months to buy a horse and you nerf it? I want my pp back.
  78. Testers, what quality of subcomponents can you make?
  79. Small group player, who is unlikely to reach high levels of strength
  80. EQ II Team - Thank you
  81. Did brawlers just get a big boost in their tanking abilities?
  82. Devs: Anyway to make this forum for folks who are testing only?
  83. Sellback prices only taking into account the last combine - needs to consider all fuel used
  84. Questions Concerning Wizard/Warlock Fix
  85. Important - Vendor food and drink prices must be raised!
  86. Are Vendor Poisons still available on test?
  87. Will refunds be given on Housing bought?
  88. Easier way to nerf mounts other then spd reduction
  89. Why was an active, interesting and RELEVANT thread locked???
  90. Scale the new horse speed with horse prices
  91. Attention: Nerfed my Horse!?
  92. New Tradeskill changes? How about putting offline vendoring in?
  93. Can someone please explain new horse info?
  94. Please read. Better solution for horses.
  95. Aside from horses, has anyone tested the new Solo duo instances?
  96. A suggestion for tradeskill fixing while retaining interdependency
  97. I have a suggestion that should make everyone happy regarding the NEW tradeskill non-interdependency
  98. I have a suggestion that should make everyone happy regarding the NEW tradeskill non-interdependency
  99. My problem with nerfing and the sad pathetic whiners of the game....
  100. Positive thread for the "change"
  101. when is soe going to fix mystics ?
  102. What Test Won't Show Re: Horses
  103. New Fuel Costs - any SWG players out there?
  104. TS Change question
  105. Quest item notfication problem
  106. So what does Freeport and Nekultos get the shaft on the new instanced solo dungeons?
  107. Mounts
  108. Rewards.....
  109. Making yourself heard. Plz sign here if you oppose this Horse nerfdate.
  110. Ok let me get this straight...
  111. Pardon me SOE, but what vendor can I sell my horse back for full value at?
  112. This....is insane
  113. Not all of us are rich....
  114. Warlock high-end changes
  115. Any ETA, or round about when this patch might go live?
  116. Fuel name and info request
  117. Question about Illusionists in Feb9th notes
  118. Provisioners
  119. Any idea on patch ETA....
  120. Feedback SoE really understands
  121. Alchemist potions an potion changes
  122. Tradeskill dependencies
  123. was nerfing summon food and water a good idea
  124. Personal Status lost on the move
  125. Did anyone think about this game prior to launch? We are ready to close 3 accounts.
  126. How the horses should be fixed.
  127. How is the high end tested?
  128. Paladins and Shadow Knights getting nerfed even further...
  129. Horse Sprint?
  130. This better not go live - if it does it better have some huge adjustments
  131. Bad Tradeskill Updates --
  132. The test server patch
  133. Removng interdependancy creates a solo grind...
  134. Is it me or Do Provisioners come out with a win on new tradeskill stuff?
  135. ...making everyone independent does not create balance, it creates boredom...
  136. OK getting tired of alchemists being picked on!
  137. This could be a real Armageddon patch!!! (DEVs should read it)
  138. Pristine subs
  139. Updates!
  140. Updates!!
  141. Con changes
  142. Attn Developers Please Read, Not a gripe string
  143. Better finish the journey is half the fun before it becomes unfun
  144. Is crafting just too easy?
  145. General Feedback, with a suggestion
  146. Zone restrictions lifted?
  147. Would using the "more expensive" fuel for finished products only help?
  148. Attention: The Glass House forum is closed! ROFLMAO
  149. Why this patch shouldn't go live ... (as it is)
  150. High and Low lvl Testing
  151. Provisioners - Higher aggregate supply and lower COGS needed
  152. This just keeps getting better and better...
  153. Excuse Me? Buying back horses?
  154. How to Fix Provisioners so that Everybody WINS
  155. Can any Alchemist on test please confirm or deny..
  156. Noticed a trend....paperdoll idea
  157. Balance or Imbalance !!
  158. Summing up Threads
  159. My Top 10 list to fix EQ2 Tradeskill Problems
  160. did sellback go up much for ink?
  161. What is happing to the rare refine and interim recipes ?
  162. Feedback: High demand and high cost on consumables.
  163. Alchemist and NPC item remedies
  164. LVL40+ Writs
  165. About the new crafting...
  166. Difference Between Ask SOE #31 & Patch Notes
  167. Please roll back all patches to December :)
  168. My Tradeskill Guild will be destroyed.
  169. Just curious.
  170. Scout mitigation, 1h + shield offers no bonus.
  171. Sabotage Quests
  172. Goblin Territory marker
  173. Peeved about patch
  174. Duel weild broken
  175. Mistake on apothecary buff
  176. I do not understand....
  177. Soloability
  178. Can anyone tell me the reason why all horses were nerfed?
  179. Anybody at Sony actually play this game?
  180. Trade skill instance leveling
  181. EQPlayers for Test Server
  182. Suggestions For The Paladin and Shadowknight horse changes - And more...
  183. Playing around with Apothecary on Test
  184. There is no drink available because Provisioners get too much from Writs
  185. There is no drink available because Provisioners get too much from Writs
  186. There is no drink available because Provisioners get too much from Writs
  187. crafting
  188. crafting
  189. crafting
  190. crafting
  191. crashing after feb 12th patch
  192. Clarification requested on crafting changes.
  193. Trade Skill revamp Feedback
  194. House Vault Suggestion
  195. All tradeskill classes can now refine their own materials and components! ????
  196. Merchants and Communication Suggestion
  197. Crafting Question for the testers
  198. - Items that have been attuned or that are marked as no trade can now be sold to NPC merchants.
  199. resetting con system back
  200. Tradeskill society tasks will now reward a 20% profit margin based on the fuel costs necessary to...
  201. Broker question, or maybe suggestion
  202. Implied target variable, does it exist?
  203. LvL 30 Illusionist Breeze update
  204. Durability buffs?
  205. Selling attunable items to NPCs
  206. Choice of artisan and more
  207. Planned Changes Feedback
  208. Two Warlock AoE spells at level 50.. are you kidding me?
  209. Hope there is a movelog back to old server
  210. Economic impact of interdependancy removal - summary analysis.
  211. Alchemists will earn SEVEN times what other tradeclasses make after patch!!!!!
  212. Indirect consequences of this patch.
  213. NPC weapon/armor sellers need to sell more equipment...
  214. Fixing Tradeskills and Interdependcy
  215. Market Liquidity is the Answer
  216. Patch changes in crafting, good or bad
  217. Effect of value changes and increased fuel costs at T2. A specific example.
  218. Idea for crafting changes
  219. The Price of Reducing Downtime
  220. Trying to understand.....(tradeksill changes)
  221. Tradeskill Changes
  222. Question from (potential) new tester...
  223. Would be tester can't start game
  224. New weaving skill tested in t3
  225. This game could be alot better!
  226. question about new TS books
  227. nerf the horse cause it gets you out of combat fast lol thats one of the benefits omg this is silly
  228. any love for conjurors?
  229. Instead of changing the fuel costs by tier.....
  230. Question on current test patch
  231. Any lvl 20+ tradeskillers on test?
  232. Is the Crafting System REALLY broken so we NEED a revamp?
  233. High End Wizard Changes - any testers having fun yet?
  234. Tradeskill changes , Feedback from a tester
  235. Problem with Trustee status and No-Trade furniture
  236. what are the NPC buyback prices?
  237. loosing buffs on zone
  238. Constructive Ideas on Money-Sinking
  239. Ignore me. Double post
  240. Why not make primary classes create multiples?
  241. Solo instanced zones
  242. I'll never buy Provisioner items...and it's not why you think.
  243. Have T5 Carpentry issues been addressed?
  244. To Testers: Has there been any change to Defiler/Mystic Wards?
  245. Suggestion/request for crafting fuel selection
  246. No coin writ rewards? Clarify this rumor, please!
  247. Grey con weapons/gear will have a negative effect now !?
  248. Things to keep in mind on the tradeskill sys, Devs and Players
  249. An alternative method of fuel pricing.
  250. How come Alchemists can make multiples but Provisioners liek me can't?